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All of the references and reasons, I researcehd at about 3:00 and each element has something to do with a religious afterlife (for the most part).

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And so, on with the outline:

Can't Keep Us Apart

Wally tells Linda about him going into the Underworld

Wally enters the Underworld and is initially met with a giant entrance ladder. There's what appears to be an endless ladder that you must climb. The ladder is a requirement to get into heaven and all that climb it will climb it until they prove themselves worthy of heaven. After climbing for what feels (and at super speed) like months (but really only days) he sees somebody fall down the ladder and to his death. Wally is stricken. He's been climbing for months (in his mind). Going back down and saving this soul, who is already dead, would just hinder the process to get up to heaven. However, he runs down the ladder just in the nick of time to save the lost soul and therefore gains entrance into heaven (immediately brought up in a shining light) by being selfless.

A mysterious voice tells Wally that he has passed the first test to get into heaven but there is one more but they do commend him. He asks what he must do but the voice goes away and he's left alone in a white, empty space. Suddenly a confessional appears, feet behind the curtain. Wally goes and he's asked to confess his greatest sin. Wally confesses that his greatest sin is almost killing Sportsmaster. The voice says that is not his biggest sin. So he eventually confesses that his biggest sin is that he almost killed Sportsmaster and WANTED to. He gets into heaven for being genuinely sorry and asking forgiveness for his sins.

He's allowed into heaven, which is basically an endless paradise. He's dropped into Irkalla (Babylonian). Determined to find Artemis, he asks around for where he is and how he may leave. After asking around to various people for days on end (which actually takes about two weeks human time) the Goddess Ereshkigal finally hears about him wanting to leave and says he can, but there's a price. She will allow him out as long as he passes through the seven gates, making him give up something at each gate. The first gate is a piece of his clothing (goggles), second is shoes, third is gloves, fourth is his mask, fifth is his shirt, sixth is his pants, seventh is his ring from Artemis.

Next he lands in Summerland, an eternal land in which is a version of a paradise where all with or without religion may intermingle. There is so much knowledge to be soaked up in Summerland and it is so beautiful that Wally finds himself there for what feels like only days but it actually a year in reality. He becomes so greedy for knowledge about his superpowers and the future and how everything is accomplished. However, when he sees Kent Nelson (a deceased love one in which he can reconcile with) Nelson reminds him of what he must do and helps him focus long enough to leave and go find Artemis. He sends him away with his amazing cane-staff to another version of heaven.

He's next sent into Buddhist version of Heaven. This is a race against time since he is said to have only so much good karma therefore he's sent to the wheel of rebirth and he has to find a way out of there and to Artemis. He jumps aboard The Caleuche. Much like The Flying Dutchman it is a ship made of an undead crew. Since they are undead they can travel between each realm and so they take him into Jewish heaven. However, the two sisters called sirena chilota (mermaid type creatures) try to seduce and kill him but just before he's about to give into his temptations a holy figure intervenes.

Wally thanks the holy figure that reveals himself to be an inter-dimensional traveler who can travel between the other versions of heaven, he is an angel. Wally tells the stranger of his quest and the stranger is taken aback as he reveals himself to be Chris, leaving an awkward tension there.

They travel to Aztec and Mayan afterlife and see the child sacrifices there in which Wally awkwardly apologizes and another mini-quest is put into action. Someone's Jade bead has been stolen and they need to save it because it is their replacement heart. Wally and Chris search the fields and find it from the thief who is promptly sent into the Aztec/Mayan version of hell.

Chris agrees to help Wally in order to save the world but asks Wally, what if Artemis is better off with him than off saving the world, depressed and overworked? They have a testosterone fight over Artemis.

Wally and Chris travel into the Egyptian version of Heaven. Wally is balanced against the scales of the feather and proven worthy (major trust in Chris' book) and the two travel through the Egyptian Heaven. Not a very interesting chapter. Very close to Christianity Heaven.

