A smile-breath-taking, chocolate depths staring back-warm and kind, orange hair shining under the dancing lights… He was perfect, as always, and Yasutora Sado could not take his eyes away from him.

Of course, those eyes, that smile, it wasn't for him. Chad sighed as he gathered up the drinks-two beers-one for him and Ichigo and some drink for Rukia Kuchiki. He hadn't remembered the name, forgetting it moments after it had been said. No, he was far too distracted by the recent development.

Rukia always spent a lot of time around Ichigo, but not this much. She hadn't left his side for almost three weeks now. She would follow him home, call him constantly, randomly pop up at him house… Chad only knew this because Ichigo had complained about it but he certainly didn't look bothered.

Ichigo had changed his life, in more ways than one. He didn't know when these feelings had developed but perhaps it had been there right from the start when he had saved Ichigo from the bullies… That's right, that's where his nick-name had come from…

The orange haired boy struggled against the two guys holding him, scowling defiantly at the man holding the rock.

It smacked across the orange head, hitting him to the ground.

Yasutora was walking past when he happened to see them, two already on the ground, two holding him down and the largest hitting him.

He watched, surprised as the boy fought against them, standing back up every time he was hit.

Another strike against the head sent him to the ground, wincing in pain and Yasutora quickly stepped in, standing in front of the fallen boy.

"Get out of the way," the largest man snapped. "What, you think you're cool or something?"

Yasutora ignored the jibe, not flinching when the man punched him.

He took the pounding of the men, not letting a sound out as he stood with his back to the boy, just staring at the man who hit him, angering them, nostrils flaring, veins showing.

After a while, they began to get bored and after a few last hits, they eventually ran off and Yasutora staggered over to the boy.

"Cha-do? Chad?" he attempted, reading the name sown onto his uniform upside down.

"No, it's Sado," Yasutora replied.

"You're pretty tall… hm… you're wearing my school's uniform. How come I've never seen you before?"

"I just transferred to Mashiba Middle School today… I'm in class two-f."

"Holy cow! You're in my class!" he exclaimed, eyes wide as he stared up at the figure looming over him.

With effort, the orange haired boy stood, hands on his knees as he staggered. "Ow… Anyway, thanks for your help…"

"Hey… can you… still stand?"

"Yeah," he replied, staring up at him, blood trailing down his forehead and nose. "I'm okay."

"You sure?" he asked sceptically. The boy was just dusting himself off as if he'd just tripped, not had a rock smacked into his head. "You got beat up pretty badly… still bleeding too."

"Nah," he shrugged a little, still patting himself off. "If they hadn't used that rock, I would have won easily."

"Are they third years?" he asked, glancing at the men on the ground whom the bright haired boy had already disposed of before Yasutora had stepped in. "What did you do to tick them off?"

"Nothing," he replied, retrieving his bag. "They don't like my hair. They don't like guys who stand out. That's all the reason they need." As he straightened, he stared at the large boy before him, bag hoisted over his shoulder. "I think you're the same as me."

"… Huh?"

"It's no big deal. I meant that you stand out like I do." He rubbed the quickly drying blood on his forehead, finally giving up and wobbling away. "Alright, let's get out of here, Chad."

"It's Sado and… you're legs are still shaking…" he replied quietly as the boy walked off, back straight.

"Don't you like 'Chad?' I think it sounds great, like 'Dominic Chad.'"

"Who's that?" he asked as he followed him.

"You don't know?" he cried, shaking his head a little. "How about 'Chad Smith?'"


"You have to at least know 'Eugene Chad.'"

"Who's that?"

He and Ichigo had hit it off but it wasn't until Ichigo had rescued him from some seniors that the true beginnings of friendship were made. That day, they had made a pact to throw their punches for each other…

"Alright, let's do this, Chad. You keep doing your thing, and don't fight for yourself. But, fight for me and I will fight for you. If you put your life on the line to protect something, then I'll put my life on the line to protect it too… promise?"

Chad almost shook his head to clear it of the memories; awkwardly manoeuvring his way to their table at the edge of the dance floor, being big was definitely annoying sometimes.

Upon approaching the table, he heard Ichigo laugh, a hand running through his hair unconsciously, messing up his already spiky hair. "That's completely ridiculous!" he cried, wiping away tears.

The raven haired girls face flushed and she replied hotly, "What? You asked my opinion."

"What are we talking about?" Chad asked as he handed Rukia her drink before giving the beer to Ichigo. He hated the idea that someone other than him could make Ichigo laugh like that.

"How we would kill people if we were killers," Ichigo replied, slurring a little.

He was clearly drunk. Chad had no idea how many he'd had exactly, but whatever the number, it was too many.

Rukia glanced at Chad before sculling her drink and standing. "I'll be back in a minute." She gave a meaningful glance at Ichigo who simply scowled in reply, waving her off.

"Chad…" Ichigo brought out the small name, half lidded eyes staring at him. "How would you kill someone?"

Chad didn't reply for a minute, concerned for Ichigo. He should really be going home sometime soon. "Shouldn't you be going home Ichigo? Won't your dad worry?"

Lips spluttered as he leaned back a little, wobbling on the spot. "Who cares about goat face? Not me, that's for sure."

"You're drunk Ichigo."

Ichigo laughed, placing a hand on Chad's thigh. "Not drunk enough."

Chad tried not to shiver under the touch. Ichigo's hand was warm and gentle and he couldn't help images of that very hand rubbing up along his bare chest or… in other places.

"I'll take you ho-" the words were cut off abruptly as soft lips pressed against his, tongue running along his lip.

Chad choked back surprise, pushing Ichigo away from him but keeping his hands on his shoulder. "Ichigo… what…?"

Ichigo chuckled, the alcohol clouding his eyes even as his eyes widened in fake innocence and he placed a hand on his lips. "What? Did I do something wrong?"

Chad was up in seconds. Ichigo was much too alluring for his own good. He wasn't going to let him seduce him further. Taking Ichigo's arm to help him out, he dragged him to the door. "Come on Ichigo, time to go home."


"Oop a daisy!" Ichigo exclaimed as they stood in front of his family clinic.

Chad's ability to hold off was getting ever increasingly thin and now Ichigo had nowhere to go… It seemed that Ichigo's family had gone out for the night to visit an old friend of his dads and Ichigo had forgotten his keys.

Ichigo laughed a little, stroking Chad's arm. "What am I going to do now?" He stared up imploringly at Chad, pouting a little.

Chad stared at him through his bangs. Was he trying to make him go crazy? Finally Chad let out a long sigh. "Fine, guess we're going to my house."