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It Falls On Me

Chapter 1- Seeds of Doubt

When Bulma sat down and thought seriously about it, she would panic. An overwhelming, sinking feeling would grip her as though her very essence was being sucked into a fathomless black hole. It would start from the pit of her stomach, creep upwards to her chest, where it clutched her heart and made her feel as though she was on the brink of a meltdown.

When she felt the panic start to set in she would quickly do anything to distract her mind, which was always busy shifting through her fluctuating thoughts. Her favorite reprieve to ease her anxiety, as of late, would be to hole herself up in her lab and work. Her task of choice: repairing and upgrading his royal-pain-in-the-asses' training equipment. That gave her focus. It made her mind narrow and concentrate on the intricate technology that she created, constantly running through complex formulas and etching blueprints of her yet-to-be genius creations. As we all know, the mind controls the body, and as she relaxed and drowned herself in her work, her body relaxed as the flow of panic was curbed and pushed aside to be dealt with another time.

Leave it to her well-meaning but sometimes ditzy mother to smack that panic right front and center again, when Bulma decided she needed a late night snack break. Her eyebrows furrowed when she turned the corner from the hallway and saw the kitchen light already on. She half-expected to see Vegeta in there, no doubt helping himself to a late night snack as well, since he would be the only other crazy person to be up at that ungodly hour of the night also. Then she belatedly remembered that he wasn't there tonight since he had made Goku teleport him back to Vegetasei earlier that evening. He wanted to train in his gravity room there, and demanded for her repair the one in her backyard that he oh-so-conveniently broke again.

To her slight surprise, her mother was sitting at the kitchen table, wrapped in a silken baby blue nightgown, looking like she was waiting for something. Or someone.

"Mom, what are you doing up so late?" Bulma asked quizzically as she opened the fridge door and bent down slightly, gazing at her readily available food options. Bunny sipped on her chamomile tea and placed her mug down, gently folding her arms down on the table, and looked at her daughter.

"You've been so busy lately, we haven't had a chance to talk. I figured now would be a good time as any." she said with a sweet, earnest tone, making Bulma straighten up and quirk an interested eyebrow at her mother's antics.

"Alright…" Bulma began rather suspiciously, grabbing an apple from the fridge and joined her mother at the kitchen table. She bit into it, and gave her mother a 'please continue' look.

"Well sweetie, I wanted to see how you're fairing."

"With what?" Bulma asked neutrally, already having an idea of what her mother wanted to talk to her about. If there had been alarms inside her head, they should have started to go off with a soft warning.

"Well, with the wedding plans, of course." Bunny smiled slightly, seeing her daughters' nonchalant attitude start to change to something like unease.

"Everything's great." Bulma clipped coldly. "Everything's going as planned. You know I never leave any stone unturned."

Bunny smiled softly, a hint of sadness in her voice. "You don't seem very….excited…about it." she said hesitantly, studying Bulma's blue eyes, searching for something. For what, Bulma didn't know. "You're getting married in less than a week. When I was about to marry your father, I was jumping up and down, giddy with joy, full of impatience. I couldn't wait."

Bulma couldn't help but to huff out slightly. "I am excited. It's just…stressful…planning out an enormous wedding, mom. It's hard getting everything coordinated. That's all." She continued to munch on her apple, not liking how this conversation was going.

"Oh now honey, you are brilliant, just like your father." Bunny gushed endearingly. "I may not be as smart as you or him, but I know that the both of you can multi-task, handle stress, and balance overbearing workloads like it was second nature to you."

"I don't understand, what's that got to do with anything?" Bulma questioned impatiently, unsure of what direction her mom was trying to take their 'mother-daughter' talk in.

Bunny sighed, hoping to word things just right. "Bulma, you're a child of two worlds. When you're here, you're Vice President of Capsule Corp, the largest, most powerful and influential corporation on this planet. You help your father run it, as well as you are a top scientific genius and inventor of our products."

