She dug through the old jewelry box, handling each and every piece of jewelry with extreme care. She examined it in awe, and then she put the ruby necklace on. Then she posed in the mirror, laughing at her own reflection and quickly turning away, embarrassed.

"You're looking through your mom's jewelry again, kiddo?" Her dad entered the room.

"It's all so pretty…" She smiled and looked inside the wooden box. Then she pulled out a silver charm bracelet. There was a ruby charm on it.

"You're mother loved that." Her father said, smiling at his daughter.

"Really! It's so pretty!"

"I bet she would've given it to you. It's yours." She was in shock.

"Eh! Really!" She cried in disbelief.

"Sure. You look just like her with that on." There was train whistle.

"Wahhh! That's my signal!" She yelled, grabbing her schoolbag.

"You got a signal? For what?" He asked, slightly amused at his daughter's reaction. He knew he had to get to the mines soon.

"School! Whenever the train-whistle blows that means that the train's going to leave! And the train leaves the same time school is about to start! I'm so late!" She grabbed a piece of toast. "Bye, dad! Have fun at work! Be safe! I'll see you when you get home!" She was out the door. As she ran down the street, she shoved the piece of toast in her mouth and gulped it down.

"My name's Kokorohi Akari. I'm fourteen and I attend Hoseki Middle School. I love all the pretty jewels my dad brings home after a hard day's work. I love theater and dance even though I'm not very good…." Akari sprinted to the school at an impossible speed, but she knew she was nowhere near as fast as her close friend, Sora. "I love my friends and enjoy spending time with them."

"Akari!" Yurushikibo Sora called as Akari neared the school. She stood impatiently next to her younger, identical twin sister, Arashi. Sora was the ace of the soccer team and also interested in student directing the school plays. She secretly enjoys writing poetry.

Arashi was almost the exact opposite, even though they have the same mantis colored hair and hazel eyes. Arashi is much quieter and more polite. She's a music prodigy at the violin and is in the student council. She is a model student and very smart.

"You're late again." Sora groaned. "Did you oversleep?" Akari laughed sheepishly.

"That answers your question." Arashi agreed. They laughed. "You're just in time." Akari cheered happily, but the trio immediately hushed up. A girl passed them. She was their age, with dark navy hair and hazel eyes. She had her hair pulled back out of her face with clips. She wore the girls' school uniform, but her bow was blue instead of the traditional purple.

"She's violating the dress code." Arashi said.

"Is she new?" Akari asked.

"I guess so. I haven't seen her before." Sora agreed.

"She's violating the dress code!" Arashi cried. She sighed and calmed herself.

"We all are violating the dress code, sis. See? I'm wearing a green bow and my sleeves are rolled up all the way up past my elbow." Sora pointed off, showing off her bow and rolled up sleeves.

"You're violating the dress code! I can't believe you're my twin, let alone my sister." She grabbed Sora's arm and rolls the sleeves down, but the sleeve only reached slightly below the elbow. "What did you do?"

"I got it hemmed. I'm always hot, even in the winter." Sora explained. Arashi rolled her eyes.

"I got a pink bow." Akari said proudly.

"Good for you!" Sora laughed and patted Akari's back. Akari laughed.

"You have to get to class. You don't want to be late." There was annoyance in Arashi's tone and the trio set off to class.

"Everyone, this is our new transfer student, Yorokobi Ringo." The teacher introduced. Akari grew very excited in her seat. She could not wait to make another new friend. Ringo bowed politely, but said nothing. "Now…where to sit you…"

"She can sit right here, sensei!" Akari called, standing up and motioning to the chair and desk in front of her. Ringo seemed caught off guard by this, but she went to the desk and sat down. Akari realized she was still standing, and she sat down.

It was lunchtime! And Akari forgot her lunch at home…

"Sora-chan….Arashi-chan….I'm going to die of starvation…" Akari begged in front of their desks.

"Here." Arashi gave her an extra pair of chopsticks. "I don't care for fish."

