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Mckinley High School. The only place in the world that will inevitably be the death of me. Most likely. If it wasn't slushie facials, it was the name calling. If it wasn't the name calling, it was the shoving and the tripping. It was a place where I have never felt safe or well appreciacted. The people here didn't care about anyone other then themselves. You were either a loser or you were popular. There is no in between. There never was and i'm sure there never will be. I, for one, am sick of it.

Softmore year, I had accepted the fact that I was a loser and that getting a slushie facial at 8 in the morning was normal. It was something that I could never seem to escape so I always kept my head held high and kept my tears at bay. Letting those people control my life by belittling me was something that I would not give in too. I was stronger then that.

Junior year, I was dating the quarterback of the football team and Glee club was starting to rise from the ashes, if only slightly. I had made a couple of friends at that point. Ones that weren't exactly true friends, but they were there when I needed them. Well. At least Noah and Brittany were. Both were secret friends, though. Nobody knew that the three of us had become close. I had so many things happen to me over the whole year that the changes in me were significant.

They were big changes, yes, but nothing compared to what my senior year was going to be like. The change that occured over the summer was bigger then anything I have ever encountered. Oh yes. I know what you are thinking. How can Rachel Berry's life get even better, you ask? Pffffft. What a load of crap. The only thing that occured was that I had slipped at the top of a hill and fell completely to the bottom, landing flat on my ass. It was a great tumble, might I add. Fan-fuckin-tastic, I tell you.

Maybe it' because of what happened to me over the summer, or maybe it's because I am sick of people walking all over me, but I decided that enough is enough. People want me to dress differently? Done. They want me to shut up? Done. They want me to be less of a freak? Do...ok, well I guess that is something about me that will never change now. Oh well. Fuck them all.

So here I stand, in all my glory at the front of the school. I'm dressed in ripped jeans, a dark maroon tank top and a leather jacket. My feet encased in combat boots. It wasn't my ideal choice, but then again I didn't give a rat's ass about what people thought. Not anymore. I shift the Aviator sunglasses that are perched over my eyes, a bit. My hair is a wild mess nowadays. It seems no matter what I do, I can no longer tame it. Damn...stupid...summer. Fuck. I look up at the school in distaste and decide that it is now time to make my entrance.

I take a step forward and then stop immediately. My breathing picks up and I suddenly smell something very familiar. A smell that I have come accustom to over the past three months. My eyes search through the students who were now arriving. Where was it coming from? Although I am still new to the game and am aware of the rules, I can't help but feel slightly hopeful that I may not be the only one here who has to deal with this. That I may not be alone.

My eyes continue to search, trying to pinpoint the smell, but it's no use. I sigh in defeat. I suppose once school actually starts, I might be able to pick up the smell again. Hopfeully. I sigh again and start my walk towards the front entrance of the school, hearing people talk along the way. Not they know I can hear them. I end up smirking as I climb the steps. Oh this day was going to be very interesting, indeed.


So far, everything has been alright. No one has slushied me and I have remained unharmed. Not that much could hurt me these days. I had also managed to avoid my two biggest tormentors. Santana and Quinn. Although Quinn and I had built somewhat of a tentative friendship before the end of junior year, I wasn't sure that it would carry over into this year. After all, it was Quinn Fabray. She was unpredictable.

"Well helllllllo, manhands." I hear a voice say from beside me and I fight not to groan. Great. Just fuckin' great. "Surprised to see you here in normal clothes." I turn to face the Latina, who was, surprisingly, alone. Her smirk was really starting to irritate me, so much, in fact, that I could feel a burning in my chest and a strong feeling of anger. "What's your problem hobbit, can't you speak?" She taunts, the smirk never leaving her face. I look down to the ground, trying desperately to calm my breathing. I can not do this here. Not in the middle of the school with...people watching. Shit, apparently Santana and I have gathered attention. Great. "I should give you an award for finally being able to shut your trap long enough for..." I don't know what makes me snap, but it's the final straw. With a strength and speed that I didn't know I possessed, I drop my things and push the Latina roughly into the lockers, my arm going across her throat. I ignore the gasps of shock all around us.

