Rated: T (just in case of future romance and Hunger Game violence) Spoiler ALert!

Hi Everyone, This is my first ever fanfiction. If the title isn't specific enough it's about Katniss and Peeta's daughter Rye Mellark. This is just chapter one. Give me suggestions on what I should have her and Bow do in district 2. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger Games in any way.. :(

Chapter 1: The train station

Rye Mellark's POV:

Let's just say, a long time ago my two parents played a game. In the game 24 children would be thrown into an area to fight to the death. My mother defied the odds and made it so two children could win that year. The president wasn't very happy so he sent her and my dad back into the games the next year. This game was called the Quarter Quell, and had 24 previous victors from each district. The game hadn't lasted very long before the rebels (with help from my mom) blew up the arena. Then, became the Mockingjay for the rebels and lead the rebellion against the capital and the hunger games. Soon enough the war was over and Panem was now a better country. However, that's the story of Katniss Everdeen. Let's begin mine.

After hunting with my mom, I sprinted through the town. After also knocking over the butcher and colliding with the doctor, I decided I needed to calm down. There's no way he would have left without me this time. I was a good call to slow my pace down because the icy paths of District 12 make even walking a hard task. Sure enough, I see a small figure leaning up against the train in the distance. I bound through the snow to reach him as fast as possible and pull him into a giant hug. A smile that travels from ear to ear sits on his face and he swings me around.

"And how is Miss. Mellark today," he asks with a grin?

"Just as well as another day living in the most boring district of all of Panem," I reply. "I'm so glad you could make it today, my mom was getting on my nerves with all her hunting speeches. If I wanted to be a huntress I would get my but down to the forest myself," I sigh.

"Just give it time; she'll understand that you don't like it one day. My father loved it just as much as your mom did. Plus, Rye you could pin me to a tree easily with two arrows," he teases.

"Not as easily as you ensnaring me in one of your traps," I giggle and walk onto the train with him. Inside there is a plush sofa, twinkling chandeliers, and a buffet to die for. My hand greedily snatches two or three rolls covered in glazed chocolate.

"Isn't your dad a baker," he questions. "You could have these things any day you want and instead you decide to hog all of them before we even reach district two."

"Yeah but I'm not allowed to each the pastries at the bakery and you need to be quite someone could hear you," I shush him. "You know this visit is supposed to be on the down low. Mother doesn't even know I know you or about the Games or about your father."

"And when exactly are you going to tell her that you have been living an enormous lie your entire life," he raises his brow? His grey eyes twinkle on his tanned face.

"Never. Bow Hawthorne you must promise never to say anything to my mother about me or else," I threaten him. He nods solemnly as if my statement hurt him somehow. It confuses me that such a confident boy would be hurt by one pointless comment.

I first met him when I went to visit my grandmother in district 4. I was stumbling through the train station for it was my first time that I was leaving the district ever. I had proved to my Mom that I had to learn independence since I was turning 13 very soon. My suitcase took control over me and knocked me out onto the smooth tiled station floor. My head had hit the ground hard and no matter how hard I struggled to keep my eyes open the blackness crept in. When I woke up, I was in a strange house, definitely not grandmas. My eyes glazed over the wall of pictures and awards. "REBEL SOLDIER", "SECOND SAVIOR OF PANEM", "LEADER OF REBUILDING PANEM" were some of the titles that stuck out on the wall. The photos had a handsome man who looked just like my mom in them. I figured I was in big trouble if I was in some stranger's house so I sat up quickly and snuck out of the room. The hallway was huge filled with capitol newspaper clippings framed. I ignored them until I noticed they were all about my mom. I grabbed one off the wall and read the headline. PANEM'S MOCKINGJAY. I put it back and read the rest. THEN AND NOW, KATNISS EVERDEEN, THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY, VICTOR EVERDEEN'S FIRST CHILD, SAVIOR OF THE WAR, KATNISS FOR PRESIDENT?, BACK TO DISTRICT 12, and there were so many articles that my head spun. "Where am I," I asked myself?

"In district 2," a voice answered making me jump. He chuckled at my fright. I took precaution and put up two fists. I had a scowl on my face just like my mom's and a blonde braid running down my neck.

"Don't touch me you stalker. I know how to fight just so you know," I growled. I had my emergency knife tucked into my leather boots and a stash of nightlock in my pocket. He took on step closer and I slid through the gap between his legs, leapt onto his back, and whipped my knife to his neck. His breathing sped up and he didn't move one inch more.

"Daaaaaaad," he hollered! "The girl is deadly. I need back up." The man from the pictures in my hostage room came into view. His face had a look of shock pasted on it.

"Dear please release my son he means no harm. He brought you here so you would be safe after you hit your head so hard at the station. My name is Gale Hawthorne, the boy your about to kill is Bow Hawthorne," he explains.

Sourly I slide down his back onto the ground and slip my knife back into my boot. "My name is Rye. Can you explain all these picture of this Katniss Everdeen girl," I ask?

Gale's eyes gaze upon one of the pictures of her with amazement then return to her. "She was my best friend and more. I fought for her for years but lost her to Peeta Mellark her co-victor in the 74th Hunger Games. We stopped speaking after the war due to an accident that we never speak of."

I smiled weakly at the man. He was practically my mom's ex boyfriend; he loved her before she saved the world. "I know her too," I replied. He cocked his head as if asking how. "She's my mom." His jaw dropped to the floor after that statement was said.

Ever since then I had made a deal with him that he couldn't tell my mom about our meet ups if I told him about her. Bow and I had become best friend since the compromise. They had to get me to my grandma's of course but only after exchanging contact information and good-byes. Now, I see Gale as an uncle to me.

Back in current time, Bow shook my arm as if to wake me from a deep slumber. "Hello, is Rye Mellark there? If so, come back to me. We are in District 2," he croons.

"Already? Ok I guess I'll get off the train," I giggle.