Heya everyone. Really short oneshot, Er... Drabble...based off a dream I had. Good news! I'm pretyping all my stories starting later this month. I hope to have them completed by the end of August and published. :) I don't own DP and enjoy.

The lilacs were in bloom again, swaying in the wind. A father and a daughter were sitting in the middle of the field of flowers. The little girl appeared to be giggling as her dad scooped her up.

"Don't let go of me daddy!" she giggled. Her father smiled as he transformed into his widely known ghost half, Danny Phantom.

"I won't Lily... I promise." he said, floating slightly in the air. Danny tucked a strand of his daughter's black hair behind her ear. She looked to the ground with a worried gaze etched on her face.

"Daddy?" she asked quietly. Looking into her baby blue eyes, he smiled.

"Yes Lily?" he answered. Lily bit her purple stained lip.

"Was it mommy's fault that you turned into Phantom?"

The question catches him by surprise. He sets her back down in the field of lilies and transformed back into human. Scooping her into his lap, he sighs.

"Well...mommy was the one who convinced me to go into the portal. But it was my fault for pushing the button." Looking at the lilies, he got a faraway look in his eyes. Was it Sam's fault? Or was it his?

"Daddy? Did it- hurt?" whimpered Lily. Danny kissed the top of her messy hair.

"Yes. But good came out of it. It wasn't entirely your mommy's fault, and now you have a superhero for a daddy." She looked up at her dad with a grin, and hugged him.

"Okay. Can you fly me back to the house?" she questioned, giving him puppy dog eyes. Danny chuckled and transformed back into Phantom.

"Of course." he said softly, and he scooped his little girl back into his arms.

It wasn't Sam's fault, nor his. It was destiny. You can reshape your future, but you can never change your destiny. And Sam just helped reshape his future, just as he accepted his destiny- to become Amity Park's beloved hero, now a hero to his little daughter who looked up to him.