"Okay…" Bulma looked at her mother strangely, shrugging her shoulders, still not understanding the point that her mother was trying to make.

Bunny continued. "And on Vegetasei you pretty much run the show when it comes to their technology and interplanetary trade. You've outfitted Vegetasei with the latest and greatest technology, you've helped their planet's commerce and trade, making them one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Not to mention you've also got Vegeta breathing down your neck, no matter what planet you're on, to have you fix his machines that he's always breaking. You do all this while you're bouncing between worlds, all within a short time span. And you never disappoint…you deliver without ever breaking a sweat." Bunny said, continuing to sip on her tea.

Bulma looked uneasily at her mother, wondering what exactly she was getting to. "So what are you trying to say, mom?"

Bunny sighed softly, turning her gaze from her beautiful daughter to the starry night sky right outside the window. "You're stressed, honey. I can see it. This is supposed to be one of the happiest times in your life. But every time I ask you about how the wedding is going, you shut down. Don't tell me that it's stressful to plan and coordinate this out, I don't believe you. I know you better than that." she turned back to look at her daughter seriously, her voice full of concern.

Bulma started to feel that familiar pull in her stomach. The one she felt when she started to think seriously about the wedding. She felt exposed, as if her mother saw something in her that she herself didn't see….or has been trying not to see. She managed a hard swallow, looking away from her mother's analytical gaze.

"Well it is stressful, mom. Yamcha's been busy with training and his baseball career. Plus he says he isn't good with 'wedding stuff', so I've been left to do it all myself. And I've been handling it for the past few months, without his help, thank you very much! Everything has been ordered and arranged, so I don't know what you're talking about." she said rather defensively, trying to push down the growing feeling of unease that was making its way to her chest.

Bunny didn't buy it though. Call it mother's intuition.

"Then if everything is fine and dandy, and you have it handled, then why are you so unhappy about it?" Bunny threw it out there, ready to tackle the topic head on. She knew she might incur her daughter's wrath, for Bulma's temper rivaled even Vegeta's infamous temper. "You don't seem like you want to get married."

Well, maybe Bunny was not so ditzy after all. Talk about hitting the nail right on the head. Not that Bulma would admit it to herself, let alone her mother.

Bulma's eyes flickered briefly with the tell-tail sign of anger. "Well I do…otherwise I wouldn't have said yes!" Bulma said unconvincingly, following her mother's gaze to the starry sky as well, as she took a deep breath and let it out sharply. She was irritable. Bunny kept her silence as she let Bulma continue talking. "We have our ups and downs, like any other relationship. It's nothing new with us. We fight and argue, maybe more than we should, but we still stick with each other, even through all these years! Why wouldn't I want to marry Yamcha?"

"I understand that. But you two have been so on-and-off again for over 10 years. I just want to make sure that you're marrying him because you really love him and because you want to, not because you feel that you have to, or that you should." Bunny pleaded gently.

Bulma couldn't help but to roll her eyes and scoff. "Please mother, no one makes me do anything that I don't want to do. Not even myself! He's the only one I know that isn't with me because of my money, my fame, or my looks. We've been together for a long time, and I won't find another man who will love me for me." Her last few words were grit out begrudgingly, laced with some sort of bitterness that Bunny wasn't aware of.

"Sweetheart, I'm sure there is another man out there somewhere that loves you for you." Bunny assured. Bulma missed her mother's sly word play, not noticing her implication.

Bulma waved her hand in the air, as if she was gently swatting away a bug. "Yeah, yeah I know I'm a catch. That's the problem. I'm highly intelligent, I'm pretty damn good looking, I'm wealthy, powerful, and famous. Every man knows this, that's why I can't trust anyone else. I'd always be worried that they wanted me for what I can offer...that they want everything that comes with being with me, instead of actually wanting me. Tell me mom, tell me who else on Earth can see past all that, and love me for me? Love me for my triumphs, love me for my faults, love me despite my temper, and love me no matter what?" Bulma ended, her voice raising in pitch as her worry and panic began to settle in. She knew Yamcha loved her for who she was, but did tend to use her wealth and her status to his advantage quite often, she bitterly noticed throughout the years.

