Pairing: Saya and Solomon
Alternate Universe
Genre: Romance, Drama
All Rights belong Production I.G. and Aniplex.
Chapter 1 - The Crimson Queen's Return

It's dark.

She blinked to adjust her vision. There was still nothing after a moment. With fluid grace, she sat up. It's been thirty years, hasn't it?

Her hand crushed a fragile rose stem when she moved. It must have been a beautiful rose during its time—but it had died next to her. The whole bed was surrounded by dead roses, with ribbons tied to each and every one of them. The floor was damp, and its coldness sent her shivering.

She wondered what she'd see beyond the confines of the crypt once she was out. How different would the world be, compared to the world she'd lived in before? Who would be waiting for her? A dry ache burned in her mouth and spread down to her throat. She swayed and her vision blurred. She must feed quickly. But where was the way out of this crypt?

Once she was out, her skin was kissed by a blast of warmer air. Her thin dress did nothing to keep her warm. The moon was out, crescent and bright. The stars were shining down upon her, as if they were happy to see her emerge from the tomb.

Not a soul was around to witness the crimson Queen's return.

Okinawa's economy had improved, she noticed, but there were signs of calamities. Her eyes did not miss the tiny cracks on the pavement. She guessed that it was very late now, that's why she couldn't find a snack. She headed on further to the business district. There are bound to be people there. She could smell them.

"Saya?" a voice asked from behind her, in the shadows. She turned around to see who it was. Her heart was racing out of fear, surprise and excitement. She stood underneath the street light. It was warm underneath its light. She didn't speak. The sound of footsteps heading towards her direction became more pronounced—why hadn't she heard them earlier?

It was a blonde man with impossibly handsome features. Saya had a feeling that she knows this man. She struggled to remember who he is. He wore a smart black suit with a red rose pinned to its breast pocket. He asked her softly, "Do you remember me?"

Her memory failed her. "Who are you?" Her question harbored a hostile undertone.

He took a few more graceful steps towards her. She backed away from him until she hit the street light's post. There was a gentle smile playing on the man's lips, as if something was amusing. "Do not be afraid, my dear. I am not going to hurt you." His words sounded like they were dripping with sweets. His eyes were calm and blue, mesmerizing. He seemed to forget how to blink as he looked at her.

No name still registered in her mind. She could smell his scent. He didn't smell like a human being. He was like her. A vampire…

The pain in her throat caused her to scowl and groan. Her thirst was getting worse by the minute. She must quench it. "I know you're thirsty, my dear." The man whispered, as if he were talking to a lover. "I can help you satisfy your thirst."

Saya's eyes widened as the man pulled her by the hand and ran. He was impossibly fast, but she can keep up. There was a man walking alone in the sidewalk, singing a song lousily. The blonde man slowed down and looked at her, as if waiting for a sign. What sign did he want?

"Does his scent not appeal to you, my dear?" he asked, eyes gleaming.

Saya only stared. He took it as a no, and moved on. The drunken man would have only felt a strong gust of wind as they passed him. "You still haven't answered my question yet." She murmured.

He stopped, and turned to face her. He was still smiling like a schoolboy.

"I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself, my dear. I was just so happy that you're finally awake!" he said, grinning. "My name is Solomon."

Solomon… the name had a familiar ring to it. But all she had to defend it was the feeling of familiarity. Saya nodded. "Why are you doing this for me, Solomon?" she asked. His heart was beginning to race as well, as if he were nervous.

"Because I've waited for so long to hold your hand in mine, Saya." he explained, taking her hand once more and kissing her knuckles. Saya gasped at the contact. The kisses were all feather light, yet she felt her blood rise to her face.

A group of men, all laughing raucously came around the corner. The peace was broken. Saya's eyes narrowed and the ruby orbs brightened. The men's laughs were soon replaced by terrified screams.

Solomon watched, delighted. Saya was so beautiful, even though she was covered in blood.

The pain is ebbing away. That was all that ran through her mind as she sucked out their blood, their life, to sustain her own. She pulled away from the prey, and saw the man's wide eyes, lifeless and unseeing. The sight tugged at her heartstrings as she let him go, down to the small heap. "I'm sorry," she whispered before wiping her mouth.

Something was wrong, Solomon thought. Her shoulders were shaking.

"Saya? What's wrong?" he asked as he approached her.

She did not answer. Instead, she shook her head and said, "Have I always lived this way, Solomon?" Saya turned her head to face him, her eyes were still bright red. Blood was smeared all over her face, on her dress

Saya's vision dimmed. Solomon caught her in his arms. He looked down at her and said, "No. You were a very peaceful woman. Now that you're sated, I'll take you to your new home, my fair lady."

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