"Fuck. Off." I growl, so low that it even surprises me. I'm also aware that I actually growled at Santana. Like a dog. Oh fuck me with a stick. People are stock still all around us.

Suddenly, the strangest thing happens. Instead of freaking out and trying to kick my ass, which I expected, Santana simply widens her eyes slightly, in shock, and then they turn downcast. I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as I feel her body completely fall slack. What the hell? Her eyes are no longer looking at me, so I ease off, backing away from the other brunette as I try to cage my inner beast. Easy, Rachel. I calm slightly, taking a deep breath.

People in the hallway are shocked. As am I. I'm so shocked in fact that I simply turn around and run down the hallway. Yes. I run. I need to get away from this situation. I need to get away from the attention. I hate it now. I wish...I don't know what I wish anymore. On one side, i've finally stood up for myself, on the other, i've now been made a rumour and will undoubtedly be on the gossip mill for weeks. Great.

I hadn't realized that my legs carried me to the bathroom until i'm standing outside it. I sigh and push the door open to go inside. I need a moment and some small amount of luck must of been on my side because there wasn't anyone inside the bathroom. I sigh in relief.

I walk over to the sinks and stare at myself in the mirror. The dark circles that I have tried to hide with make up are now showing and that fact irritates me. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Not for me. I grip both hands on the sink and drop my head onto my chest, taking in deep breaths. Everything would be ok, ever-

My eyes instantly whip to the door as it opens. For a moment, i'm stunned at what I see. Santana Lopez is staring at me with slightly hesitant eyes. We stare at eachother for god knows how long, but she doesn't move until I turn my attention back to the mirror. When that happens, I hear the door shut and an instant 'click' fills my ears. I turn to look at her again, and find that she is back to the old Santana now. Casually leaning against the door with a slight smirk on her face.

"Who would of known that Rachel Berry was a night crawler?" She says and my eyes snap to hers. I know they show slight fear, but it soon fades as I stand up straight and try to convey confidence.

"I don't know what you are talking about, Santana." I state, turning away from her to look back at the mirror. I grab some paper towel and gently dab at my eyes. I hear her chuckle slightly.

"You know exacty what I mean, hobs, " She pauses and I look at her, hearing a slightly affectionate tone to that nickname, "...I can smell the wolf from a mile away, not to mention the fact that your eyes glowed in the hallway." I once again turn my attention to her, but this time i'm in shock. She can...she can smell me? Does that mean- "Calm your fur, White fang, the proverbial apple doesn't fall far from your tree." She says and i'm unsure if what she says actually makes sense in the long run. However, I disregard that.

"You're a werewolf too?" I ask, hesitantly. Santana stares at me a moment before nodding. "So it was you that I was smelling earlier." I say, mostly to myself, but I know that she can hear me. She nods again and then sighs.

"I honestly thought that I was the only one in this school that was one, but then I smelled another wolf this morning, here at the school." Santana explains, walking up to me and perching herself on the counter of the sink. She stares down at me. "I hadn't realized that it was you until you freaked out on me ten minutes ago." She finishes and I sigh.

"My temper has been really off lately." I admit, running both hands across my face. "I just can't seem to sleep properly."

"Ya, I was like that too." She admits, nodding her head. "How long ago were you..."

"Three months ago." I answer, sitting down on the chair that was now kept in the bathrooom for people that get slushied in the hallways. It was nice to have considering there wasn't really any place to sit in here. "Why didn't you freak out on me when I shoved you?" I ask, abruptly. Santana raises her eyebrows.

"You really don't know much about the wolf world, do you?" She asks and I wait a minute before shaking my head. I really don't. I didn't really have anyone to help me through it. "Listen, mija, you have a lot to learn." She starts and I frown at her term of endearment. Was she being...nice to me? Odd. "I couldn't attack you, even if I wanted to." She says and shrugs her shoulders. "You're an Alpha."