Bunny turned her attention back to Bulma, and they met eye to eye. She saw the despair and worry in her daughter's eyes, and it called out to her. She needed to heal her daughter somehow. "You're right dear, I don't think there is another man on Earth who can see past all that and truly love you for you." Her gentle tone eased the truth of the words, and she watched Bulma try to hide the hurt evident in her eyes from what she said. "But...I think maybe he doesn't have to be from Earth. Maybe you're looking on wrong planet." Bunny watched as her words sunk in, and saw her daughter's eyes widen slightly, her mouth dropping open a bit in shock.

"What? A Saiyan?" Bulma said, taken aback by the idea. She hadn't thought about it as an option.

"Yes, a Saiyan!" Bunny said seriously. "Look at Goku. He took Chi-Chi for his wife! He's Saiyan, she's human. They had Gohan, so obviously both races are compatible!"

Bulma shook her head. "They are the rare exception, mom. You know Goku's spent just as much time here on Earth as he does back home. Plus he has a much gentler, kinder, friendlier nature than the average Saiyan. The only other Saiyan that is anything like Goku would be Tarble. Besides, it didn't surprise me that Goku would fall for someone like Chi-Chi. And for the most part, I doubt any Saiyan would want me as their mate."

"And if I may ask, why not?"

"Because I'm physically weak, and they pride strength and battle prowess above all else." Bulma retorted. She wasn't sure why they were even talking about this! Furthermore, she wasn't sure why she was allowing herself to continue on with this conversation. "They couldn't say much about Goku choosing Chi-Chi, she's a martial artist herself, and stronger than the average human woman anyway, for crying out loud! No one on Vegetasei could really say anything against her, except that maybe she yells too much." Bulma couldn't help but snicker a bit.

"Well you might be physically weaker, but mentally you're as strong as they are. You have the heart of a Saiyan, you're just as prideful, stubborn, temperamental, and fiercely as beautiful. I know since you were a baby that you've been back and forth between both planets, but I sometimes think you're a Saiyan who was born a human." Bunny smiled, trying to bring some lightheartedness into their conversation. It must have worked, since Bulma had a smirk on her lips.

"Well like you said, I am a child of both worlds. Anyway, I don't know why we're talking about this…I'm getting married soon, and talking about how maybe I should have chosen a Saiyan for a husband is irrelevant." Bulma decided to end the conversation, wondering why she was allowing herself to verbally express the doubt-and regret, maybe?- of her decisions. She stood up to throw away her apple core in the garbage, and walked over to wash her hands in the kitchen sink.

"It's never too late, Bulma." Bunny said softly, seriousness thick in her voice. "I know of at least one Saiyan who would have made a good match for you."

"Really? Do humor me, mother." Bulma quipped, waiting for the hilarious match-up she knew her mother would try to make.

"Do I really need to say who?" Bunny asked, which earned her daughter's sudden attention. At seeing Bulma tense up in anticipation, she couldn't help but smile mischievously. "I would think it'd be obvious, sweetie."

Bulma had a confused and troubled look on her face. "Tarble?" she asked disbelievingly, drawing that conclusion from a few minutes earlier. "I can't believe you, mom! He's like my little brother! And he's WAY too young for me!"

"What? No, no, no…" Bunny waved her hand in the air, as if she was brushing the idea away from Bulma's mind. "...not Tarble! I meant your other handsome prince."


Realization quickly shattered that silence.

"You have GOT to be kidding me!" Bulma squealed incredulously, eyeing her mother suspiciously again as the imaginary alarms in her head now started to go off. She was startled at the sudden turn of the conversation, and what her mother was insinuating. "You're joking, right? You can't be serious!"

