Chapter 4: the rescue 2

Meanwhile at the cobra building,

"Well…well, you arrived so fast" a cold, harsh voice said

The four girls panicked and hugged each others, storm shadow bowed for that crazy, evil, mad, sick man; cobra commander.

"Awww…how cute you are but there is no need to get scared from your… master"

Aine, rose, Frances and mariam beside storm shadow gasped from the shook they got. What meant the commander 'your master'? Asked himself storm shadow 'and what would cobra do from those kids'.

"Storm shadow you must be wondering what is the use of those little girls", smirked evilly cobra commander "but first why don't you tell snake eyes to share with us this happy event"

"Snake eyes" whispered storm shadow who looked directly at his brother's hiding place, the girls were puzzled what on the earth is happening.

a/n: I know this chapter is short but I will try to longer it the next time and advice for everyone how have a sensitive skin never go outside under the sun without the sun cream protection or you will get a burned face like I got. Bye!