Ch.6: Truth I

"Hahahahaha, what a truth, right?" laughed Cobra Commander. "Now, how about letting us see your forearms?"

"W-what is this...?" said Frances, holding out her forearms.

"This is supposed to mean that you created them," said Kamakura, astonished.

"Yes, my dear ninja boy. I created them," said Cobra Commander.

"But we do have our own families; how can you have created us?" replied Mariam angrily.

"The only way would be if he used DNA samples," said Rose with a small voice and widened eyes.

"WHAT?!" said the others.

"Hahahaha, so at last someone who gets the right answer," said Cobra Commander while walking towards Rose, who was scared.

It was the golden moment to react for the Sigmas; suddenly, Snake Eyesappeared beside Rose and grabbed her hand, but Storm Shadow was faster so he grabbed her other hand. Without any warning, Rose's hands started to glow red and a Cobra symbol appeared. The ninjas were surprised as well as the others, but Rose was scared and couldn't hold it anymore, so she kicked Storm Shadow who flew and hit the wall hard, leaving marks on it. Rose froze, shocked by what had just happened. Snake eyes shook his head, not believing what was happening.

"She killed him," said Jinx.

"The poor man... he won't make it," replied Kamakura.

"This is what I meant by you're not humans; you ARE MY WEAPONS!" said Cobra Commander, "each one of you has a supernatural power: strength, speed, thinking… as you see, Rose, you got super strength."

Rose started crying and ran to Storm Shadow who was on the metal floor. She sat beside him and started shacking him to wake him up. Storm moaned from the pain and forced his eyes to open weakly, then looked at her.

"I apologize for what happened," said Rose. "I swear I didn't know I had powers." She then cried.

He stared at her but did not move. Meanwhile, Cobra Commander was watching the two and ignoring the Sigmas and the other 3 girls. Jinx and Kamakura took advantage of his distraction and ran with the girls, but Snake Eyes wanted to check on his brother. He ran to Storm Shadow and tried to help him, but Storm refused and ordered the BATs to fight him while the Commander walked towards Rose and Storm.

"So how do you feel, my dear Storm Shadow?" asked Cobra Commander.

"He needs a doctor," replied Rose.

"No I don't, I can stand alone." Storm Shadow stood then look at Cobra Commander.

"Let him fall and bring him to the lab" the Commander ordered.

Storm Shadow nodded and went to fight Snakes as ordered. After a while, Snake Eyes was unconscious between his brother's arms.

"Now I will tell you the truth," said Cobra Commander. Snakes awakened, and then stood by himself.

"Well, 16 years ago, I started a project called Black Number. At first I thought it was unsuccessful as I got babies instead of adults; five babies, all super powered. They were my ultimate army and thanks to you, I've won," said Cobra Commander.

"How did we help you?" asked Storm Shadow. Snakes nodded in agreement.

" With your DNA. In other words, with your blood!" answered Cobra Commander.

"What?" said Rose and Storm Shadow.