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In a long forgotten place, down deep beneath the earth, lies a tomb. A place that no-one should find, should they unleash the darkness within. The darkness shrouds it, hides it from eyes that seek it. Waiting, patiently and endlessly for it to be opened once more. To the eyes that wish it, not the eyes that know it, will the tomb open.

The darkness is growing stronger, tendrils of it escapes even now, forming into wraiths and forming into nightmares incarnate. Soon the power within will awaken and stir and then hell will be unleashed. It is waiting slowly stirring for its chance once more.

High in the air a solitary cry is heard. It feels the darkness coming from the tomb; the evil is spreading throughout the land, only a few rare souls can fight it. The darkness will consume all light it touches and then nothing will be able to destroy it.
'It's time again I walk this earth. This time I will finish it' the solitary creature descends to the earths and rests its tired wings. 'Time to transform and become once again that which hurts' as the dawn broke the transformation began. In flames of bright orange and yellow and deep reds it swirled all around. As the flames got brighter and the heat more intense, a beam of pure white fire shot to the new sky and a cry of joy yet sadness echoed through-out the lonely field. A Phoenix has come.