"Arashi…I love you!" Akari exclaimed and happily ate the sushi in Arashi's bento. Sora was laughing and shaking her head. As Akari inhaled the food, she noticed that the new girl, Ringo, was eating by herself at her seat.

"She looks alone…" Akari pointed out.

"It's her choice." Sora said bluntly. Arashi nudged her in the ribs and Akari made her way over to her, tripping and falling on her way. She quickly stood up and RIngo stared at her.

"Hi, Ringo. I never introduced myself. I'm Korokohi Akari. But call me Akari, okay?" Akari gave her a warm smile. Ringo's expression was unchanging. Sora couldn't help but chuckled at what Akari was actually doing. Arashi nudged her in the ribs. "I can call you Ringo, right?" Akari asked. She didn't say anything. "So, since your new, you should audition for the school play with me! Or you could tryout for some sports if you'd like. But I think it will be so much fun if we were both in the school play." Ringo stood up, and left.

"Ringo?" Akari asked, confused. Sora walked up to Akari.

"How rude was that! Did she say anything to you at all?" Sora asked.

"Maybe she's just shy." Akari suggested. "It's decided! I'll make friends with Ringo! And that's a promise!" Sora rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, right. Hey, I won't be able to make it to your audition today. I have soccer tryouts."

"Really? Oh, I wish I could be there to cheer you on!" Akari hugged Sora. "A hug for good luck!" Sora laughed and rolled her eyes.

"You're so weird."

"What about Arashi-chan?" Akari asked, looking at Arashi who was reading a book.

"I'm sorry, Akari, but I have band practice and studying." She said apologetically. Sora laughed.

"She's such a nerd. All she does is study and play the violin. Or she's sick. I can't believe she is actually related to me." Akari and Sora laughed about this, but behind Arashi's book, she couldn't help but agree with Sora…and that did not make her feel good.

"See you tomorrow! Good luck with tryouts! Have fun at violin practice!" Akari called, waving them as she made her way to her audition.

"You too!" The twins called. Akari knew what she was getting into with the school play. She was the ace of the volleyball team who is also auditioned for the school play. She's going to be booked forever! But she is so torn between them, that she just has to do both! Akari went down the auditorium, muttering her monologue as she made her way down. It was a musical, but she couldn't remember which one….

As Akari made her way across campus to the auditorium, she stopped, noticing something in the sky. She looked up to see a red ball of light streaking right towards her.

"Ehh! What is that!" And then it hit her right in the forehead. Akari fell backwards and something landed on her chest. She looked at her body, to see a blue fox sitting on it. He's primarily blue and grey. Where it is orange, it's blue. His underbelly, chin, cheeks and tip of tail were grey. He had dark blue stockings and markings. He has a red ruby gemstone on his chest and red eyes. He had a red ribbon around his neck.

"You're in my way~spicu." He said in a male voice.

"It's sooo cuteee!" Akari cried, hugging him tightly. "And he talks! Oh, this is so unnatural but soooo adorable!" She squealed.

"Geer urff meh~spicu! You're suffocating meh~spicu!" He yelled. Akari pulled him away to get a good look at him. He jumped free of her hands and landed on the ground and shook himself.

"A talking fox! My name's Korokohi Akari! But will you call me Akari? What's your name?" Akari asked quickly. He looked taken back.

"That's none of your business~spicu!" He hissed. He noticed the ruby on her charm bracelet. "Is that…?" He shook his head. "How would you get your hands on that~spicu? You're just some human~spicu!"

"Spicu? You're name's Spicu?" Akari asked, oblivious to what he was just saying.

"It's Spice!" He snapped. Akari smiled.

"Aha!" She laughed, getting his name. He gasped and then growled at her. She froze.

"Is this really happening?" She asked, looking around.

"The auditions for the school play will now begin!" A voice said on a megaphone. Akari gasped and ran as fast as she could to the auditorium, completely forgetting about Spice.

