The Blue Phoenix

Author's Notes: Okay, here's the deal. This is my first Forgotten Realms fic with R.A. Salvatore's characters appearing, specifically Artemis, Drizzt, and Jarlaxle so I don't own them. HOWEVER! Due to my little knowledge of canon events, I will say now that this will be an AU where the changes made to Faerun for the fourth edition never happened. Also, there will be a drow house showing up where the members don't act like your usual drow. This is on purpose due to an idea I had concerning a possible "Mad House" hidden in the Underdark, and been around long enough after abandoning Lolth that after many,many failed attempts to get rid of them, chose to just ignore them and move on from the crazy, drow shaped chaotic good cockroaches while they become a thorn in her side she can't get rid of. So please, no flaming me because you think I'm writing drow wrong.

With that out of the way, let's begin!


Jarlaxle was in shock as he stared at what was standing in front of him.

It was a drow, he hoped, wearing a blue bird like mask, a white shirt, black boots, and the vest, pants, cape, and strip of cloth tying back the drow's long white hair being various shades of blue that matched the mask. However, the main problem with that though, was that this madman was younger, most likely in his 50s and not even a soldier of the Underdark, and he was currently holding the gem he had come for. Topping all off though, was the fact this upstart was giving Jarlaxle a smile, not the "I'm going to murder you in your sleep" smile drow give normally. This smile told Jarlaxle point blank, "I'm enjoying myself, so buzz off." This was the smile he had used so many times himself in the past, and being on the receiving end of it, pissed him off, especially combined with the exchange between them.

"What are you staring at Oldtimer?" the younger rogue asked, putting the gem in a blue bag at his side. "You look like you never seen someone beat you to the punch before."

Oldtimer? Jarlaxle? This brat seemed to be treading on thin ice as Jarlaxle gave a glare while he still smiled. "Listen kid, do you have any idea who you are talking to? I am the great Jarlaxle Baenre. Hopefully a drow worth his blade in the Underdark should know that name would mean something to you. Now why don't you go back to your raiding party and get your blooding done with already, or are you worried the matrons will kill you if you return dressed in that monstrosity?"

Instead of compliance like he expected, the male laughed.

"You think I'm…. Oh man, do you have some things to learn, I'm not the kind of drow you think I am, not at all, not at all." He said, wagging a finger, "I'm not a Lolthie like most of the Underdark, I'm not even from the Underdark in the first place. I'll let you think on that one there Jarhead Bunjiro. Though, I'm surprised you call my outfit a monstrosity when you wear that eyesore you call a cape."

Jarlaxle's eye twitched at that statement. He was confused by what this brat meant by not being from the Underdark, there was no way a drow could have been born on the surface without being discovered, right? He didn't seem to be a half drow, and there didn't seem to be any reason a sane drow would marry an elf if that was the case. He was going to leave to think on that, but then the idiot called him that name and mocked his outfit.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he yelled, rage obvious.

"I'm saying you look like a colorblind flamboyant fruitball." His counterpart said, nearing the edge of the cliff they were standing on. The moonlit waters of Lake Mulsantir below them after a steep drop. "But now, I must depart, rogues must keep moving after all, and I have business to take care of in the Southwestern area of Faerun. Farewell Jarhead Bunjiro! Next time, I may steal the hat off your head! The Blue Phoenix… must fly!" With a laugh, he jumped backward with a flip, and hugging his cape close as he fell downwards, was gone when Jarlaxle moved to see if he hit the water. There was no sign of him when the drow checked, and angry he had lost not only the gem he had come to swipe for himself, but also that some kid had acted like that towards him. To Jarlaxle, this meant war, and when there was war, there was time to gather information, and when that happened… well, there would be another irritated drow in the form of Kimmuriel, dragged once again into his boss's affairs.

Jarlaxle then pulled out the whistle he used to call Kimmuriel, and blew on it. Once the psion showed up, he only said one thing in his obvious rage.

"Kimmuriel, there is an upstart who has threatened my hat, and insulted me before escaping. He calls himself the Blue Phoenix, and seems to be drow. I want you to find out as much as damn possible about this punk. Where he comes from, what house he is a part of, his history, his antics, anything. I want this information to be top priority, understand?"

Huh, someone was stupid enough to push all of Jarlaxle's buttons, and managed to get away without a scratch? Either this Blue Phoenix is very powerful, very lucky, or very, very stupid. Kimmuriel thought as he nodded silently. "Yes. I'll get on it immediately, anything this character said about himself you deem important?"

"That bastard claimed he never came from the Underdark. Of course, he may be lying to try and throw off his scent." Jarlaxle growled.

"Very well, I'll start with any drow male in Menzobarranzen with suspicious activity, and expand from there." Kimmuriel said, immediately returning through the portal to Bragen D'aearth's headquarters before Jarlaxle could take his rage out on him.