Chapter 4.

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"Okay, so here is what I think. We need a quick, short ascent through the volcanic tubes, and we need to be sure that we are going to come out on the surface of the earth, where humans normally live." Began Trevor. "My thoughts are going along the track that suggests the only thing that I can think of right now – hitching a ride on a volcanic eruption!"
He surveyed his companions. The look of utter shock and stunned disbelief told him that they obviously thought he had finally gone nuts, not that they hadn't thought that already, but this just confirmed it to their minds in the strongest way possible. He let them mull over it for a few moments, Sean, who was the first of the two to recover from the bombshell that had just been dropped on them, voiced this, in the not so eloquent way that is common among teenage boys.
"Are you NUTS?" he shouted. "Whoever heard of such a stupid idea? And this is coming from ME!" he looked away, breathing heavily through his nose.
"Why what's wrong with it?" Trevor asked confusedly.
"Oh I don't know, maybe the fact that you are asking us to hitch a ride on a substance that tends to incinerate people!" Sean replied sarcastically.
"Yeah he actually does have a point you know Trevor" this came from Hannah, who had just snapped back into focus at the sound of Seans raised voice.
"Yeah well what I was thinking is if we had something that was quite dense, like a rock, then perhaps we could lie on it and use it as a sort of raft and a barrier between us and the lava."
"Okaay." said Sean slowly. "I think I understand where you are coming from now." He shifted his position slightly and his brow furrowed in a grimace of pain.
Trevor wondered how Sean was going to fare with his idea when even the smallest amount of movement caused him so much pain.
"Well I don't know about rock," said Hannah slowly, "but there are some pretty big what looks to be like dianasoaur skulls round in the open area near the volcano. We could use those!"
"That's brilliant!" said Trevor, cracking a tired smile.
"I know!" she replied.
"When you guys have quite finished, maybe you could come up with a way on how you propose to get me there!" Sean exclaimed.
Hannah and Trevor exchanged a look, their faces falling. They hadn't considered that. Seans condition suggested that he was going to have to be moved very gently, and with the rough terrain, that could prove to be quite difficult. The midday sun was glaring down through the trees, and the temperature was continually rising. This suggested that they were going to have to act soon.

"Hannah, how far away do you think the dinasoaur skull is in relation to where we are now?"
"It's not so far away from where we are now. About a hundred yards or so I would say. We are about half a mile away from the volcano," she answered.
"Perfect!" said Trevor, clapping his hands together. "We can just drag it back here with some, ropes, load Sean and our supplies into it and off we go!" he said jubilantly.
"When we get back, I call shower first!" said Hannah. "Oh, and by the way-I'm still billing you!"
"What! No way!" yelled Trevor.
"Just kidding. C'mon let's go. You'll be alright here on your own for half an hour or so Sean?"
"Umm... I'd rather go with you guys, but I'm sure I'll be fine here!" he said quickly when he noticed their expressions.
Then nodded and started to jog through the wilderness-towards where their means of escape layed.
Sean craned his neck until he could no longer see them, and then he rested his head up against the tree that he was leaning against. He closed his eyes for a moment, when suddenly a little chirping noise sounded close by him. He opened his eyes in confusion, and then grinned when he realized it was his freind from that first day: the one that had shown him the water fountain. It hopped up his shoulder and nuzzled its tiny head up against his neck.
He laughed, it was so tickly, he wanted to move his head and rub it against his shoulder to remove the feeling, but he was afraid of squashing his newound freind.
Suddenly, there was a huge boom and the tops of the trees that were in his line of vision shook, dislodging some of that exotic fruit that he had liked so much earlier; a few dried leaves and some things that looked to be nests.
'Crap!' he thought inwardly. The only thing that could make that kind of sound, was somthing that was huge, like a dinasouar!
He hoped that it wouldn't see him, or that it would bypass him completely even. But as usual, his look didn't hold unfortunately for him. He tried to shift his position a bit, but yelped in pain as the tiny movement twinged his injuries. Breathing heavily, he tuned onto his good knee and tried to crawl, dragging himself along on the two limbs that weren't that badly damaged. He managed to crawl along into a hollow of a particulary large tree. He dragged everything that showed signs of human life in there with him, and he covered the entrance of the hollow as best he could with huge green palm leaves, then lay there shaking with fatigue. Black spots danced around his vision, and he felt himself flop against his will against the rucksacks, which was convenient because they were actually pretty comfy. Unfortunately though, even as he looked down, his brain foggy with pain, he recognised the wet sticky feeling that was starting to blossom along under his bandages, and blood had started to seep through. All his wounds, with the exception of the cut on his head which now throbbed, had reopened. And that was bad news for him. He tried to shift so that he could get more bandages to rewrap his injuries, but instead unconsiousness overtook him and he fell down, down , down into the darkness.
39 minutes ago