She sighed and then noticed all the people auditioning for it. "Ehh! There's so many people! I'm never going to get a part now!" She cried. "Maybe I'll end up as a tree…" She noticed the poster for the musical: Abracadabra Aladdin. The setting was the desert. "Never mind…" She sighed and took her place in line.

"Let's see, is there any Dawn Fragments around here? Oh, there's a Gem Wish that has one!" A girl squealed, looking around the corner at all the students in line for an audition. She appeared to be fourteen or fifteen, with short gold hair and orange eyes. She wore a black, unusual costume. "I sense two Dusk Fragments. Which Dusk Fragment to use…which one…?" She asked herself as she scanned the room. Then she pulled out a black charm and threw it into the air, and took the form of a script.

The Regichina has glowing red eyes, big red horns, and a long red pointed tail. But its body was the form of a huge book and in its hands was a huge, red pitchfork.

"Regichina, collect the energy from the Gem Wishes in everyone's heart." She commanded.

"Regichina!" It cried, and everyone began to drop like flies. Everyone felt weak and all energy was drained from them. This was her opportunity.

Akari began to feel very weak, and very drained. She couldn't do anything. She noticed everyone around her was out of it, but she didn't want her life to end now! She was too young! And she wanted to find Spice again. She wanted to make friends with Ringo.

Slowly, Akari turned her head to face Ringo. She looked like everyone else: pretty much dead. Akari fought with herself, she tried to get to her feet, but it was no use. Then, she spotted the familiar blue ball of fur sprint across the room.

"A Dusk Fragment! You're mine!" And then, there was a girl that appeared. She seemed about Akari's age with short gold hair and bright, cold eyes. She chased Spice around all of the collapsed people. She stopped and noticed Akari, and smirked. Then she made her way over to her. "Don't move. You're just going to feel a bit of a shock." She reached out towards Akari.

"What are you…doing?" Akari demanded, trying to get to her feet. She was kicked back to the ground by a black boot.

"I said don't move." She snapped.

"Don't tell me what to do." Akari spat back.

"Shut up." The girl reached towards Akari's heart.

"Hey, don't tell her what to do." A voice shouted. Akari slowly turned her head towards the collapsed Ringo, who was forcing herself to get to her feet.

"Aren't you being brave?" The girl sniggered. "It looks like your Gem Wish has a Dawn Fragment too." She made her way towards Ringo. Akari felt anger. She didn't want Ringo to get hurt by this psychopath. With these emotions, Akari rose to her feet, fighting the Regichina's power of draining energy. Ringo was kicked to the ground and the girl placed her black boot on her back.

"Don't touch my friend!" Akari exclaimed, charging towards the girl.

"I'll show you!" The girl raised her hand and black electricity shot out at the girl. Akari screamed and collapsed as unbearable pain spread throughout her body. Ringo threw off the girl and rose to her feet. "You're so annoying! Just stay put!"

She sent black lightning at Ringo, but Akari, using her lacrosse speed, stepped in front of Ringo, protecting her.

"No!" Ringo stepped next to Akari.

Then, there was a miraculous light. It was insanely bright, and stopped the black lightning immediately. But Akari and Ringo seemed perfectly fine. They looked at each other confused. Then Spice ran up Akari.

"Is it true~spicu? You have the power~spicu? You of all people~spicu?" He asked in disbelief.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Akari snapped.

"I knew it was smart to stick with you~suga! Is that Spice I sense~suga?" A high, female voice asked. There was a puff of smoke and a creature appeared. She was smaller than Spice. But her eyes are bigger and gold. There's a blue sapphire on her chest. She resembles a small deer. She has a red coat with white on her chest and under her stomach and the inside of her legs. She has a darker red stripe down her back and white spots. It's white under her tail. Its white on her chin and mouth white a red face. The top of her head is darker red and her ears are white and pink. Around her neck is a ribbon.


"Spice!" The two were reunited.

"Do you mind explaining?" Akari demanded.

"You're so impatient~spicu. You don't deserve to know~spicu." Spice hissed.

