„What am I gonna do with you?", Nick says as he looks around the living room in his apartement. His eyes settle on the one year old girl sitting in the portable playpen. Her big brown eyes look up at him as she starts to giggle, seeing Nick frowning over the situation.

He plops down onto a spot on his couch that isn't covered in Baby clothes or toys, he closes his eyes and sighs.
As soon as he calms down the little girl starts to cry again.

„Please, don't cry.", Nick jumps up and picks the baby girl up, as he settles the girl onto his hip, he starts to walk, hoping that the movements will calm her down and she will eventually fall asleep. After a minute he gives up because the screams and cries only get louder as time passes by.

Nick looks around his apartement to find the phone and as soon as he spots it he calls a number he knows by heart.

„Hello?", the voice on the other end of the line says and despite the situation Nick smiles.

„Miley, I need your help. She won't stop crying and i don't know what to do. I think she hates me.", he sighes, desperation clearly noticeable in his voice.

„I'm coming over. You're home, aren't you?"

„Yes, you're my hero.", he smiles again and as soon as they said their goodbye's and hung up

Ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and Nick sets the little girl back into the playpen. The second he lets go of her she starts crying again.

Nick sighs and pushes a hand through his short cut hair. He opens the door and ingulfes Miley into a hug as soon as she steps a foot into his bachelor pad.

„Thanks so much for coming, you have no idea how much this means to me."

„It's okay, atleast I know now that it's better that you're such a good musician cause there's no way you could start a career as a nanny.", Miley smiles and walks into the living room where she walks up to the playpen and picks up the little girl, „Hey, Maddie, are you stressing out your uncle Nicky? I thought we agreed that this was my job." The babies crying slows down and soon after only tears are falling from her eyes. Miley smiles at the little girl and sits down with the baby in her arms.

„I don't know why she doesn't like me. I mean, she used to scream whenever Joe held her but never when I did and now it's all she's been doing ever since Kevin and Danielle dropped her off.", Nick sighs and sits down next to his ex-girlfriend and niece.

„She doesn't hate you, she just misses her mommy and daddy, doesn't she?", Miley coos and rubs her nose against Maddies, who just giggles with wide eyes. „She loves you.", Nick smiles seeing Miley and Maddie interact with eachother. „Yeah, she does. Alot more than she loves you.", Miley's head turns to Nick and she smiles at him. He just stares at her eyes. The staring breaks as Maddie giggles again and catches Miley's attention, her head turns to the baby again and starts tickling her.

„Thanks again for being here and helping me.", Nick starts and suddenly realizes that his apartement is a mess. Ever since Kevin and Danielle dropped Maddie off for the weekend this morning, he just left everything where he put it and he thought that he could just clean it up later again but with Miley here he was embarrassed that she's seeing this mess.

„I'm sorry that the apartement is such a mess but she spit out all of her food and even threw around some of her toys and I just didn't have the time to clean up and..."

„Nick, it's okay. You're not used to watching her.", Miley smiles at him and it soothes Nick that she doesn't care if he's not as controlled as everyone always sees him.

"Stop, thinking that I care about this mess, you know what my closet looks like sometimes and it shouldn't bother you that I know your inner messie.", Miley laughs.

„She's almost asleep now. I'm gonna put her down in the guest bedroom and you should go and change maybe cause there's baby food on your shirt.", Nick hears Miley say from the kitchen where he's putting the dirty dishes from dinner into the dishwasher.

He walks into his bedroom and quickly strips out of his jeans and shirt while getting some basketball shorts and a white v-neck out.

Meanwhile Miley is building a wall of pillows on the bed so the baby won't be able to fall off . As she sees that she needs some more pillows she sets the baby down and quickly walks into Nick's bedroom without knocking, „I need some more pillows do you have...".

As she looks up she sees a shirtless Nick standing there in only his basketball shorts. Her eyes wander to his toned chest and she can't help but stare a little. It has been almost 3 years since she's seen him like that and he has changed since then. „Sorry, I should really learn how to knock or not barge into other people's rooms.", she laughs nervously and slowly starts to back out again.
„Wait, it's okay.", Nick walks over to his bed and picks up two pillows and hands them to Miley, who just smiles at him with a blush on her cheeks. Walking back to the guestroom slowly she can't help but lick her lips as the image of a shirtless Nick appears behind her eyes.