"An...Alpha?" I say and in all reality I know what she is saying, but it doesn't register with me. How can I be an Alpha? Me. Rachel Berry. Santana sighs. "I mean, I know what that is and all, but how is it possible? Shouldn't an Alpha be born a wolf? Not bitten by some..." I stop my sentence, reigning my anger in at the bitch that bit me.

"That's usually how the story goes, but it is possible to be one without being a werewolf all your life." She states and I nod absentmindedly. "However, it is not possible for you to be an Alpha unless you had werewolf blood in you to begin with. Even just a little."

"I...I don't even..." I pause trying to find the right words. Then, my anger surfaces. I growl and stand up from the chair, easily flinging it across the bathroom. Santana doesn't flinch. Just watched in...amusement? "Is this fuckin' funny for you?" I growl, turning my angry eyes on her.

"Slightly." She answers and then rolls her eyes when I let out a huff. "Look, it sucks that this happened to you without your consent and all. However, you have to deal with it and get over yourself." Santana hisses, jumping off the counter to come face to face with me, and I can suddenly hear her heart starting to pound in her chest in anger. How? "I've been a wolf since I was thirteen! I've dealt with it and i'm still alive and kicking. It didn't ruin my life." She says and I let out a large sigh, taking deep breaths to calm myself down.

"I'm sorry." I whisper, taking a seat on the floor and leaning against the wall. I run a hand through my disheveled hair. Santana sighs as well, obviously trying to calm herself down. She looks at me and for some reason, it's as if I feel sympathy. For who? I have no idea. However, when I look up at Santana, I see the same look in her eyes. Am I...am I feeling her emotions? "How am I..."

"We're connected now." She says, shrugging her shoulders. "Once you shoved me in the hallway and glared so hard that your eyes glowed, it sent a telepathic invitation to me of accepting just who you are." She says, taking a seat beside me. "I accepted that you are the Alpha, therefore binding us together."

"When you say..binding...that doesn't..." I trail off, not knowing what i'm really asking. Santana stares at me curiously for a moment before a look of horror crosses her face.

"Gross midget! Just cause we're binded, doesn't mean that...ugh, just sick." Santana states, scrunching up her face. I watch her look of disgust for a moment before letting a laugh. Santana instantly looks at me and quirks an eyebrow. I continue to chuckle, causing a tiny smirk to appear on the Latina's face, before she lets out a chuckle herself.

"Wow, I think i've had enough of this place for one day." I say, shaking my head. I see Santana nod. "Thanks for explaining some stuff."

"No prob, pup," She offers, shrugging her shoulders when I frown at her, "...but I have a lot more to teach you, and just cause we're binded, doesn't mean that i'm gonna bow down to everything you say."

"Don't you have to?" I ask, smugly. She frowns and then glares at me. "I mean, I am the Alpha here." Her glare intesifies. "I mean, i'm like the HBIC of the wolf world. Whatever I say, goes."

"Fuck that." Santana growls, and I let out another laugh. "Just cause i've accepted that you are the Alpha doesn't mean that I have to listen to everything you say. Just...wolf things." She finally says, letting out a sigh. I smirk.

"Wow, never thought I would have Santana Lopez under my will." I say and I hear her scoff. She stands up, brushing herself off in the process.

"Don't get to cocky... " She scolds, raising her eyebrows at me, "...we may have something in common, but that doesn't mean that we are friends, treasure trail." She says, trying to sound fierce. I realize then that, in normal circumstances, her tone of voice would have petrified me. Now, however, I couldn't help but laugh. I shake my head, before pulling myself from the ground.

"Whatever you say, Santana."

She continues to look at me a moment before scoffing and heading out of the door, but not before she sends me a small wink. Weird. As if my life wasn't already insane. I shake my head and walk out the door, trying to mentally prepare myself for the rest of the day. Oh god.


Considering that it was still the first day, and that I was technically a 'pup' as Santana had called me, I was doing pretty good with keeping my temper down. Then again, no one really talked to me today. No slushies or anything. It was odd for me to go a whole day without someone throwing something at me or insulting me about something. Perhaps it was my new wardrobe? I don't know, but as I head to the choir room, I am vaguely aware that I haven't seen Quinn, Noah, or Brittany today.

