Chapter 1: Everyone Wants Harry

A group of goblins, the kind who don't run Gringotts Banks, a group of trolls, werewolves, all sorts of magical creatures where gathered in a dingy underground meeting place.

"He nears everyday." A leader goblin said. "Our time to rise is now!"

The group of magical creatures cheers.

Meanwhile, the Dark Dragon is planning his next move. And it involves a young wizard. "I don't care what it takes Chang." He told his lackey on the Dragon Council, an elderly Chinese woman. "I-"

"Must" The Goblin leader said.

"Have." DD continued.

"Harry." Gobling Leader continued.

"Potter" The Dragon narrowed his eyes at the image of a downtrodden young boy who was on an airplane in Coach while the relatives where in First Class. The naive child not knowing of the power he possesses.

-American Dragon Theme Song (First Season)-

"Jake, there is a new mission for you." Lao Shi said as the elder dragon walked into Jake trying to balance Fu and two filled buckets of water on top of some very rickety step ladders. All a part of his Dragon Training.

Jake, surprised by his grandfathers entrance, lost his balance. The result? A now very soaked teenager grumbling about his hair. "So what's the mission gramps?" Jake asked as he wrung out his sleeves.

"Your mission is from me personally. Harry Potter is arriveing in New York and the World Dragon Council is at a loss as to what to do about him."

"Why? Who is he? Some big bad vampire or something?"

"He is an eight year old boy." Lao Shi said simply which caused Jake to face palm.

"All this trouble over a kid?"

"He's not just any kid kid." Fu Dog explained as he was blow drying his armpits. The sight made Jake cringe. "He's the old man's godson."

"Say What?" Jake asked in shock.

-Traditional ADJL Scene Transition-

"I met his parents while on a mission in Wales." Lao Shi explained as he brought out a photo album. "His parents where a witch and wizard. Lily and James Potter. "I saved their lives several times while on that mission. They where so grateful, they named me his secondary godfather. Meaning if anything happened to his primary godfather, I would be named Harry's guardian."

"So why isn't he with his parents?" Jake asked seeing the red haired Lily wave at him with who he assumed was James kissing her cheek.

"When Harry was a year and a half old, A Dark Wizard known the world over as Voldemort, heard of a prophecy. It spoke of a boy born at the end of July. Said boy would be marked by Voldemort as his equal, with the power to destroy him. Afraid, Voldemort tracked down the Potters who where in hiding. You where only four at the time."

Jake had a sudden flashback of his grandfather crying at the kitchen table. Everyone else was asleep but he had wanted some water.

"I got to know them very well Jake." Lao Shi told his grandson. "I was even at his naming ceremony."

Lao Shi turned the page and Jake saw Lao Shi holding a squirming baby with jet black hair.

"He killed them Jake." Lao Shi told him. "He killed James first." The old dragon remembered finding James' body downstairs before running upstairs and finding one Severus Snape with Lily in his arms sobbing. Harry was bawling as well with a fresh cut on his head. "Against my better judgement, I let him go with a half giant who said he was to go to his non magical aunt and uncle. The Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, had put up wards around their household that where anchored by blood. Lily told me her sister hated anything and everything to do with magic. I just hope I'm wrong about his homelife."

"So...what is it you want me to do?" Jake asked with sincerity. He'd help out his grandpa with anything.

"If you come across him, I want you to befreind him. Look out for him. And if necessary, take him from the Dursleys." Lao Shi said seriously.

"Woah woah, kidnap him?" Jake protested. "Are you sure about this gramps?"

"I'm serious about this Jake. I would do anything for Harry to make sure he is safe." The old dragon said as he looked at the picture of him holding Harry. "Your job as the American Dragon is to protect magical creatures. Those who practice magic, though they don't like it, fall into that category. So if you find out that his homelife is abusive-"

"I will bring him here." Jake finished for his grandfather. "Why do I have the feeling this is only the beginning?" He asked himself as he started his balancing act again.

To Be Continued...

Yes, Harry is half dragon in this one. Though no one knows it yet. It has to deal with the Dark Dragon. Yes he is a relative. I'm leaving you to guess how close...

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