Bunny couldn't help but snicker a bit, seeing how ruffled Bulma's feathers got at the very idea. "I mean, you and Vegeta have been around each other since before you could walk. You spend as much time with him there on his homeworld as he does here with us on ours. You two are pretty much attached at the hip…" Bunny paused briefly, giving her daughter a wink, "..that is, when you're not trying to kill each other."

Bulma couldn't stop the blush that crossed over her beautiful face. She wasn't sure if it was because she was appalled at the idea, or angered, or embarrassed. For some reason, she felt suddenly opened and exposed. How in hell did the trail of questions about her wedding now lead to Vegeta?

"Mom, forgive me, but you're crazy. Me and Vegeta? What makes you think…" Bulma trailed off, shaking her head is disbelief. Don't get her wrong, it wasn't as though he never crossed her mind in that way. She'd be lying to herself if she said he didn't, but she'd be damned if she let her mother or anybody else know of her few lapses in judgment! Maybe a few fleeting times she had thought of Vegeta as more that just…well…whatever they were, but still!-it was never an idea that she entertained seriously.

Bunny nodded, a little too eagerly. "Oh Bulma, he's such a hard worker! Such dedication, such single-minded determination and focus on whatever task is at hand. He's strong, and intelligent, and oh so handsome! He's loyal, fearless, and the only other man in your life that you've been around since before you could remember. He is stubborn and he challenges you! That's the most important thing, I think, is that he challenges you and you're never bored with him around. Plus it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes. He just oozes sexiness."

Bulma crinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out a bit, partly in disgust over her mother's blatant flattery of the man who's driven her insane ever since she could remember. She couldn't understand how her mother could think she'd see Vegeta in that way. Frankly she was kind of grossed out that her own mother was talking about him that way! "Ugh, mom, please. That's gross. We're almost like brother and sister! I don't want to hear about how sexy you think he is."

"Well it's true, you just are too stubborn and blind to see it!"

Bulma threw her arms up in the air, exasperated, feeling like she was being led into a trap. "I'm not being stubborn or blind about anything!"

"Oh honey, you are up to your neck in denial. I see the looks that you give him." Bunny smirked, watching her daughter get more frazzled by the moment.

"What looks?" Bulma challenged.

"Looks that you haven't given Yamcha in years." Bunny simply stated.

At that rebuttal, Bulma looked like she had the air taken from her lungs. Nothing like hearing a truth from one's own mother. Had she been that obvious that the feelings she once had for Yamcha had waned over the years? Was she that stubborn to deny it and continue with convincing herself that she was still in love with him?

Bunny saw her daughter's eyebrows furrow in contemplation. "I've seen the way you look at Vegeta sometimes, and I think you don't even realize that it's happened."

Bulma huffed irritably, turning her attention out the kitchen window again, looking into the starry sky, glad to have her train of thought interrupted. "That what's happened?" she emphasized, waiting for her mother to continue.

"That somehow, in some way, and during some time, you've fallen for Vegeta."

Bulma turned around, alarmed at such an accusation. "That is so far from the truth, mom! How can you even say that?"

"Because I can see it, even if you don't! And I see the looks he steals at you, which you probably don't notice. He probably doesn't even realize it either! If I brought it up I'm sure he would deny it to hell also, just like you." Bunny softened her voice. "Haven't you ever thought of Vegeta in that way, Bulma? Haven't you ever considered the possibility that maybe he sees you in that way?"

Bulma shook her head slightly, not believing the case her mother was presenting her. She saw that her mother was waiting for an honest answer, so she gave her one. "No."

"Bulma…" Bunny said in a 'cut the bullshit' tone. "Stop being defensive and tell the truth."

