It was a dark place, both in feel and sight, the air stale and warm. It was a forgotten place made for people to forget that which lurked in these dark halls. But that which is forgotten can be remembered once more. The evil that is hidden here, kept sealed away. Along these halls a figure walks, careful of the lurking shadows it walks with a purpose. Finally reaching the end, a sudden end for nothing is there; the figure brings out a book and recites in a language both strange and familiar. With these words runes flash and glow on the wall in front. Dark tendrils escape from the cracks already made. Evil is getting loose. Once more the language is recited with added power of their blood severs the encasing spell completely leaving a doorway in its stead. Slowly and noiselessly it opens from within. The once thing forgotten and caged, is now once more freed. Darkness shrouds it, evil saturates it. Nothing about this figure is positive in any sense; with this the cloaked figure kneels and bows his head in submission.

"Welcome back Dark Queen."


A/N: Well there you have it the finish story! I hope you guys have all enjoyed reading as i have writing this. There may be a sequel to this, i've got the base line planned so watch out for that.