I have seen just about everyone else, though, and let me tell you...it was hilarious to see the shocked looks on all of their faces. It almost made being what I am, worth it. The only people I was really friends with were Noah and Brittany. They both defended me when others had put me down. Kurt was a friend, but I wasn't very close with him. I appreciate his friendship though.

Kurt had seen me at lunch and looked like a fish out of water. It was mildly amusing and made me smirk in his direction. When I sat down next to him, the amount of questions he fired off at me, put the old, rambling me to shame. I had to bite my lip in order to hide my annoyance. Which was another thing that had sprung up unannounced. My patience no longer resided in this body. Just another thing I would have to work on, I suppose.


"What happened to you this summer?" Kurt asked, his mouth still slightly agape as he took in my new look. I sighed, picking at my salad. This definitly wasn't the meal I was craving. Damn wolf appetite.

"I was busy." I said nonchalantly, shrugging my shoulders. Kurt lets out a laugh of disbelief.

"Busy? Doing what?" He pried and I felt my annoyance at his tone, start to rise. "Seriously, Rach, you know that I am glad that you kicked the granny/kindergarden style out to the curb, " He pauses, giving me a nod of approval and a look of concern, "..but you...you just seem different. I mean, are you sure you're ok?" He asked for what seemed to be the millionth time. I growled softly to myself. Calm. Stay calm. You love Kurt.

"I'm fine, Kurt." I said, my tone clipped. "Just...fine." I answered again, in a more gental tone. I turn and give him a brief, yet fake, smile. He looked at me suspiciously for a moment before nodding.

"Ok." He said, taking a bite out of his...oh god. His...burger. With cheese and...bacon. My eyes wandered to the disgusting yet, heavenly smelling food. Of course, being a werewolf meant that I had a heightened sense of smell so sitting this close to that...meat...was torture. "Why are you looking like you want to eat me?" Kurt asked, letting out a laugh that I could tell was slightly nervous. I shook my head.

"No reason. Just...lost my appetite." I said, forcing myself to turn away from the delicious smelling cow. No Rachel. Vegan. You are vegan.

I sighed and closed my eyes, trying to block out the smell of the food as my stomach started to rumble. When I opened my eyes, they caught Santana's who was giving me a questioning look.

"You ok?" I heard in my head and I frowned in confusion. Who...who the hell said that? "Me, you dumbass." I heard again and my head swung around wildly, looking for the voice. Why is my head... "You look stupid, swinging your head around like a moron. Mental connection, remember?" After that insult, I know that I can hear Santana. I looked at her in slightly surprise.

"You can...hear me?" I questioned, keeping my eyes trained on hers. She nods and then looks away.

"I told you we had a mental connection. I can hear your thoughts just as you can hear mine. Keeps us wolves connected when we are in our wolf form." She explained and I can feel myself nod, the rumbling in my stomach growing louder. "Looks like someone is craving some juicy dead cow." Her taunting voice makes me want to kick the shit out of her. Literally. The feeling grows when I swear I can hear her cackle from here.

"Rachel are you even listening to me?" I heard Kurt say from beside me. I turn to his disappointed eyes and cleared my throat.

"Sorry Kurt, i've just had a lot on my mind." I said, standing up. "I'll...um...see you in Glee, ok?" I walked away without hearing a reply.

"Meet me in the girl's bathroom and bring me a fuckin' hamburger and don't say a damn thing."


So now, here I am, after consuming a dead cow and then brushing my teeth numerous times, heading to Glee club where I was going to be expected to sing or some shit. I sigh and stop in front of the choir room. I really had to brace myself. Finn was probably going to try and talk to me about getting back together, Kurt was going to ask more questions, Santana would probably make fun of me in our heads, Noah would either try to hit on me or leer at me, and Mr. Schue would probably tell me how much of a team player i'm not being. I take a deep breath before strolling in Glee.