"Ugh!" Bulma growled unhappily, "Fine mom! Yes, I've thought about him like that. But that was a long time ago, years ago, and it didn't mean anything! I wasn't even serious at the time, I was just being stupid. And as for Vegeta thinking of me in some other way, no, I've never considered it. But you know what, this whole conversation really doesn't matter, does it?" Bulma snapped, highly irritated. "This isn't one of those fairy tales, or even those soap operas that you're glued to. This is real life! I don't have feelings for him, and he doesn't have any for me. Have you not noticed the dynamics between us?" she said, throwing her hands up again, only to bring one hand to cover her forehead in exasperation. "We're volatile together! We barely get along most of the time….we argue and fight and yell at each other as much as Yamcha and I do. How can you say that Vegeta and I would be a good match?"

Bunny finished the rest of her tea calmly, unfazed by her daughter's outburst. She stood up and joined Bulma at the kitchen sink, putting her mug down and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, hoping to calm her down. "Well, going by your earlier concerns, Vegeta doesn't care about your wealth, he's got his own. He doesn't care about your fame, his own fame is universal. He doesn't care about your looks, his own good looks rival your own. He doesn't care about your status here on Earth, he's a prince of his own people. It makes sense, honey. I've always thought you two would be perfect together."

"Those are not legitimate reasons on why we'd be a good match, mom." Bulma sighed, calming down significantly, feeling bad for having freaked out on her mom. She was still wondering why part of her wanted to hear her mother plead her case. Yes, it was hypocritical, since Vegeta matched and surpassed every worry she had when it came to finding someone else, but so what? Just because Vegeta met those qualifications, doesn't mean he was the right one for her.

"Okay, I'll tell you the real reasons why." Bunny's tone went soft but very serious. "When you and Yamcha fight, there is a lot of distress, and pain, and heartache. Most of the time you are the one who's suffering through the relationship, and he's no worse for wear from it. You always accept him back no matter the hurt he's put you through, and all the while you are growing unhappier with him and with yourself."

"Mom…you don't understand…" Bulma began, as her eyes teared up, suddenly feeling her throat constrict slightly from some sort of emotion she couldn't put a name on. Fortunately her mother squeezed her shoulder, gently silencing whatever words were going to come out next.

"Yes, I do understand. But you're the one who needs to understand that you need to be happy and I just don't see you finding it with Yamcha, even after all these years you two were together, even through all you've been through. Time is running short, and I don't want to see you unhappy, and making the wrong decision. So I will say my peace now, and leave you to think it over."

Bulma sniffled and nodded. "Fine, go ahead. But it won't change anything." she said softly, looking at the vast star-filled sky, quickly honing in on her beloved planet Vegetasei. She could always find it, whether she tried to or not.

"Now you and Vegeta have pretty much grown up together, and I've seen how you two interact with each other throughout the years. Yes, you two clash, but only because you are equals. When you and Vegeta argue, it is mostly because you both agree on the end results but just have different means on how to get there. You two challenge each other, to see who will be victorious, to see who will submit to the other first. You only make each other better and stronger. Your arguments and tempers can be fierce, but they are always temporary, and there are no hard feelings that remain, no grudges, no intentional pain. Eventually one of you always goes and seeks the other out again. You two can't stand to be apart from each other, although I know you both don't see it that way." Bunny wrapped one arm around Bulma's arm, and joined her gaze out the window.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Bulma denied, not willing to let her mother's words sink into her mind and into her heart. She was just having pre-wedding jitters and doubts, those were completely normal, weren't they?

"Yes you do. You know Vegeta's the only one who can stand up to you, and you're the only one he allows to stand up to him. I guarantee you the other Saiyan women don't have the same freedoms and liberties around him like you do. He might be angry and grumble and complain about things you want to do, or how you think things should be done, but he almost always bends to your will. And when he puts his foot down, you bend to his. In a way, you both are so eager to please each other." Bunny paused for a few moments, letting her words sink into, what she hoped, was her daughter's heart. "I see how happy you are when he compliments your work."

"Pfft!" Bulma snorted. "And that isn't often. If you can even call it a compliment!"

