hello everyone , I've seen that you've liked this story but i didn't liked it. so i will be rewriting it and changing the plot but i wont delete this story i will continue writing it as well as the other stories but i will be slow besides i can't wait that christmas have arrived quickly and i must prepare myself very well. anyway hope you will like this one, and just know i'm on writing slut so if you have a pov tell me please. R&R!:

"Storm shadow you must be wondering what is the use of those little girls", smirked evilly cobra commander "but first why don't you tell snake eyes to share with us this happy event"

"Snake eyes" whispered storm shadow who looked directly at his brother's hiding place.

the sigma ninjas didn't know what to do, then snake eyes jumped out and step down fearless, like snake eyes did the same jinx and kamakura. the four girls stared at them.

mika walked to cobra and asked him polluted " who are you? and what do you want from us?"

he looked at her in evil-kindly look "i'm the one who created you, you are my project"

everyone was on shock and still snakes and storm on the long-cold-staring without any movement.

"um...who are you" pointed yimei to the ninjas. they looked at her "we are ninjas"

"uh, really as if i don't know that. who are you not what are you?" she replied annoyed

"oh, sorry, i'm kamakura and that's jink, the black man is snake eyes and the white is storm shadow our enemy"

suddenly they jumped from fear, "enough from this" yelled cobra "storm shadow, snake eyes meet the ultimate weapon, the project black numbers "

the girls looked at cobra, then the ninjas and at there self, and will all the girly determination and will they screamed the very famous scream "WHAT!"

hope you liked this, and thanks for the reviews i will change anything just for the readers to be happy and forget the old part. i will continue to a good events just as you wish. tell me if you like the changes or whatever you want me to change, i'm ready for it.