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"How does it feel to run this company at just the age of 24?" Logan, my assistant, asked me.

"It's incredible and I deserve it. I worked my butt off and my dad owns the company so it was only right that he made me the head of the department." I told him as we walked down the crowded hallway to my office.


"Now go get me a coffee and make sure it's how I like it." I told him as he nodded and ran off.

"Kendall, your report on our finances is due tomorrow. Please have it in on time." Nancy, my partner, told me.

"Will do Nancy, I'm heading home at 5:30, just so you know."

"Early day." She smiled as Logan returned with my coffee.

"Here you go." He said as I took a sip.

"Tastes like shit. Get me another."

"Yes sir." He said as he ran out.

It was good to have all this power.


I looked out the view from my office that overlooked Times Square. I saw a girl carrying a couple of canvases and some paint. She stopped in front of a homeless man and I saw her give him a sandwich and some money.

"Pathetic isn't it." Nancy commented.

"Why would anyone help the needy…they're so…dirty."

"The girl looks disgusting. Doesn't she realize that in this part of town you dress up? You don't wear overalls and a messy bun."

"Pitiful." I turned away from the window and looked over the contract she put on my desk.

"Just sign on the lines and we have a new client. This man took over the old art museum."

"What happened to the art inside?" I asked as I signed on the dotted line.

"They got rid of them. Threw them out and made the artists pay a small fee."

"Where'd that money go?"

"Into our bank account." She smirked and I nodded.

"Sounds good. I'm heading home."

"Goodnight Kendall." She waved as I grabbed my briefcase and headed out down the street.


I was sitting in my living room working on my financial report and sipping some wine when someone knocked on my door.

"Hello?" I said as I opened the door.

"Hey, I just moved in and my mom made lasagna for me and I have a ton so I was wondering if you would want some." A lady said. Honestly, she was really pretty. She had big green eyes and the darkest brown hair that was messy at the moment. She wore a pair of shorts and a tank top with paint on it. It was the girl I saw when I was with Nancy who helped the homeless man.

"No thank you." I told her and shut the door before she could respond.

"Your loss." She said through the door and I heard her retreat back to her place. I sat back down and started reading but I could smell her cooking it through the open windows. It smelled amazing. I got up and went over to her place and knocked on the door.

"Doors open!" I heard her yell. I entered and the place was a disaster zone. Paints were everywhere and canvases littered the floor.

"I smelled your cooking and I got hungry."

"That's fine. It's in the oven at the moment so give it a few minutes. I'm Aria by the way."


"Sit on the couch; I'm just finishing up a painting."

"What are you painting?"

"A building. I was inspired by the Knight Incorporated building."

"I own that building." I said quite cockily.


"Yeah, I'm Kendall Knight. My dad is Donald Knight."

"Wow, this is what I have so far." She turned it around and it was really good.

"That's amazing."

"Thank you. You want it?"


"Let me just sign it and it will be complete." She smiled.

"How much should I pay for it?"

"This one's on me." She gave me a wink and I couldn't help but blush.

"Should I check on the lasagna?"

"Please do. Drinks are in the fridge if you want one"

"Thanks. What do you want to drink?"

"Get me a soda."

"Do you have anything organic to drink?"


"I'll just have a water." I said as I took out what she and I wanted. I took out the lasagna and let it cool.

"You're into all that organic shit?" she asked as she approached and got out some plates.

"It's not shit. It's healthy."

"It's like eating cardboard and grass." She smiled as she headed into the living room with her food. I followed behind and sat next to her.

"It's not. It's healthy and I'll live long."

"What if you're hit by a bus?"

"Excuse me?"

"Hypothetically speaking, let's say you're walking down the street when you're hit by the bus at the age of…let's say 30. You would have wasted your life eating organically when you died from a bus accident that no amount of organic food could stop."

"Your point…"

"Eating healthy doesn't mean you'll live forever." She stated simply.

"Well….I…uh…good lasagna." I commented as she smirked.

"Yeah, my mom is a good cook."

"So you just moved in today?"

"Yeah, I used to live in the old art museum where my art was but they sold it to some company."

"Oh…that's a shame." Shit. I bought that place today.

"It's whatever. Just got to go with the flow and find someplace else to show my art."

"Don't you have a real job?"

"Art is my job."

"How do you make money?"

"I sell it."

"That many people want your art?"

"That's kinda mean." She said with a giggle and I blushed.

"That's not what I meant."

"I know. It's fine. I get by. If it means I skip a meal here or there or I skip going to the store to get more paints then so be it."

"But I saw you give money to a hobo today."

"Stalking me Knight?"

"You were outside my building and I was looking out."

"I give money to people in need because I know what it feels like."

"Really?" I asked as I put my plate on the table.

"I grew up a little poor but I managed. I want to help others."

"That's nice of you."

"Well you know." She gave a shrug and her smile was intoxicating. "Do you want dessert?" she asked.

"Do you have fruit?"

"How long have you known me Kendall Knight?"

"About a half hour."

"Do you think I have fruit?"


"Exactly. I have strawberry ice cream with small bits of strawberry."

"That will do." I chuckled as she went to the freezer, got it and grabbed two spoons.

"No bowls?"

"Live a little." She smirked and began to eat. We chatted a little and ate some ice cream when I dropped some on my button down.

"Shit." I muttered. This shirt was $140.00 and Nancy would be mad I ruined it.

"I'll wash it for you." Aria offered.

"It has to be dry cleaned."

"Then let me dry clean it." She smiled as I handed her my shirt. I was thankful I had an undershirt on.

"I should get going." I said as I glanced at the clock.

"It was nice meeting you." She smiled as she got up and grabbed the painting.

"Thanks again for this." I smiled as I headed towards the door.

"Anytime." She shut the door and I headed to my apartment. I put the painting by the door so I could bring it to work tomorrow.


The next day I brought the painting in and had Logan hang it at the front of the building so as soon as someone walked in, it would be the first thing they would see.

"What's with the ugly painting?" Nancy asked as she entered my office.

"Someone painted that and gave it to me."

"It's hideous."

"It's nice." I defended.

"Yeah, yeah. We have a meeting downtown so let's go. Limo is down the block." She said as she led me outside. I saw a homeless man sitting near the limo with an empty coffee cup. I handed him $20.00 and got in the limo.

"What was that about?"

"I felt like doing something nice."

"I would never do that."

"You just have to… live a little."

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