"Don't be so mean, Spice~suga. Now's not the time~suga. You two have to transform into Pretty Cure~suga!" The creature named Sugar explained. Two balls of light floated towards Akari and Ringo. They held out their hands, and the balls of light disappeared, two compact mirrors dropping into their hands. Akari's was pink with an outline of a flame on it. Ringo's was blue with an outline of a teardrop on it.

Akari and Ringo exchanged looked. Ringo looked nervous and scared. Akari was very unsure, but there was something screaming in her heart to just do it. Then she smiled.

"Let's go!" Akari and Ringo took hands.

"Dual Prism Power!" They called in unison, not letting go. The flame and dewdrop spin rapidly and it opens. Spice runs up and throws his ruby to Ringo. Sugar runs up and throws her sapphire to Akari. They catch it and Akari places the sapphire in Ringo's compact mirror and Ringo places the ruby in Akari's compact mirror.

It flashes. They hold hands and spin around as Akari's gloves and boots appear in a blue light and Ringo's appear in a red light. They link arms and stand back to back, spinning around and their outfits appear. They release each other. Ringo smoothes her hair back out of her face as it grew longer and turned a bright, sapphire blue. Two flaming ribbons wrap around her hair, forming twin-tails with blue heart-shaped hair accessories.

Akari runs her fingers through her hair and it grows somewhat longer and one blue ribbon making it into a ponytail. Together, they land together.

"The Ruby symbolizes love. The burning power of love, Cure Ruby!" Akari introduced, posing.

"The Sapphire symbolizes happiness. The crashing waves of happiness, Cure Sapphire!" She posed.

"We are Pretty Cure." They chanted in unison.

"Evil henchmen of darkness, prepare yourself" Ringo said.

"For the wrath of the shining warriors Pretty Cure!" Akari finished. They froze, realizing the words that just spilled out of their mouths. They exchanged glances.

"Eh! What's with this costume!" Cure Ruby cried.

"This is all a dream. That's the only explanation, right?" Cure Sapphire asked Cure Ruby.

"Right!" Cure Ruby agreed. She wears a red one-strap midriff top. The strap is pink and she wears a pink bow on the front of her top with her ruby in the center. Her skirt is red with pink frills and a pink bow on the back with a ruby in the middle. She wears long red gloves with pink fingerless gloves underneath. She wears pink shorts under her skirt and has pink frills on her gloves. Her boots reached her knees and were red. She has a red choker and red armbands. She wears ruby earrings. Her hair is in a ruby shade, curled ponytail held with a red ribbon and pink heart.

Cure Sapphire wears a one shoulder blue top with lighter blue frills. She has a light blue bow on her chest with a sapphire in the middle. She has long light blue gloves with blue frills and a sapphire on the back of each hand. She has a small light blue bow in the back and blue skirt with light blue frills. Her boots reach her ankles and are blue with light blue heels and light blue socks that reach the knee. She has light blue shorts on. Her hair is in a bright sapphire twin-tails with two strands framing her face and it is curled at the end, held in a sapphire heart. She has sapphire earrings and a gold tiara on her forehead with a sapphire in the middle.

"Pretty Cure…? I didn't think they actually existed." The girl muttered.

"Neither did I…" Cure Sapphire muttered. "I can't believe I'm actually a Pretty Cure. It's just not possible. They're stupid made up stories for children."

"It's not made up!" Cure Ruby protested angrily. "We transformed, didn't we?"

"It's a dream, Akari! You even agree with me! Pretty Cure does not exist. We did not transform. This is just a horrible nightmare. Let's get back to reality." She said coldly. Cure Ruby pinched her. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Did you wake up?" Cure Ruby asked.

"No, but—"

"Then this is reality, whether you would like to believe it or not. But we are in this together, and we have to get out of this together!" Cure Ruby snapped. Cure Sapphire sighed.

"Regichina, get them." She commanded.

"Gi! Chi!" The Regichina started swinging its pitchfork and tries to stab the Pretty Cure. Cure Ruby and Sapphire ran away screaming.

