Jacob's P.O.V

I walked up and down the border, just waiting for Bella to return. I was about to cross the line and get Bella, when we heard her urgent thoughts.

Help! Bella cried.

We felt a rush of pain and then it stopped. We couldn't feel her thoughts. What we did see was the leech. We all started rushing to her aid. I was afraid I was going to lose her, I couldn't. Not when I just got her.

We arrived where she was. There, in a pool of blood, laid Bella. She was naked, like she was desperate to morph. Her ribs were broken, her calf bent at in an unnatural position, and there, sitting on her broken ribs was the leech!

He leaned down to her neck, to bite and kill my imprint, when a burst of energy flowed through me. I ran as fast as I could and leaped over Bella, and grabbed the leech on the way over. I landed on my feet and threw the bloodsucker at a bunch of trees.

He got back up and crouched down to jump. Quil and Embry pinned him from behind and he lay there screaming curses at us. I kept my teeth by his neck in case he tried something funny.

Sam quickly went off to find the vampire doctor that Bella calls, Carlisle. Bella wasn't looking too good. Her eyes were closed and I could hear her heartbeat faintly.

I growled low in my throat after noticing some of the guys staring at her too long. Finally the doctor appeared.

He took off his jacket and put it on her, which I was thankful for. Behind him came two other vampires. A big burly one with dark hair and one with honey colored, shoulder length hair. I faintly remember the burly one was called Emmett. The honey colored hair vampire walked up to the leech that was pinned down beneath us.

"Jasper! Don't control my feelings!" the leech struggled under us.

After a while, everybody calmed down and Emmett came up to us as well. They each took one of Edward's arms and stood up. Behind me, the doctor picked up Bella.

I had to remind myself that all he wanted to do was to help her, but I still felt uneasy. Bella was ghostly pale and her heartbeat was slowing down. The doctor looked at the leech with a sad look on his face before speeding away.

Jasper and Emmett dragged the leech away who was trying to get free of their grasps. I did notice that Jasper wasn't breathing, the smell of Bella's blood must be strong for him.

I followed Carlisle's scent to his house. I walked in, screwing manners, for my imprint was dying.

Bella's P.O.V.

I woke up to a peaceful, quiet and bright place. I must be dead. I thought but then I shook it away. I couldn't be dead because I smelled something horrible and I recognized where I was. I was in the Cullen's living room.

I turned my head to the right and saw Carlisle crouched over me while checking my pulse. Behind him was Alice, Esme and Emmett. To my left was Jacob, who was holding my hand. Behind him was Quil, Leah and Sam.

I tried to sit up, but winced as pain shot through my ribs and calf. Carlisle checked me over quickly to make sure I was okay.

"What... what happened?" I croaked.

"You... you almost died!" Alice cried. "I should've told someone! I knew! But he threatened to kill Jasper and I saw that he would succeed!"

If vampires could cry, she would be. She rushed out of the room and Esme followed after her, being the good mother she is.

"Then where is Edward?"

I could feel Jacob tense at his touchy subject. Oh well.

"He is with Jasper and Bree." Carlisle said carefully.

"Bree? Who's Bree?"

"She is a newborn that surrendered at the battle." he explained.

I remembered the day of the battle, when Jacob got hurt, when Alice stopped Edward from hypnotizing me...

To distract my thoughts, I sat myself up while ignoring the pain. I accidentally moved my leg wrong and cried out in pain.

"You need some sleep Bella. You won't heal as fast as the other wolves because you don't have Quilette blood in you. Jacob, can you take her upstairs to Edward's bed?"

Jacob carefully took me upstairs and I directed him to Edward's bedroom. He placed me on the giant bed and crawled in after me.

I curled up against him and fell into deep sleep, trying to block out the memories of Edward.

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