Joshua walked down the Shibuya Street- always the same street, same people- a horde of masses making them a cluster of masks. He chuckled bitterly, remembering how close he had been to destroy shibuya- destroying the lively Shibuya who is the house of those who's insecure, in pain, jealous of the others and never seeing themselves for who they truly are. But the deed is done, the city lives, with its glitters and neons and girls and boys holding phones on their hands as if it was the center of their lives.

Humans, humans. Their thoughts reverberated on his head- but most distinctly above all were the thoughts of his proxy, Neku sakuraba.

The boy's pain he could discern from his thoughts- a pain mixed with an urge of relief and happiness. So now the antisocial boy has had friends. Those people he can trust. But Joshua isn't particularly fond of thinking about that. He wonders why, a frown clinging on his lips as he watched the boy laughing and joking cheerily with his friends.

This is almost like a tragic comedy.

Neku. Neku. Neku.