July 17, 1918.

94 years,

All but 22

Were under

The control

Of the callous beings

That planned out

The events of

That night.

11 innocent lives

Coldly taken

From this world.

300 years

Of lineage

Had abruptly


The year prior.

Hopes of an escape

Rotated around

For decades,

Aroused again

By the discovery of all but 2

Mystery still surrounds.

The events of that night

May never be fully known.

Hated by few.

Beloved by many.

They may be gone

But they are

Never forgotten.


Nicholas II,


Olga, Tatiana,

Maria, Anastasia,

And Alexei Romanov,

And Eugene Botkin,

Anna Demidova

Ivan Kharitonov,

And Alexei Trupp.

May all

Rest forever

In Peace.