They travel to the next 'version' of Heaven and they go to the Muslim version of heaven. Here, Wally is asked to do a miniature mission for a random passerby who insists that their loved one is wrongfully in the Muslim version of hell. Therefore Wally must go appeal to Muhhamad and Allah. He goes to find Allah and actually finds Secret by his side (which Artemis told him about) and he asks Allah to rethink that random girl's husband's fate. He says that he knows what true love is, that's why here's here, and those two have it and maybe they should get another chance and inadvertently makes a speech about loving Artemis. Allah says that his goal is admirable but pointless so he should go but Wally argues that it's not pointless and gets mad. Chris can do nothing, seeking to keep the peace within the heavens. Wally is pulled out of there before he can do anything bad. Wally, still raging wants to go back in but Chris says no and says that his speech is beautiful and Wally, still discouraged about his previous failure, agrees to go.

They arrive in Christianity Heaven and are determined to find the Fields of the Blessed. Chris, getting a tip from his best friend Gabriel, is told to find a maze and once they go through the maze they'll reach the field and from there finding Artemis will be a piece of cake.

They go off in search of the maze and find it. However, the maze is difficult and Chris cannot use any of his amazing angelic powers in the maze. It takes months for them to get out and various challenges on both their characters are tested. Wally and Chris are first tested on their will and are tested to see if they can last a week alone with nothing but empty white space, but they are separated. Wally keeps in mind Artemis and survives relatively sane and they pass through test one. Chris meditated the whole time. Next they have to solve a crazy hard riddle in under thirty seconds,

"I turn polar bears white

and I will make you cry.

I make guys have to pee

and girls comb their hair.

I make celebrities look stupid

and normal people look like celebrities.

I turn pancakes brown

and make your champane bubble.

If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.

If you look at me, you'll pop.

Can you guess the riddle?

The answer is pressure. This shows that Wally has the drive to succeed even under such hard times and he can survive the pressure and Wally gets out of the thirty seconds thing by saying that he can use thirty seconds worth of some other dimensions infinite time. Finally, the two's last test is whether or not they can work harmoniously together and so they are challenged by a physical challenge. Wally could escape singularly and leave Chris but together they can both escape. Wally agrees to help Chris and they pass through the maze. This makes a good bond between the two boys.

Wally picks a flower from The Fields of the Blessed and then they quickly find Artemis where the two have a touching reunion, confessing their love to one another. Chris watches awkwardly as a stand-by but realizes that it's for the best as he sees the two together.

Wally and Artemis spend a few months together (Underworld time) just getting back into the swing of things together and Wally even meets Jason Todd. Finally, the two realize that they're still stuck and Wally can't figure out how to get Artemis out.

Fifty Years later (Underworld time) he finally is forced to give up and say that he's ready to let go. He never did find that extra-special, one thing that Dick told him he would need to help Artemis escape from Heaven. Artemis and Wally had their time together (a lifetime basically in the underworld) and he's become good friends with Chris (they even got the Allah thing from #11 thing proved that the guy belonged in Heaven thanks to Secret) but now he has to let go and go back to reality where he belongs. As soon as he admits that to Artemis they both get sucked into glimmery light and are 'transported' back to reality where it's been five years.

They reunite with the team and everything is the way it should be and they both recover and everybody's crazy happy to see them and SuperMartian totally happened within the five-year span.

Wally and Artemis come back from the Underworld and they reveal that he reveals that he has found his 'true mate' again and that's he severely sorry that he "led Linda on for so long." Linda graciously understands and steps down and reveals that she's gone back to Brad last year when she was losing hope for Wally coming back.

Happy Ending

A/N: Once again I am so sorry for not actually writing this out, but I was done essentially leading you guys on. Also, I've been doing some cleaning out, doing stuff right, just sort of trying to FanFiction cleanse and get all my ducks lined up in an order. I do sadly apologize for this, but I really hope that what would've happened was satisfying. I will leave this story up, despite it being incomplete

The Riddle's Answer:

Polar bears are white because the pressure at the poles is low, so they have to be able to absorb heat.

Pressure makes you cry if it's too much.

Pressure in your bladder makes you have to pee.

Peer pressure makes girls comb their hair...!

Celebrities usually crack under pressure.

Many normal people will shine under pressure.

Pancakes turn brown thanks to pressure generated by the heat.

Champagne will bubble until the pressure of the carbonation has disappeared.

If you squeeze something under pressure, BAM, there it goes.

If you are "looking" at pressure, you're in it, like in an airplane, and your ears pop.