Okay! So! I've been wanting to write a longer story for a long time now, especially SasuNaru. So, here it is, so far. This is just the prologue, sort of showing you what the story will be about...kind of. It starts out a little slow but it will pick up. I will post the first actual chapter tomorrow, then post another chapter once a week. So, I do hope you enjoy :3

Disclaimer. I dun own the characters, but this is my story :P

He sat in the back of the room, keeping to himself. Looking ahead with his chin resting on his intertwined fingers, he listened to the speaker in the front of the room. "There are actually ways that you can study for the SAT. The booklets that you were given have ten SAT practice tests in them, all of which her past SAT tests. Now we're going to teach you some of the tricks of the SAT." He soon drowned out the speaker again with his thoughts. What did it matter to him? He already knew this all. He had taken the SAT's the previous year and scored 700 in Critical Reading, 750 in Mathematics, and a 700 in Writing. That was enough to get him into most top colleges. So why was he here?

"You! Dark haired boy in the back, what's the first trick of the SAT's?" All eyes were on him. Uchiha Sasuke. Smartest boy in the program. He sighed at the attention, and the girls sighed at him. He spoke in a monotonous voice. "If you answer a question incorrectly you are deducted one forth of a point, therefore if you are able to reduce the number of answers out of the five that you know are incorrect, you have a higher chance of it being correct, if you are guessing. It is best to eliminate at least two answers, so then the chances of getting the answer incorrect are at 66% instead of the 80% if you did not eliminate any answers at all."

"That is correct!" All eyes looked forward again, except a pair that lingered. Bright sky blue, which belonged to a yellow haired boy. Uzumaki Naruto. He smiled kindly and turned forward again. The Uchiha rolled his eyes and continued his brooding. So why was he here? You would wonder why someone so inexplicably intelligent would be a part of a program to HELP high school students to get into college. Well you see, this program is to help students with decent grades, low income parents, or parents who did not attend college, to get into college. You may be thinking, the Uchiha could simply win a scholarship from a university, which could possibly have his four years paid for, but Sasuke didn't want that.

The boy didn't yet know what he wanted to do with his life. He didn't know what university he wished to attend or what he wanted to major in. Why decide now? And what if there was that chance that a university didn't recognize him? Then what? It's not like he had parents who had nice jobs who could have started him a savings when he was young. Hell, he didn't have parents. Another reason why he was here. So here he sat, listening to this boring lecture about the SAT's which he already passed, wondering that the hell he was going to do with his life.

Everyone around him started clapping, and he suddenly was back in reality. The speaker left the room and the woman in charge of the program stood at the front. "Now, I know you all want to go home. It's five o'clock on a summer afternoon, but I'm going to hold you for a couple more minutes. Here," she said, holding up a clip board. "I will announce the room pairings for the Seniors next week." The woman started reading off the list. Oh yeah, he forgot. Lucky him, being a senior this coming year gets to stay six weeks in a dorm room, taking classes he already excels in, and sharing a room with a roommate. Wonderful. He knew almost no one in the program, other than the students from his own school, but he had no idea who the kids were from the other schools. He wasn't at all a social person. He did though pay attention. He could easily point out who was best friends with who, who had a crush on who, etcetera etcetera. Most of the girls were paired with their best friends, and most of the guys with someone from their little posse. He, himself however, did not fill out the roommate paperwork. He had no idea who he would be paired with.

"Sakura and Ino!" She started reading off the names. Sasuke came to the conclusion that if he was paired with someone who also kept to themselves, he would be fine. "Shikamaru and Chouji!" Shikamaru was the other genius of the program. Although he was lazy, his IQ surpassed the charts. Too bad he wasn't paired with him. "Kiba and Neji!"Unfortunately he wasn't paired with Neji either. He came from one of the most successful families in Konoha, which also made Sasuke wonder, how did he get into this program? "Hinata and Tenten!" Hinata too? Her father was in charge of Konoha hospital, where she would be the potential "heir to the throne" that is, if her cousin Neji didn't surpass her first. "Gaara and Lee!" Nor Gaara. He was one of the quietest kids the Uchiha knew. Almost quieter than himself. "And finally...Sasuke and Naruto!" The Uchiha sat there, emotionless. He glanced in Naruto's direction and saw the boy's outburst. "You have got to be kidding me! Tsunade, can't I have a different roommate?" the boy whined. "No Naruto, now sit down. There's only enough dorm rooms for what we have assigned. Deal with it." The blonde boy crossed his arms and sat back down. Defeated.