Mostly everyone is there. Noah, Finn, and Artie were on the left side of the room, discussing sports. From what I can hear. Which is very well, by the way. Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes were on the right side, talking about...well Mercedes was talking about a song and Brittany and Santana were being all lovey dovey. Cute.

Tina, Mike, Kurt and Blaine were in the middle being all couply with eachother. I roll my eyes with a slight smile. The only ones who weren't in the room were Sam and Quinn. I was kind of anxious to see her. I really hope that we were still friends, somewhat. I didn't want her to hate me again. I really appreciated her friendship.

"Ray!" I hear a familiar voice ring across the room and before I have time to contemplate anything I feel a tall body hurling itself on me. Luckily, with all this newfound strength, I caught myself and her, so that we didn't fall. Normally, this would have set my new temper off, but I couldn't help but smile instead.

"Hey Britt Britt." I say, hugging her almost as tightly as she was hugging me. Considering I now had superhuman strength and all. She pulls away with a smile on her face.

"Guess what!" She says excitedly and I can't help but feel her excitement. Before I get a chance to ask, she continues. "Sanny says that we can be friends now!" She claps her hands and I let out a laugh.

"That's awesome, Britts." I reply, giving her a wink. She smiles and hugs me again and I can't resist.

"You like me, you realllllly like me." I mock in my head, and Santana glares at me. "It's ok, lots of people won't admit it aloud...you can tell me though, Sanny." I hear her scoff and fold her arms over her chest in anger. Ha ha. This mental shit was fun.

"Britt! Let go of the hobbit and get away before she infects you with her lameness." Santana says and I let out a laugh. That insult was lame. "Fuck you, pup. Shut your trap." She growls in her head, letting me know that she was pissed. Oh well.

"Holy sweet jew hell." I hear from the side of me, and I turn to see Noah Puckerman with his mouth dropped open in shock. I smirk. "I heard you were dressing different but, damn! You, my sweet, little, jewish-american princess are the finest piece of ass i've seen all day!" He says and I see the tips of Finn's ears turn red in anger. I laugh.

"Well thank you, Noah. I do have a fine ass." I say and everyone just stares at me in shock. Was it because I said 'ass'? I mean, sure, I don't exactly curse but...who cares? "You would be better off not staring at it too." I add and his eyes snap to mine and he smiles. To everyone else, it would look like he was giving me a dirty smile. But to me, who knew him best, it was a smile that meant he approved and wanted me to be happy.

"Come sit next to me, Ray!" Brittany says, grabbing my hand before I could protest and sits me down next to her and Santana. Great. I know who was supposed to sit in front of me. Quinn. Hopefully we were still cool.

"Rachel, can we talk?" I sigh as I begrudgingly look up into the eyes of Finn. He looks angry, yet regretful. You should, you stupid ass. You cheated on me. Not that anyone knows that.

"Nope, i'm busy." I say, turning my eyes to the front of the classroom, to inspect my nails. I hear a couple of snickers, mainly from Noah and Santana.

"Please, Rach, it's really important." He tries again and I close my eyes in annoyance. Seriously? Why can't people just piss off?

"Piss off, Flipper, the hobbit don't wanna listen to your flubbery ass, and frankly your presence is suffocating me." Santana says, throwing a glance Finn's way. He bristles at her words but all I want to do is laugh. Which doesn't sit well with me. I hated when people made fun of other people. I really did. However, I couldn't help but not care anymore. Maybe it was my wolf? I frown.

"It's none of your business, Santana, so just back off!" He hisses, glaring at her and it makes me angry. Why? I don't know.

"My business is none of yours either, Finn." I growl, turning to look at him. Fortunately for me, I managed to not actually growl at him. His eyes turn back to mine and they're filled with slight hurt.

"Come on, Rach. I'm sorry, please can we just talk?" He begs and I almost want to laugh in his face. He's sorry? Ya, I bet he is. Especiallly now that i'm hot as hell. I hear Santana snicker. "Shut up, Sant-"

"How about you shut your own fuckin' mouth!" I almost yell, anger radiating from my very core. Oh shit. No, no, no, no. I take a deep, calming breath, but my glare does not leave him.

