Author's Note:… All I can say is, I swear I'm not insane. Okay, maybe a little, but…

~Destroying Jotunheim: Based on "Defying Gravity" from the hit musical Wicked.~

My life has changed so quickly;

Nothing can be the same.

I'm through with playing by

The rules of the Allfather's game!

It's too late for forgiveness,

Too late to go back to sleep!

It's time to claim my birthright,

Close my eyes…

And leap!

It's time to try destroying Jotunheim!

I think I'll try destroying Jotunheim,

And you can't stop me now!

I'm through living in shadow

As second best to Thor!

Now that I am a King

I'm living as never before!

Too long I've been afraid of

Being what I'm meant to be!

But now Midgard will know

To kneel when they see me!

And soon I'll try destroying Jotunheim!

Kiss it goodbye, I'm destroying Jotunheim!

You'll never stop me now!

~Sung by Loki~