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"Hey Finn, it's been a long time." A blonde figure approached him. He knew that voice and that face from anywhere.

"Quinn, what are you doing in New York? I haven't seen you since that Thanksgiving weekend the graduates shared a couple of years ago." He was so excited to run into a friendly face. Over time, Finn was used to disappointment and anger through the recent years that seeing a glimpse of his past was a nice haven. Glee club was an amazing, maybe even the most amazing part of his life. He belonged and had friends that accepted his real side.

"Well, I've been here for a while. After graduating, I tried to audition for some musicals around New York to get my foot in the door as they say these days. I've been here for about a year but back and forth considering Puck is in LA with his recording contract stationed there." Quinn boasted proudly of her husband. Puck and Quinn had gotten back together that Thanksgiving and were going strong all the way. Finn almost forgot about his best friend finally getting recognized for something other than his pool cleaning businesses. Apparently, one of the ladies' he was cleaning the pool for was a music executive that needed a background singer for a rock band. Ever since then, his success has grown to which he became a solo artist planning to release his new album composed of original songs in just a few weeks.

"That's really awesome, Q. I knew that guy was way more than what he believed he was to be in high school. I'm really happy that you guys got what you wanted and are living the dream. I always believed that you and everybody else in the Glee club would have your dreams come true." Except him. It always haunted him that he was never able to become an actor and have his dream come true. Rachel and Kurt, Mercedes and Sam, Mike and Tina, Quinn and Puck, Santana and Brittany, Quinn and Puck, even Artie was in the stages of directing a blockbuster hit. Everybody had their dreams come true, but why didn't he? He was shaken out of his thoughts when Quinn reminded him.

"You know, what I learned through all of this, all the failure and all the sorrow?" Quinn asked. Finn shook his head, unsure of what point Quinn was trying to make. "Everybody faces disappointment Finn. Some more than others but nonetheless, we all go through it. I know you have had a pretty rough time lately with Burt sick and you having to take the responsibility of the tire shop, but don't you ever give up on yourself." Quinn held Finn's shoulders and eventually had to bring his face up as he pulled back and grew quiet. "Puck and I are your best friends. We haven't given up on you. The Glee Club hasn't given up on you. The question is whether you're willing to believe you deserve the best like we all do, or continue dumbing yourself down because of a few bumps down the road." By then, Finn couldn't hold that resistant tear slowly rolling down his cheek. Quinn gently brushed it off his face. "We love you Finn and we believe in you. But sooner or later, you have to learn to believe in yourself and stand on your own. And if you fall, you have a whole army behind you to pick you up. Puck and I are not going anywhere and neither are any of the Glee Club members. Families stay through thick and thin remember?"

"Yeah. Thanks Quinn. I love you guys too." Finn responds hugging his best friend tightly. He never really thought about it that way. Having Burt sick and his mom running up and down trying to take care of him, it made it hard for him to realize he had anybody. But he was wrong. He had the biggest family in the world and just forgot.

"Anyway, I have to go. I have an audition in an hour and the director is not somebody you would want to keep waiting." Quinn joked as she gave him one final hug and left.

"Bye, Q and break a leg." Ever since Sectionals in sophomore year, the group always ended their ritual with a break a leg to remind themselves that they all believed in each other. Win or lose, they would all be there for each other.


Fifteen minutes had passed since Quinn left and Finn was still at the park, waiting. Was Rachel not coming? Maybe she really was done with them and didn't want him to grovel outside her apartment like an idiot. After a while, he bought some bread from a nice lady on the next bench and started feeding the ducks. At least he could do some good for someone, even if it was just an animal with a long, yellow beak.

"Hey Finn." Finn was stunned from the sudden greeting and turned around to find Rachel standing there. She looked beautiful in her red dress. "I am so sorry I am late. I just had a few things to catch up with at home and it took longer than plan." Rachel rapidly explained. Knowing Rachel for years allowed him to sense what Rachel was feeling at any given point. Right now, the way she kept looking away, playing with her fingers, and the obvious rapid talk made it clear that she was nervous. But what he couldn't tell was if she was uncomfortable. That was the last thing he wanted.

"It's fine. I wasn't here that long anyway." Finn lied. He had been here for about an hour but didn't want Rachel to feel guilty. He knew she had a lot on her plate and didn't want to make her feel worse.

She took a seat next to him, keeping her hands on her lap. She took one deep breath before asking the question that she knew would break the tension, whether in conflict or in peace still needed to be determined. She didn't want to upset him but needed to know the answer. "Why are you in New York, Finn?"

Finn knew this was coming. Sitting in this park for the past hour was not even close to the time he needed to prepare what he was going to say about why he was here. "I kinda wanted to ask you about something that night in Lima?"

"It must be pretty important if you came all the way to New York City just to ask a question. What is it?" she asked wondering why he came. What had she said or did in Lima that made him come all the way here? She knew the answer and knew the reality that would soon come out. She just didn't want to face the same rejection for her son as she did years ago.

"Look, you remember when we were in Lima and you got up and left." Rachel nodded as she continued to wait for the daunting question. "Remember, I followed you outside and something was wrong but you wouldn't tell me. Then I kept trying to shake it out of you and you kind of said something that I never knew." She looked down as he continued. He was not going to stop and the truth was going to come out tonight. "Do you have a son?" Even Finn felt nervous asking a question like that. Rachel Berry was known to go to extremes when she wasn't happy. She could slap, kick and hurt any part of you when she was not happy. And believe me, she didn't look very happy.