As Miley walks back into the living room she sees Nick picking up toys and throwing them into a bag laying on the couch. She starts to do the same, „You don't have to help me clean up, you know. You've done enough and I really appreciate it.", Nick looks at her and takes the teddy bear out of her hands.
„It's okay and besides, if I'd leave you'd only call me back because you don't know what to do when she starts crying again."
Nick sighs and plops down onto the couch, looking at Miley who's debating on the inside if she should sit down next to him but does it anyway. „You know, that's actually true. I donÄt know why I even volunteered to babysit her for the night." „Because you love her and you love your brother and Danielle and wanted to give them some alone time."

„Aren't you sick of being my cheerleader?", he looks at Miley and takes her small hand into his strong ones. „No, I still look good in these skirts." „You look amazing in them.", a smirk grows on Nick's face and Miley just slaps his chest.

„I'm sorry, that you're engagement got called off.", Nick says after some time of comfortable silence.
„I'm not to be honest. It was the best. I mean, if he decided that he would rather screw some blondie he met who knows where than be in a relationship with me, I don't feel sorry for him or his broken face.", she sighs and lays her head down on Nick's shoulder. Her freshly dyed brown hair falling down her back as she losens the ponytail she's been wearing since she arrived.
„Your brothers?"
„Yep, I think they did a great job."
„That's good to hear", he laughs and wraps his arms around her.

The room is dimly lit as the two 19 year olds sit in the couch and just spending time together as Miley whispers after a comfortable silence between the ex lovers.

„Nick? Why do we always end up together?"
„To be honest? I don't know."
„Why did you call me to help you?"
„You were the first one that came to my mind and no one else would've come on such short notice and I didn't want anyone else to be here."
„I think that's obvious.", Nick says as he leans down and his and Miley's forhead are touching. „I don't want to get hurt again and I don't want people to think I'm a slut. I just broke off the engagement and I don't want people to think that I'm using you or.."
Her rambling is cut off as Nick pushes his lips onto hers and they start to kiss.

„You're none of that and you know it."
„Yeah but that's what they'll make me feel like. My mom is still dissapointed that I broke up with Liam."
„She loved him. I have this suspicion that proposing was more her idea than his."
„Well, I can deal with your mom hating me.", Nick says as his hands slowly start to slide up and down Miley's side. „I think eloping would make her hate me even more."
„Nick, don't say that."
„You know that it's true, she hates me and isn't afraid to show it or even say it."
„I meant the eloping part."
„Why? Wouldn't you wanna marry me?", Nick smirks and attacks Miley's neck with kisses.
„I would but tonight we're babysitting!", she laughs as Nick sucks on her neck, „Don't leave a mark."
„There's always a tomorrow.", his lips don't really leave her skin as he says that.

Miley pulls away and makes Nick look at her. „You're not serious, are you?"
„I planned to propose a little bit different but if you want to we can fly out to Vegas and do it. I could call Kevin and Danielle and we could drop Maddie off in an hour tops."

„I don't know, Nick. Wouldn't that be a little bit too spontaneous?", Miley looks at him with questioning eyes.
„Wait here!", Nick says and leaves the room only to come back after a moment.
He kneels down infront of Miley and opens a little box „Is this still too spontaneous for you?" „Nick, what are you doing?"
„You said that eloping would be too spontaneous and I actually thought that our parents would have to sign these papers when we were sixteen so I bought a ring but then we broke up again so why not use it now?", his eybrows raise, „So what do you say?"
„Call Kevin and Danielle.", Miley's face breaks out into a smile as she falls into Nick's arms and they start kissing passionately.

A/N: Not sure if I should stop this as a one shot here or if I will continue this as a story. I probably will if I'll get some positive feedback. If I'll decide that this will stay a one shot I'll maybe write a sequel as a new one shot.