"As much fun as watching you tear down Flipper is, you need to cool it Rach." Santana's voice comes through my head and I so desperately want to listen to her voice. But it's hard. I'm still new at this.

"Hey, jew babe..." Noah starts to say, standing up. "It's ok. Finn's gonna shut his mouth now. Right dude?" Noah asks, shooting a glare at Finn. He looks at Noah briefly before turning his gaze to mine.

"Rach..." I don't know how much longer I can take it. My anger was quickly rising. "I know I made a mistake but...she...it didn't mean anything." He whispers, so that no one can hear. When I hear a sneer, I know that someone has. The only other person with hearing like mine.

"You cheated on her?" Santana voices out loud, in amusement. I swing around to send her a warning glare. She holds her hands up. "Easy there, gizmo, just stating what I heard."

"You're really mean, Finn." Brittany says, shaking her head at him. He frowns and looks down in what I hope is shame.

"You cheated on Rachel?" Noah asks, increduously. He scoffs. "You're such an ass. No wonder she dumped you."

"It...it was an accident!" Finn sputters, turning to look at me when I let out a scoff.

"So she just fell on your dick then?" I let out a laugh. A bitter one. I honestly didn't care about the fact that I wasn't with him anymore, but it wasn't a nice feeling to be cheated on. "Please."

"You kissed someone else first!" Finn argued and my anger, once again, rose. Holy hell. "I...I saw you!" Figures Finn wouldn't mention just who it was. Or what gender anyways.

He was right though. I did kiss someone else. However, it was a kiss that I would regret for the rest of my life. It was one mistake that I made, and it cost me my life. I wouldn't ever be normal again. I had no control over myself, it was like she was in my head. Like she knew what I was thinking. That I was attracted to her and she just kissed me. I pulled away, but...I couldn't stop thinking about her. This girl. So beautiful. Yet deadly. She ruined my life.

"Ya...I did." I admit, calmly. I breathe deeply. It didn't quell my anger. "I apologized and told you straight away, Finn. You retaliated and had sex with some random girl!" I growl, my eyes narrowing in his direction. "In my fuckin' house!" I nearly shout. Ding ding ding, the bell at the top of my head was about to explode in anger.

"At least she put out." He mumbles so low that I assume no one hears him. But I do. As does Santana. I can hear her growling. She may not like me, but she feels my anger.

"What was that, Dough boy?" I hiss, glaring at him more intently. Finn looks up, in shock. By the nickname or the fact that I heard him, I don't know. He glares at me.

"I said, 'at least she put out'. " He says, almost cockily. I can hear the Glee club turn into whispers. "I..."

Before he can even voice another sentence I lunge for him. Unsure of what i'm going to do. However, before I can reach for him, I feel arms come around my waist. I can feel Noah against my back telling me to calm down, to stop struggling and I can only assume that i'm pulling so hard that i'm hurting him. Normally that would stop me in my tracks, but i'm so far gone in anger that it doesn't this time. My strength and anger were heightened and I almost smirk when Finn jumps back, a look of fear on his face. A couple of other faces too.

I feel another set of arms on me, these ones more forceful and radiating strength. I realize immediately that it is Santana. However, she's struggling slightly as well. I assume it was because my roll as an Alpha, but I don't know for sure.

"Ray...he's not worth it. " I hear Brittany say, but her voice doesn't calm me. Nothing does. I'm so fucking angry at the moment that I refuse to see reason. Even Santana who is trying to calm me down, mentally is failing. My eyes are probably glowing in anger by now, but it's too late to stop it...

Suddenly, a heavenly smell makes its way to my nose. It makes me feel light headed and happy. I instantly stop struggling, and my eyes soften. The wolf in me has calmed and it starts...jumping around happily? Excitedly? It makes me feel relaxed. My eyes grew heavy, but not because I want to sleep. No. Because of the heavenly aroma wafting through the air, invading my senses like a tidal wave. I couldn't get enough of this smell.