"You're right, but whenever he does, you light up as bright as the sun, and his approval means the world to you. Or when you invite him for different holidays or to the Capsule Corp galas, he says he won't go, but he almost always ends up coming along, just to make you happy."

"To make me happy? More like to hear me stop bitching at him about it. And trust me, he sure complains and gives me hell for making him do it too."

"You know you can't make that man do anything he doesn't want to." Bunny smiled at seeing Bulma roll her eyes slightly. It was true. "And vice versa, when you praise him for something, or thank him, or shower him with attention, he gets that adorable blush on his cheeks and shies away from you, and gets all grumpy and hurries off to go do whatever he does...oh it's so cute." Bunny gushed. "How can you not notice any of that?"

"Mom, I think this is all in your head. You've been watching too many soap operas….or reading too many of those sleazy romance novels." Bulma muttered, as now she starting thinking over some memories, wondering if her mother was right about some things. It couldn't be true, could it?-that maybe Vegeta did see her in a different way? It was making her second-guess herself.

"Maybe, but I know love when I see it." Bunny said boldly, earning a stern look from her daughter.

"I don't love Vegeta, mom. And he sure as hell doesn't love me."

"Oh Bulma honey, even with all the evidence laid out, why do you and Vegeta keep denying that there is something between you?" Bunny asked as her daughter pulled away from her and walked across the kitchen, clearly exasperated.

"Because there ISN'T anything going on between us, mom! I don't know where you're getting these delusions from, but he's a Prince of another race, and I'm, for all intents and purposes, a human scientist who pretty much works for him. That's it! It doesn't matter that we've known each other and been around each other our whole lives, or that we'd be 'perfect' for each other, as you say. Because the fact of the matter is, I don't have any romantic feelings towards him, and he would never have any towards me!" Bulma ground out, getting fed up with the conversation. She was ready to leave the kitchen and get back to her lab.

This was ridiculous! She was supposed to be getting married in less than a week to Yamcha, for Kami's sake! Not staying up late, having a heart-to-heart with her mother about how she should consider the tumultuous Saiyan prince as something more than her…well…friend? No, they weren't really friends. Certainly not romantically involved either. Like brother and sister? They certainly argued like they were siblings, but that's as far as it went in terms of familial relations. Were they companions? That sounded a little more plausible. Business partners? Hmm…maybe that's what they were. Well damn, she couldn't really place what exactly they were! Wait, why was this important? She wasn't supposed to be talking about anything else but her marriage to Yamcha! Wasn't she supposed to be excited and looking forward to it?

"Do you love Yamcha?" The off-topic question startled Bulma for a moment.

"What? Of course I do!" she barked out rather quickly, turning back around at her mother, crossing her arms across her chest and standing firmly. "I wouldn't be marrying him if I didn't."

Bunny couldn't help the ghost of a smile on her face, seeing her daughter's defensive and guarded stance, reminiscent of Vegeta's own. Her comments veered off-topic once again. "You've been around him too long, you know. You're starting to pick up his mannerisms. You look just like him right now."

"Who?" Bulma absently asked, her thoughts distracted still from her mother's previous revelations, as she felt she needed to analyze the conversation over again now. Being a scientist had it's downfalls, because now the equation was not adding up to perfection, and she needed to figure out where she went wrong somewhere.

"Who do you think?" Bunny asked, giggling slightly, seeing her daughter finally glance into her reflection from the patio doors. She stood, observing her posture. Her arms crossed tightly across her chest, her legs standing shoulder-width apart, with one leg sticking out slightly further. The slight scowl on her face. Bulma huffed and rolled her eyes slightly, letting her arms uncross and drop to her sides as she relaxed her posture.

"Great, that's the last thing I need, to start being more like Vegeta." Bulma shook her head, walking over to the granite-topped kitchen island, leaning back against it. Absent-mindedly she crossed her arms across her chest again, and crossed one ankle in front of the other. She returned her gaze outside the kitchen window, and stood silent in serious contemplation. After a few moments, she had decided on her final words on the subject. "I love Yamcha. That's why I'm marrying him." She wasn't sure if she was reassuring her mother, or herself.

