IV: Flying Away from Home

Solomon was standing beside her bed when Saya woke up. He was not wearing his usual black coat and slacks. Saya sat up and rubbed the lingering sleep away from her eyes. "Good morning Saya," he said, finally smiling. "Did you sleep well?" His hair looked like a golden halo, simply put, he looked divine.

"Mm, yes, thanks. Um… Solomon… aren't you going to work today?" she said, knitting her brows together. Saya never did wake up early enough to join Solomon for breakfast. He's usually already at work when she wakes up.

A thoughtful smile crept on his mouth. "Ah… no, I'm not. I've been thinking… you've been inside the house for almost two months now. I think it's time that we go out."

"Go out? Go out where?"

Solomon sat beside her and took her hand. "I'm going to show you around the city, then maybe we can go shopping or something. Aren't you bored here?" His blue eyes glimmered, as if they were holding a promise.

She shook her head. "Not really. How could I ever get bored with all my lessons?"

A soft chuckle escaped his lips then he patted her head gently. He was always so gentle towards her. Solomon treated her so well, so carefully –as if she were fragile and precious. Well… maybe, just maybe, she is. But Saya still couldn't make herself believe that she was.

"Come, breakfast is ready already so…" Solomon rose from the bed and offered her his hand. Saya took it and they headed to the dining room. As they were walking in the hallway, he told her to get ready right after breakfast.

When Saya returned to her room, there was a red sundress lying on top of her bed. "Master Solomon has picked this dress specifically for today's affair," the attendant told her. Saya nodded and let them prepare her for her day out.

He was leaning on his red convertible when she came out of the mansion. It took her a moment before she could speak, let alone take another step towards him. His pensive face was so mesmerizing. But it was Solomon that broke the moment's spell with his boyish grin and shiny eyes. "Don't you look like a darling?" he said softly, taking in Saya's image in a red dress and kitten heels. Saya blushed when she was only a few more steps away from him.

She could smell his cologne. It was intoxicating.

With fluid grace, Solomon opened the passenger door and Saya slid in. His car seats were all leather. The leather seat made her skin stick to it. Solomon was sitting beside her in a moment. The next second he was buckling her seatbelt. "Why are you…um, tying me down?" Saya asked as she watched him.

"It'll save your life," Solomon answered.

Save my life…? Saya wondered. Why? Did Solomon think that she might go ballistic when she sees other human beings?

"No, Saya, I didn't strap you in because I thought you'd kill people while we're driving. It's a safety precaution. I'll be driving fast, you see."

A sigh of relief escaped Saya's lips.

He sure wasn't lying when he said he'd be driving fast. The wind was whipping her hair violently and she couldn't really see anything but green and blue blurs. But she could smell the rusty…salty water. The sun kissed her skin deliciously. People turned their heads and stared with open mouths.

"Where exactly are we going, Solomon?" Saya asked.

Solomon finally slowed down, in front of another car. A black car stopped right behind them too. "I'm sorry I can't show you around here in Okinawa, Saya. We're heading to the airport immediately, you see. I'll let your attendants accompany you some other time. Okay?" he told her.

"Okay," she whispered. "But why are we stopping?"

"We have to abide by the rules, sweetie. Red means stop."

"Hey! Look at that sweet car over there!" a strange, unfamiliar male's voice called out. "Isn't that a GranCabrio Sport?"

Appreciative murmurs surfaced and Saya suddenly felt uncomfortable. The people were studying the car –not them. Well… maybe she could cut Solomon some slack, the girls were all staring at him then glaring at her. Finally, the color red faded and they were moving away.

"This is Naha Airport, Saya." Solomon said as they headed to the parking lot. The airport was huge –and there were a lot of hurrying people moving about. Saya wondered where they were all going and if she would get lost. "Our plane's waiting, so we have to hurry, okay?" Solomon added as he pulled the key out.

"Are we leaving your car?" Saya asked.

"Yes." He answered. "Don't worry my dear. The airport's security will be watching over it for us while we're in Tokyo."


The next thirty minutes were a blur of customs, scans and lines for Saya. It was so unusual, but Solomon seemed to make everything go faster, as if his mere presence caused the airport employees to hurry. Solomon took her hand and led her away from the crowd.

"Where are we going, Solomon?"

"We're boarding the plane, of course."

"But why are we the only ones…?"

"Because we're riding my private plane, Saya."

"Oh!" Saya gasped. "What don't you own?" she asked quietly. He seemed to own everything.

"Your heart," Solomon whispered back, squeezing her hand gently.


A man with a clean shaved face and all-white uniform and a beautiful woman were waiting for them at the door, with smiles on their faces. "Welcome, mister Goldsmith." The man said, stretching out his hand. Solomon shook it. "Captain Ogawa. Miss Ara. This is my guest, Saya."

"Hello Saya."

Saya stared at the woman's pearly white teeth and smiled meekly.

"I'm sorry. She's a bit shy." Solomon apologized as they were led in. The Ara woman looked at Saya with sharp eyes. It was as if Ara was mad at Saya for some reason. Ara led them to their seats and asked if there was anything they wanted –water, food, a blanket?

Solomon asked for two glasses of wine. When Ara had gone off to fetch them their drinks, Solomon looked at Saya and said, "I do hope you don't get sick."

"What do you mean?"

Before Solomon could speak, Saya felt movement from underneath, and the pilot announced that they had to fasten their seatbelts. "I'll do it for you, dear." Solomon whispered, quickly fastening Saya's straps and then doing his own within a second. He took her hand as they lifted off. Saya's guts felt like they had sunk. She gripped her arm rests.

"It will be all over soon, Saya." Solomon whispered as she squeezed her eyes shut. Saya could hear his soft chuckle… then Ara's voice, asking him what year he would like. Solomon answered quietly, swiftly. Nothing registered in Saya's mind that moment, she was too busy taking in the sensations. There was a gentle pat on her head and she opened one eye. Solomon was grinning at her.

"I would recommend that you take a quick nap after drinking wine, Saya. We're going to have a long day in Tokyo."

Saya nodded and reached for her wine glass. The bittersweet taste of the wine seemed to comfort her.

Author's Note:

Haaaaaaaaaaa~ finally. I know this chap is highly uneventful, haha. Sorry for that. I've been preoccupied with school so I couldn't really find time to come up with an update. Anyowls, haha, I hope you enjoyed reading (even if it was just a little bit!) and that you are satisfied enough to leave a review. -Victoria Chrystallis