"His name is Christopher." Finn cringed at the sound of the name. That was the name they had chosen for their baby, if they ever had a boy. It wasn't like they talked about it that often, but one day, it just sort of spilled out.


"What are we doing in the park?" Finn asked. She had just called and asked him to come to the park but the why of it all is still a mystery. "Babe, why'd you come here in the middle of the night?"

"Because, apart from the auditorium, this is like our Jerusalem. Every important moment we've shared together, every kiss…" she kisses him tenderly on the lips. "every choice and decision made together has mostly happened in the park if not that auditorium."

"But why are we here now?" Finn was still confused as to why they were here now even though he loved spending time with her. He was her life, but knew there was something on her mind if she needed to call him at the middle of the night and take him out of the house. Knowing her for those years gave him the power to recognize her strengths and weaknesses. Vulnerability wasn't something Rachel was good at, and right now, she looked like she was on the verge.

"I can never hide anything from you, can I?" Rachel always knew Finn was the only guy who could see right through her. No matter how hard she tried to hide it, she could never hide herself from him for long.

"No you can't. I love you too much to let you feel unhappy and consumed with something." Finn held her hands and played with her fingers as he continued. "Tell me what is going on."

"I got my NYADA letter and I got in." Rachel stated. Finn chuckled slightly.

"I know that. I was there remember." He said holding her strongly in his arms, kissing the top of her head. "And I am so proud of you for it. I know you can do anything. You're my special star and can do anything and beat anybody."

Rachel started to pull away a bit. "Why are you so happy about it? I'm not." Rachel pointed out getting more agitated.

Finn was confused at her anger. Where was it coming from? She got into the school of her dreams. Can't he be proud of that? "What is wrong Rach? Of course I am proud of you. You are amazing and they saw it. Why aren't you happy? NYADA was all you talked about a few months ago. Now, every time I bring it up, we get into a fight and I don't understand why."

Rachel pulled away completely and sat on the grass followed by Finn slowly after. "Finn, do you know how far NYADA is from Lima? How are we going to work?" She admitted with her head inside her knees.

"Rach, we've talked about this so many times." He replied with his hand on her back, trying to calm her down, pulling her closer each moment he could. "I would stay in Lima for a while and when I reapply next year, I will come and live with you in New York and have that dream we always wanted. No odds in this world are going to keep me away from my girl forever." Rachel giggled softly.

"So I'll still be your girl when I leave?"

"Forever and ever, babe." Finn replied as their fingers intertwined. That was one of Rachel's favourite lines from the first movie they watched together, Click. She couldn't stop talking about how romantic it was when they shared their first kiss and last goodbye.

After a couple of minutes laying in each other's arms, trying to calm down, Rachel spoke out remembering something. "You remember the dream?"

"Of course, I remember the dream. We would live in New York together in a white picket fence house. There would be a swing and sandbox for our kids to play in behind the house. While they would play, you and I would be inside as you play me your new song on our black grand piano. I would teach our kids sports while you would teach them music. We would live as a family and stay happily married forever." Rachel and Finn both indulged themselves into the dream.

"How many kids do you want?" Rachel asked curiously. They had never really talked about it before and if honesty was told, she had been waiting to hear an answer since the day she met him. She just didn't want to freak him out.

"I don't know. But I can't imagine having enough Rachel Berrys and Finn Hudsons running around." They both laughed at the thought. "No matter how many we have, our children will be us. They'll have you and me in them. That's the beautiful part for me." Rachel stared in awe as she saw Finn answer. He was exactly the kind of man she wanted for her children. A dad that would be there and love them through it all, just like hers did.

"What should their names be? Have you ever thought about it?" Rachel asked.

"I've always wanted my dad to be a part of my kids' lives. If we had a son, I would love to have the name Christopher inside, whether it was just a middle or first name." Finn admitted as he continued to think about his father. His father was always a hero to him, even if he fell after returning from the army. After his mom told him the truth, he was angry at first, but came to realize his dad still loved him and was just sick.

"I think Christopher is a beautiful name. I would love a son with that name. We could nickname him Chris, just like I always thought we would." She replied smiling up to him.

"You want that name too?" Finn asked confused. Had she thought about this too? They never really talked about it.

"Ever since we met, I knew you loved your dad a lot and miss him, so I always wanted to keep him apart of you and our family. That's why I wanted to name him Christopher too, if we ever wanted to start a family."

"I love you." He replied kissing her passionately. They wouldn't let go of each other until they had to breathe for air. They kept the faces only an inch apart from each other. "And if it's a girl?"

"I don't know. Maybe Caroline. I've always loved that name and your mom's name is Carole so I thought it would be perfect. Do you like it?" He didn't say anything, he just continued to kiss her and they lied in each other's arms that night dreaming about their future together.


"So you do have a son?" Rachel nodded looking down at the ground the whole time. "How old is he?"

"He's almost six years old. He turns six in May." Rachel replied. She knew doing the math, he would figure out the connection.

"Six years ago? But that was the time we had…" Finn stopped. He knew the truth right then. "He's mine isn't he?" Finn asked with a mix of anger and curiosity.

Tears started to roll down her cheeks. She swallowed her pride and slowly nodded.

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