Austin continued his fight with the mysterious ghost while Taylor and I kept watching. Austin shot an ecto-blast at him, but he dodged and it hit a man in the crowd. He immediatly abandoned his battle and flew to the man. "Are you alright?" he asked him. "Y-yeah..." the man said.

"An opening!" the ghost screamed and he hit Austin from behind. "Austin!" Taylor screamed. The ghost sent Austin flying, and Austin changed back to human form before he hit the ground. "That's it, everybody find a safer place to watch!" Taylor commended the crowd. They obediently listened and ran away, to watch from a hiding place. Then she looked at me. "No matter what happens, don't take that cape off. Don't show your face to anyone, understood?" I nodded. Then she flew away to face the ghost. She shot him with a freeze-ray, and for a moment he was frozen, but then he broke the ice like it was nothing. I could read the confusion on Taylor's face. He shot at her, and she tried to make a shield, but it wasn't strong enough and she was hit. She fell backwards, but immediatly stood up again. Still, this was it for me. I flew to her and then stood between her and the enemy.

"What are you doing?" she asked me. "I'm taking over! You stay behind!" I told her. I heard some whispering from the people hiding and watching. I shot some blasts at the ghost, but this time, he just took them without dodging, like he had been doing when fighting with Austin. "Who is this brat!?" he asked. "I'm..." Suddenly I remembered the promise I made to Taylor. "None of your business!" I quickly said. I attacked him again, and he took my hits without moving an inch. "It's useless! Right now, I am absorbing your energy! You're only making me stronger!" I looked at Taylor. "He's kidding, right?" But she just shook her head. "I'm afraid not. That's why you always have to go all-out in the beginning, to make sure he is beaten before he can do that." "You should pay attention!" the ghost told me, and he shot us both with an ecto-blast. I noticed too late and couldn't dodge or defend. We were sent flying, and I thought it was over when I heard a voice. I looked up. Somebody flying in the sky, but I couldn't see what he looked like because he was flying in front of the sun. "Stop right there," the voice told the ghost, and he finally looked scared. Somehwere, I had heared that voice before, but I just couldn't remember where and when. Then I passed out.

Taylor POV

"Dad!" As usual, he came to our rescue when we failed. He landed in front of me. I started crying. "Dad, I'm so sorry, I..." I stopped. How could I explain what happened!? "Clockwork told me everything," he said, "of course, I'm a little angry, but you didn't do it on purpose. And... I'm just happy you're okay." Then he turned around and faced the ghost. "And about you... I'm gonna pay you back for this, right here, right now." He shot him with his strongest ecto-blast, and the ghost tried to absorb it, but it was too much and he passed out. Then my dad used the Fenton Watch (Remember? The future version of the Fenton Thermos, Austin and Taylor have one too!) to suck the ghost up. People cheered for my dad, as usual. Austin stood up, and looked my way, and then he saw Dad.

"Dad! Did you beat him?" he asked, and he ran towards us. Austin tried to explain everything that happened, but he messed up because he kinda wanted to say everything at the same time. "Dad already knows," I interrupted him.

Danny POV

I woke up in my room, and checked the clock. Morning. I checked the calander. But, to my surprise, the last few weeks didn't have a cross anymore. I sighed and set a cross at today. "At least there's the picnic today to look forward to."

Taylor POV

We sat in our living room, while Sarah explained some things. "But what did you do with Danny? The young one, I mean," I asked her. She smiled. "I sent him back. To the morning before he met you. He'll think it was a dream, and eventually, he'll forget it. Told you I'd take care of things!" I smiled. "That's great! Thank you so much! You're the best!" Then, I told my dad everything that happened when I was in the past. He started laughing. "Was I really that clueless?" I smiled. "You have no idea."

The End