Author's Note: No one seems to have done this idea yet, so I'll give it a shot. For the record, I detest Becky with a passion. Also, there's a Firefly quote in here. I do not own Degrassi or Firefly, though they are both pretty kick-ass shows!

Under Your Skin

"Hey! Hey, wait up!" Adam shouted, jogging after the blonde whose arms were full of the discarded uniforms, "Hey! Hey! I'm talkin' at you!"

The blonde turned around as she neared a car parked on the curb, and raised a single perfectly-tweaked eyebrow, "You're talking at me?"

"Yeah, I am talkin' at you," Adam folded his arms across his chest and shifted his weight, feeling his new skate sneakers sink into the dewy grass, "Want to tell me what the hell was that all about?"

"Please, sir, refrain from using such odorous language in the presence of a lady."

"Odorous language? In the presence of a…? Look, I don't see no lady, all I see is a bitch with her panties in a wad, who needs to chill the hell out and explain to me what the hell that was about back there."

"Excuse me?" Becky tossed the piled of clothing onto the roof of her car, "No one speaks to me like that."

"Well, someone does now," Adam raised an eyebrow and nodded towards the clothes, "What part of uniform burning party do you not comprehend, princess?"

"I understood perfectly," her smile looked too pristine, almost like she had just stepped out of a Colgate commercial, and it was making Adam way too uncomfortable for his liking, "That is why I had to come. To put a stop to it. There are people in need out there who would be so grateful to have these clothes!"

"Shoot," Adam rolled his eyes, "Even the hobo livin' under the storm drain wouldn't want these clothes."

"There are needy out there, sir. And we must be the ones to help them. If not us, then who?"

"Sounds like a personal problem."

"Are you always this selfish? And so said the Lord: 'What you do for the least of these, you do for…'"

"The Lord?" Adam scoffed, "Please."

"Yes, the Lord. Jesus Christ…"

"The only time I think of Jesus Christ is when something happens and I'm tired of using shit or fuck as a cuss words."

The girl looked completely horrified, and Adam felt rather pleased with himself for causing her to, "Please, tell me you have God in your life, sir."

"First off, princess, I am not a sir. I am Adam. Sirs sit around with monocles and smoke cigars and talk politics. Do I look like I sit around with monocles and smoke cigars and talk politics?"

"No…" the girl paled a bit, "I am sorry if I offended you…"

"What's offensive is you storming in here like you own the place. This is my house. This is my party. And we will burn those clothes tonight. Capiche? And secondly, I don't want jack-shit to do with your God, alright? So why don't you and your God just get back on your high horses and ride away."

The girl opened her mouth as if to say something, but changed her mind.

"So hand me the clothes," Adam glared at her.

"And if I don't?"

"Oh, princess, you do not want to get on my bad side. Now then, hand over the damn clothes."

"You're a fire hazard, you know. Do you even know the first thing about bonfires? How to start and put one out correctly? Have you ever taken a fire safety course?"

Adam stared at her as if she was completely off her rocker, "Do I look like I've ever taken a fuckin' fire safety course? Hand over the clothes."

"No! I am taking them to the shelter, and I will see to it that they are donated in your name."

"And who said you could do that?"

"I don't need your permission."

"Wanna bet?" Adam ninjaed the clothes off the car, and held them in his arms, smirking. He raised his right lip just a little, trying to get as close to the obnoxious smirk his best friend had perfected, "Whatchya gonna do about it, princess?"

"I have a name!"

"Oh really? And I don't care."

"It's Becky, for your information."

"Seriously?" Adam chuckled, "You're name is legitly Becky?"

"Is there a problem?"

"No, not if you're some little kid from the 50s…then there's no problem."

"It's technically Rebecca…after the Rebecca in the bible."

"It would be," Adam sighed, "Well, I've got a uniform burning to commence with, so…"

"You're really going to go through with it?" Becky looked as though she was about to cry. Adam wasn't one for making girls cry, but this one was pretty dang obnoxious, and as far as he was concerned, she didn't matter.

"No," Adam adjusted the clothes in his arms, "I changed my mind. Your heartfelt speech on the plight of the poor really got to me. I was going to burn the clothes without a second thought, but now that you shared such a beautiful sermon with me…I'm going to go burn some damn uniforms! See ya, Becksters."

"Excuse me," Becky hurried after him as he headed back towards the house, "You can't do that!"

"Watch me!" Adam sneered.

Once back in the yard, Adam dumped the clothes into the metal trashcan, "Alright everyone, gather around! After a short…interruption," he glared at the girl standing next to him, looking as though she were highly considering breaking the sixth commandment, "Let's burn this shit!"

A crowd gathered back around the trashcan, cheering as Adam pulled the trigger of the lighter, "Tonight, we don't just burn articles of clothing – we burn what they stood for: authority, establishment, totalitarianism, control, Big Brother, conformity…"

"Get on with it already!" Someone in the crowd shouted. Adam shrugged passively and held the blazing lighter to the pile of clothes. A small fire turned into a roaring inferno. Adam glanced over to Becky. She had her arms folded across her chest, and she was shaking her head.

"You didn't do that for all those reasons you mentioned," she said, "You did it to prove a point to me. You did it only because I didn't want you to. You did it to upset me."

"Did it upset you?" Adam shot her a concerned glance, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Yes," Becky looked up and met his eyes, "Yes it did."

"Well then, sweetheart," Adam clapped her on the shoulder, "Looks like my job here is done! Who wants more drinks!" Adam shouted to the crowd. There was a roar of cheering, and Adam was about to go inside to get more beer. Something stopped him though, and he turned around to see Becky making her way towards the car, looking utterly defeated.

Serves her right, Adam headed back inside, wondering why then, he felt so guilty.

Author's Note: As y'all know, I have a lot on my plate right now as far as stories go, but I may continue this if you want me to. Becky is a lot of fun to write!