„Oh my god, I can't believe that we will have another one soon.", Nick's mom squeals as she hugs the soon to be parents. "I will so not babysit!", Joe yells with a huge grin spread across is face, happy for his brother and best friend, "And I know that you won't babysit because I suck at changing diapers." "Maybe we should get you a diaper so we don't have to stop every 30 minutes when you want so desperately to spend time with us and make a road trip.", Danielle says and smirks at her brother in law. "There are diapers for grown ups? Why hasn't anyone told me that yet?", Joe looks at everyone with big eyes as he says this with total honesty.

"Are you sure that you took the right baby from the hospital or did he just fall too much as a kid?, Kevin playfully punches Joe in the shoulder as he sits down next to Danielle again. Crinkles his nose, the second youngest turns towards his mother, "Mommy, Kevin punched me!". The mother of four just laughs and turns towards her pregnant daughter in law. "It will be tough but don't be too shy to ask for anything." Miley just smiles and nods as she leans in and hugs Denise, "thank you."

The family's reaction to the news were all positive but there was still Miley's mom who had to find out yet. She didn't bother to come seeing as she abandoned her family months ago only talking to them when she needs something from them.

A week after the pregnancy has been revealed to their families Miley and Nick are thinking about how they have to release it to the public eye rather sooner than later since Miley is already three months along and it wouldn't take long until she would start to show and can't hide it under baggy clothes anymore.

„I think we should do it on Ellen. I kinda promised her that she'd find out about everything since we announced that we are a couple on Ryan." „Did she threaten to scare you?", Nick smirks while playing with Miley's hair.

„Oh yes, and I don't need that again. It's funny but she's just so sneaky and always finds a way to scare everyone.", Miley says, „We just need to schedule an appointment to be on her show, saying that there's some news. But we're gonna say that only one of us is coming and has news and then we're both gonna end up on her stage and tell the world together."

„Sounds like a plan."

The phone in Nick's music room office rings and he goes to pick it up leaving Miley alone in the living room when he comes back he frowns a little.

„Someone is gonna come over in an hour. To tell me something which couldn't be said over the phone."

Miley sits up, „Who?" „Samantha Barks. From Les Mis."
As Miley heard that name, a part of her gets jealous. When Nick was doing Les Miserables in London there were rumors going around that he and Samantha were dating and the two of them never really talked about their former relationships since they got married.

"That's okay, I'm just gonna change and maybe clean up a little. Don't want anyone to think that I'm not taking care of you properly.", forcing a smile on her face Miley walks up to their bedroom.

An hour later the British woman sits on the couch with the couple and smiles at them brightly. "So what do you have to tell me?" "First of all I want to invite the two of you to the American Movie Premiere here in LA. I don't know if you got the invitation already so I just brought you the tickets and now you have them.", Samantha says and takes a deep breath, "But I'm really here because a small tour is planned with the cast from the 25th anniversary concert here in America. Two shows in Los Angeles and two shows in New York. And they want you to come too as Marius."

Nick's eyes widen in shock as he turns to Miley who has a shocked expression on her face, too but hers is mixed with sadness. "I don't know.", Nick says seeing the fear and sadness in Miley's eyes. Getting out of her state of shock Miley puts on a happy mask, "Nick, you can't just say no. It's a big thing and you love doing this so much." Turning towards the British woman Miley smiles at her, "When would it be?" "For a week in November and rehearsals start two weeks earlier and the first shows are here in LA and the two in New York will be in Madison Square Garden."

"Okay, I'll do it. And you can come to New York with me.", Nick says and turns towards Miley, "the baby won't be here until the end of march so there won't be a problem with that." Smiling Miley nods.

"You're having a baby? That's so cute. I really hope that it won't have your hair Nick.", Samantha says smiling. Miley giggles at her words since she is not the first one who said that about Nick's hair, "You can't tell anyone though. It's not even official that we're married." "Don't worry, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut."

Rain is falling as Frankie and Noah are over for a visit at Miley's and Nick's house.

"It's boring.", Noah comments and huffs while falling back onto the couch. "Better than drama.", Frankie mumbles under his breath but everyone could hear him. "You never know with this weird family. Last week mom came running in telling us something about how she got me an audition for a Disney show.", Noah replies and as soon as the last word left her mouth the doorbell is ringing furiously.

Noah jumps up and runs to the door to open it, not wanting her pregnant sister to stress herself since she didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to back pain and constant visits to the bathroom.

"Where is that slut that I unfortunately have to call my daughter?", Tish runs in screaming at the top of her lungs. As she reaches the living room everyone is on their feet already. "I told you that you getting married was a mistake and now look at you. Knocked up and without a job to pay for anything."

Miley's face turns angry as she hears the harsh words her mother Is throwing at her, "Well, I am happy that I am pregnant and my marriage is not a mistake and never will be and I can't remember that I invited you in my house."

"Oh, you won't be happy as soon as that brat will be out of you. And when people find out that you're knocked up they will judge you and you won't get any roles in movies anymore."

"Maybe that's what I want. Maybe I want a normal life as a housewife."

Tish still doesn't understand Miley's actions and as she can only see red in anger she takes a step closer to Miley and raises her hand, ready to slap the pregnant 20-year old.

Her hand collides with a much younger face and instead of hitting Miley, she had hit Noah.

"How could you?!", Miley screams and pulls Noah away looking at the red mark on her cheek, "Frankie, can you get some ice please?" The youngest Grey brother doesn't answer and just walks towards the kitchen.
"Noie, I didn't mean to do that. I would never hit my child."

"You were about to hit Miley and hurt her and my unborn niece or nephew. You're not a mom to any of us and I don't want you in my life anymore. Fame and Money has changed you and that's all you care about. You're only mad that Miley is pregnant and doesn't want to work anymore because so you don't have money that she earned. It's her life and I'm happy about how it's turning out for her and I don't care if she is not in movies anymore because she's happy and if you can't accept that I don't ever want to see you again.", Noah yells at her mother and stomps towards the kitchen, taking the bag of ice from Frankie and holding it to her cheek.

Miley turns towards Tish, "It's the best if you leave and don't ever come back."

With that said Miley follows her little sister and waits until the front door slams shut again, indicating that her mother has left.

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