Mickey's POV

I am looking at him Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, I am looking at his eyes the very eyes that remind me of mine. There is silence I take a deep breath, I extend my arm out he just looks at my hand "Friends" I ask. I see his eyes travel from my hand to my face he crosses his arms "No".

That one word made my heart break into pieces, I look at him with what I know is a sad face but on his face there is nothing no feeling what so ever. I am close to tears now I have finally found a family member and without knowing it I have driven him away I have caused him pain which I know that I can never take away.

Just when I am about to break down in tear I see a hand his hand I look him in the eyes "Brothers" he said to me I am shocked I just look at his hand, Oswald does not want to be my friend he want to be brother I think I have never been this happy before.

I extend my arm out but I do not shake his "Forever" I say

Then we both shaked hand because

We are and always will be Forever Brothers

Mickey and Oswald belong to Disney

This story is based on my little comic I did on Deviantart