"Rachel?" I hear Noah ask, uncertainly. Normally I would respond, but i'm in such a daze that I can't seem to formulate any words. Let alone a coherant thought. I smell...honey and vanilla. With a hint of...cotton candy? My eyes search the room, trying to find where the smell is coming from. They finally land on what I could only describe as the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. My body heats at the sight and my legs turn to jelly. What the hell is happening to me?

"Hobbit?" Santana questions, shaking me slightly. My attention doesn't waver from the blonde goddess that has just entered the room, looking confused. "Rachel, talk to me." She mentally asks and I have no words.

"Heaven...so...beautiful." I answer her back, in my head. Santana follows my gaze and then her eyes widen, before turning sharply back to me.

"Oh, holy shit. Dulce madre de todo lo que es bueno y puro!" I briefly hear her speak spanish through my head. "Snap out of it!"

"Is everything ok, Rachel?" The heavenly voice asks me, now standing mere feet away from me. My body responds instantly. I feel so at peace right now. My anger that was here moments before is gone. Completely. I don't feel any hidden anger. Just peace.

"Quit...uh...quit staring at Q, hobbit! Yes...her hair is blonde again, get over it!" Santana rushes out, turning me away from the angel. Once the girl is out of my sights, I can slightly focus again. However, her smell is so intoxicating..."I'm gonna take the hobbit to the nurse before she yaks on someone."

"Santana don't you think that..." Noah starts to say, I think he's talking anyways...but he is interupted by...Brittany? Or maybe it's still Santana? I'm so confused.

"What? I'm capable of taking Minnie mouse to the nurse without strangling her." Yep, definitley Santana. My eyes are so unfocused right now, but my nose. My nose is hooked on that delicious smell. I want to devour it. Taste it. Love it. Wait...love it? I don't...I don't understand.

I don't even realize i've been pulled out of the room, until i'm sitting in the nurse's office and Santana slaps me. Hard. In the face. I growl at that and glare at her, holding a hand to my face, trying to soothe the pain.

"What the fuck was that for?" I hiss, shifting my sore jaw. Santana lets out a laugh.

"It was the only way to get you to snap out of the funk you were in, pup." She replies, shrugging her shoulders. I sigh. "I have been trying to get your attention for like ten minutes."

"What the hell...what the hell was that?" I ask, fear striking my heart little by little. "Why was I...why couldn't I..."

"I honestly didn't think that I would have to explain this to you this soon." Santana says, letting out a sigh. She stops suddenly just as the nurse comes in the room. She smiles at me.

"How are you feelin' hun?" She asks, and I fake a smile.

"Fine, i'm actually gonna go home now." I say, standing up and pulling Santana with me, without another word.

We make it outside without any encounters with anyone and i'm so thankful for that that I let out a sigh of relief. I pull her to my car and open the passenger side door, shove her in, earning myself a glare, but i'm too intrigued to care. I hop in the driver's side and close the door, instantly turning to look at her.

"Explain what that was! Why did I react like that? It was just Quinn...right?" I ask, hesitantly. "I felt like...I felt good, " I emphasize, my eyes getting glassy, "...like everything felt right. I wanted...I wanted her. I...she smells so good and I...don't know." I sigh helplessly, looking at the Latina for some guidance. Santana smiles sadly at me.

"She's your mate." She answers me and my eyebrows shoot up into my hairline. My...mate? Please tell me that doesn't mean what I think it means. Please. "She's the one you are meant to be with." Santana tells me and then shrugs. "Brittany is mine, always has been. It's why i've fought so hard to keep her. To love her. She is my one and only."

"One and...only?" I ask, afraid to see a hidden meaning behind her words. Santana pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a breath.

"Wolves can only have one love. One true love. One soulmate." Santana starts, looking up at me, "...when we're around our mate, everything makes sense. Our anger dissapates when we're around them. They are the water to our fire. They put us out before we get out of control. We would do anything for them, even if it hurts us. They are our whole world and nothing or no one is more important then them to us. Not even our own lives." She explains, looking at me with sad eyes. "No matter if they return our feelings or not."