Nevermind the nauseous feeling she got when she thought about getting married in less than a week. Nevermind the panic that set in when she thought about being tied down to one man forever, and losing her freedom. Nevermind the suffocating doubt that she already had about marrying Yamcha, now increased double-fold thanks to her mother's heart-to-heart late night chat.

"Alright honey…" Bunny said dejectedly, saddened at the tone of finality in Bulma's words. "…as long as you know what you're doing, and it's what you want, then your father and I will support you all the way." she gave her daughter a gentle smile. Bulma saw the disappointment in her eyes. "I'm glad we had this talk." She knew the issue had been pressed to the limits when she saw her daughter's dark gaze and sensed that Bulma was none too pleased that a wrench was thrown into the proverbial mix. She was already on the brink of having a mid-life crisis, and her well-meaning talk with her daughter seemed to have done more damage than good.

Bulma nodded, scowl still on her face, unwilling to let her mother's crazed ideas get to her. "Me too." she said, her mind running through the conversation her and her mother just had. Too many factors, too many bits of information to analyze. She needed to find an answer. "Mom, it's really late, it's going to be daylight soon…I think I'm going to try to get some sleep. It's been a long day."

"Of course, and you have a busy day tomorrow. You need to try on your dress again, to make sure it's still a perfect fit for this Saturday. And the design team is going to come by the ballroom around noon to start the decorating for the reception. And the florists are going to bring their flower samples to make sure you're happy with the arrangements and the colors." Bunny said in a lighter tone. She needed to make peace with her daughters decision, and knew there needed to be some happiness in this wedding. She just hoped it would start rubbing off on Bulma.

And soon.

"Yeah…" Bulma covered her face with her hands, rubbing them downwards over her eyes and the rest of her face. She looked very tired. "I'm probably going to have Goku take me to Vegetasei tomorrow sometime. There were some schematics and other files I left in my lab over there that I forgot to make copies of, that I need to transfer back to Earth. Plus I'm sure Vegeta will want to know his gravity room over here has been all fixed up."

"Then you should get to bed, dear. And so should I, for that matter, since I don't have to make a huge breakfast for once." Bunny smiled.

Bulma smirked. "No one's cooking is as good as yours, mom. Not one person in the whole universe can match your culinary expertise. I'm sure even Vegeta would agree." she gave her mother a genuine smile. "Good night."

"Good night, honey." Bunny said, watching her daughter leave the kitchen and head upstairs towards her bedroom. She bit her lower lip a bit and wondered if maybe she was wrong, that maybe there wasn't anything going on between Vegeta and her daughter. No, she couldn't be wrong. It was just something that they were going to have to figure out for themselves.

And the clock was ticking.

Meanwhile, after Bulma changed into her pajamas, brushed her teeth, and went to bed, she couldn't stop thinking about everything her mom talked to her about. It was crazy. Sure, she was having a horrible case of cold feet, but she loved Yamcha, and wanted to marry him.


'Hmph, me and Vegeta. What an imagination.' Bulma thought to herself, as her mind ran over endless memories she had with him, trying to dissect any behavior that might have stood out from her and Vegeta, analyzing it and trying to see if there we was something there that she didn't notice before. Too bad Bulma was using her mind to figure things out, instead of her heart. Eventually her head started to hurt with all the thoughts she had over everything, and she submitted to the comforting darkness of sleep.

Sleep was good. Sleep was her escape from the pressures of her life and the pressures of the two worlds she was completely committed to. As of late it was her escape from all her doubts, fears, and misgivings about getting married. She happily welcomed the darkness to envelop her, as it promised her that she would feel better about everything in the morning.

Unfortunately for her, sleep was a liar, and it would not give her any rest tonight.

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