Meanwhile, Trevor and Hanna had found a suitable "raft" and were now tying ropes to it. Luckily, it wasn't really heavy, as it was only half of the skull, and it didn't have a bottom jaw. They looped ropes through the eyeholes, brought them up and around, and used the teeth belonging to the skull to secure it and stop the position of the ropes from shifting. Then they walked foward several yards ahead of the skull until the ropes were taught, and began to pull side by side.
The skull when trailing behind them, was pushing the soil underneath it aside, and was making a useful rut that they figured they could use for the upcoming journey to the volcano, as this would make it easier with the additional weight of the supplies and Sean. They were hurrying now.
They were both very worried about Sean; they wanted to be back by his side again soon in case anything were to happen or his condition to change. They finally broke through into the clearing, and were shocked and frightened out of their wits to find that there was no Sean, no supplies, but only a load of what appeared to be huge dinosaur tracks.
They dropped the ropes and ran foward calling Seans name. They saw little spots of blood here and there when something caught Trevor's eye: there was a plastic clasp on the forest floor that was half buried. It look like the kind of thing that you use to secure the rucksack to your body. Beside it, there were a few round tracks, and a few spots of blood that were sparsely dotted along the trail. He followed it a short distance until he came to a huge tree, the tracks ending. Confused, he looked up to see if Sean had tried to climb the tree, but of course his nephew was nowhere to be seen. That was when he noticed that there were palm leaves lain up against the base of the tree, where the thick abd buttress roots were. He pulled away the palms and was shocked, but happy at the same time to find the prone figure of-"Sean!" he shouted; no response.
"Hannah, get over here!" he called in a panicked voice. She stumbled over to him, tripping over the buttress roots, and peered inside the hollow to where he was pointing. She gasped when she saw the condition he was in. She went over to him and was alarmed to feel that he was quite cold. She felt for a pulse and was relieved to find that there was a heartbeat, however erratic. She noted with worry that blood was beginning to pool around him, and that most of his bandages were already completely saturated with his blood. She noticed then for the first time that the supplies were all around him and that he was lying on their rucksacks.
She dug through her own bag to find a cask full of water and the remaining bandages. She just hoped that they would last until they got out of here so that they could get to a hospital.
She removed all his bandages and gave them to Trevor so that he could find the water supply and wash them as best he could, so that they could be properly dried out and reused, dirty as they inevitably would be, they would be better than nothing and could probably be used for extra padding for when they loaded him into the skull.
She washed all the blood off his body, washed his clothes free of all the blood, and still sopping wet, she hung them over a tree branch to dry. They waited for about an hour, during which they ate as much as they could, and filled every cask they had with water, and then loaded everything that they would need into the skull. By the time they were done, Sean's clothes were dry and Hannah dressed him again. They put Sean gingerly on top of the rucksacks, and began trailing the "raft" over to the place where the volcano lay. Sean was still out cold. They reached the side entrance to the volcano, wedged the skull in lengthways, and sat on it, trying to figure out ways to get the volcano to explode. Trevor examined the walls and noticed that they were very cold despite the fact that they contained lava. That meant only one thing. There was water on the other side of these walls. There was also magnesium veins, and he recalled himself nearly blowing the cave up with a flare. Hmmm... an idea starting to form in his mind.
38 minutes ago

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