"So much for getting out of this together!" Cure Sapphire cried. "What's your plan now?"

"Don't rush my thought process!" Cure Ruby said.

"What thought process!" Cure Sapphire questioned. Cure Ruby tripped and fell flat on her face. Cure Ruby rolled over and screamed. The pitchfork was right about to stab her. Then, Cure Sapphire stepped forward and caught one of the prongs on the pitchfork. She held on tightly, then flipped it over her head, the Regichina holding on. She completely flipped it over her head and across the room. But the throw also sent her flying across the room and into a wall. Cure Ruby jumped to her feet as the girl made her way to the collapsed Cure Sapphire.

Cure Ruby jumped in the air and dive kicked her. The girl blocked it easily. Cure Ruby threw many swift punches at the girl, which she dodged, blocked, and then kicked Cure Ruby in the gut, sending her into a wall. Cure Sapphire roundhouse kicked the girl who blocked that. Cure Sapphire kicked her many more times, each of which she dodged but was having a hard time keeping up. She finally backed away.

"Regichina!" She snapped. Regichina got to its feet.

"Quick~suga! Purify it and get the Dawn Fragment~suga! Hurry~suga!" Sugar ordered.

"How do we do that!" Cure Ruby cried.

"Beats me~spicu. You're the Pretty Cure~spicu." Spice said lazily.

"You're not helping…." Cure Sapphire muttered.

"Couldn't you be a little more helpful! At least supportive!" Cure Ruby demanded.

"I don't appreciate being yelled at~spicu." Spice said bluntly. Cure Ruby and Sapphire sighed. But then it hit them. They took hands.

"Let's go!" Cure Ruby chanted. She stretched her free arm out. "The burning power of love!" A ball of pink fire formed and then took the form of a heart.

Cure Sapphire raised her hand high above. "The powerful waves of happiness!" A ball of blue water formed in her hand and took the shape of a heart.

"With the magnificent power of our noble hearts!" Cure Sapphire started.

"You will face our wrath!" Cure Ruby finished. They put the two hearts together, forming one steaming water white heart. They each drew half a heart, making it whole.

"Pretty Cure Prism Cascade!" They shouted. They held each other's hand tightly while their free arms were open and outstretched towards the giant steaming water white heart. A great beam of steaming white water shoots from the heart. It hits the Regichina dead on. There is a fiery explosion and the room is filled with steam.

"Regichina!" It cried, exploding.

"Grr…I won't forget this! Winze-sama will not be happy! And you better not forget about me, Spriz." The girl now known as Spriz growled. She disappeared. Where the Regichina was, fell a pin. Cure Ruby stretched out her hand and caught it. He was a shiny amethyst-colored charm-like pin. It looks like a violet, young dinosaur-like charm. It has small white claws on its four short legs. It has a large lavender flower on its chest.

"What is this?" Cure Ruby asked.

"Yay~suga! It's a Dusk Fragment~suga!" Sugar cheered happily. Cure Ruby and Cure Sapphire suddenly returned to normal in their civilian forms. Everyone around them and the room returned to normal, as if nothing happened.

"How did that happen?" Ringo asked, looking around.

"After you're done fighting, you return to normal~spicu. Duh~spicu." Spice explained.

"You have some explaining to do!" Akari snapped at Spice. When she looked at Ringo, she was bowing to her.

"I'm sorry, Kokorohi-san. Earlier today, I was very rude to you. The truth is, I was very nervous today. I just moved here from far away, and I didn't know anyone. When you came up to me so nonchalantly, I didn't know how to react. It was when I ran off when I realized how childish and stupid I was acting. I'm so sorry."

"Hey, it's perfectly fine! I act childish all the time! I'm just glad we made up and I hope that from now on, we can continue this Pretty Cure thing. It sounds like fun!" Akari said cheerfully. Ringo looked up and Akari smiled. "We'll, I have an audition to go to. Let's go!"

Ringo grinned and nodded.