My hearts lurches in my chest. I feel an overwhelming sense of lonliness wash over me. Which is apparently what i'm destined to have. I'm destined to be alone and sad all the time, because there was no way in the seven parts of hell that Quinn Fabray would ever return any feelings for a girl, let alone feelings for me.

"So she's my mate, meaning that i'll be alone forever?" I ask, feeling my eyes water, mostly in bitterness. Santana opens her mouth but I turn away, letting out a bitter laugh. "Of course i'm destined to be alone."


"She'll never love me back." I growl, holding back my angry tears. Santana opens her mouth but I interupt her. "I need to be alone." I say, not bothering to look at her. My heart was hurting and I was starting to get angry again, but I knew it wouldn't last long. Not with the image of Quinn still in my mind.

"Ok. Tomorrow night, though, " She starts, looking at me with serious eyes. "...you come over to my house and we go hunting. You're in desperate need of it." She says and I open my mouth to retort but she interupts me. "It will quell your appetite and help with your anger. It'll keep the wolf at bay." She says and I sigh, nodding. "Tomorrow night at 10. Tell your folks you're staying at my house."

"Your mother..."

"She knows." Santana replies, turning away from me. I nod again. "She will want to meet you. She has yet to meet another wolf my age."

"Ok." I answer, and before I have to say anything else, Santana exits my car.

I sit in my car a moment, trying to reign in the hurt that I was feeling, knowing that I would never be able to love anyone else. That I could never truly love anyone else. I felt a couple of angry tears make their way down my face. It wasn't fair. There wasn't anyway to make her love me, and knowing who Quinn is...there was no way that she would ever fall for me. Or leave her precious boyfriend. I snort in disgust. I never thought ill of Sam, not really. But he wasn't the best guy for her. She could do better.

I shake my head, angrily and start my car up. I peel out of the school parking lot, just as a figure came out of the school entrance. I was too angry to care who it was.

As i'm driving, my mind is racing and I can feel my hands start to shake. I know what that means. I need to shift. To feel free. I need to get out of here and run. So, without any hesitation, I turn my car down a dirt path in the woods and after about ten minutes of driving down it, I stop my car and get out.

I tear off my jacket and top, taking my jeans and underwear off as well, and before I can really stop it, my body begins to shake and I hear my bones crack. I fall down on all fours, full of snowy white fur and a snout to boot.

I shake myself loose of the dirt and my eyes search through the trees. It was still daylight out and I usually avoided shifting in the day, but I needed this. I sniff the air and close my eyes as it calms me down. I open them again and look at the path before me. I knew I needed to let off some steam. I paw the ground slightly, testing my paws out. Sturdy.

Without another thought, I dart off into the woods, running as fast as I can. I ignore everything around me. I smile in my head when I feel the wind racing around me, ruffling my white fur in the wind. It felt good. Real good. As much as I curse the girl that ruined my life, she also gave me a way to be free. It was a new development that I had yet to get used to, but I feel so good, running through the trees, not a care in the world, that my resentment towards her, lessens. If only slightly.

My paws beat against the ground, relentlessly. My stamina is fantastic as a wolf and I know that I can run for miles and miles. Sometimes I came across people that fled in fear. Probably at my unusual size, but mostly, I stay hidden. Unknown to the outside world and it was a damn good feeling.

When I reach my destination, I stop and sit down, appreciating the gorgeous waterfront view of the lake. Not many people knew about it, but it was a place where I came to rest often. In the last three months, anyways. I lay down in front of the water and close my eyes. I did keep a change of clothes around here, but sometimes, I just liked to rest in my wolf form. It needs time to relax too. So that's what I did. I rest. Letting every bad thought float out of my mind...

So what do you guys think? Continue on or leave it? It is up to you and your thoughts :) I am happy to write more and am coming up with many thoughts. I know werewolves and stuff may not interest many of you, but it's not going to be crazy intense...oh who am I kidding? It's gonna be awesome and there's gonna be action, fluff, and wolves! Yipee! No vampires though...unless you want them, therefore I will incorporate them. Looking forward to your reviews, until next time folks ;)