A creak of the floor boards
A rattling of bones
A startled gasp
A other-worldly rattle
I pointed the flash light in my hand towards the ceiling, holding my breath, the only sound filling the silence was the pounding of heavy rain against the roof-top.
Visibility was poor in this pitch black; I was lucky to have found a flashlight at the door.
I released my breath, having heard nothing out of the ordinary.
I whirled around, the dry croaking sending shivers down my spine. I pointed the light at a door that was now slightly ajar; that's strange. It had been locked tightly not a few minutes ago...
I reached out with my hand, trembling fingers wrapped around the metal knob, and slowly the door opened, revealing another room.
That night, a scream of terror tore through the dead night that no one would forget.
If they heard at all.
Here, no one will save you.
For the Curse has been reborn.