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What is that tickling at my ear? the raven thought, slowly waking from his slumber. He opened his eyes forcefully, trying not to let them fall closed again. He then rolled over and came face to face with bright blue eyes. "Good morning Sasuke!" the creature greeted. The dark haired boy leaned back, frightened at the closeness, then it hit him. "What the hell are you doing dobe?!" Naruto looked at him in confusion, then smiled. "I was seeing if your hair sticks out like that naturally. It looks like a ducks' ass! Have you ever noticed?" Sasuke scowled. He removed the covers and stood, making his way past Naruto and to the bathroom to shower. "What about your hair?" he said as he walked by, tugging on a spike sticking up. "There is nothing wrong with my hair!"

After the raven finished with his shower, he noticed the room looking almost as spotless as it did when he arrived the previous day. The night before clothes were scattered and the blonde's bag was open, items falling out. The Uchiha picked out his clothes and sat on his bed, which had also been made. He was surprised that the dobe actually cleaned up after himself. The raven dressed himself in black jeans with a chain, and a white button down. He ran the towel through his hair and the door opened.

"Good morning again Sasuke! They're serving breakfast, so I just grabbed us something quick to eat. That way we can start our super fun awesome day!" Ugh. Morning people. "I didn't know what you like to drink, so I brought you coffee. You look like a coffee sort of guy. And here's a muffin." Naruto handed the boy his food, but he refused the sweet treat and stole Naruto's apple he was holding. "Hn."

The blonde sat on the floor in front of his bed. "So, what are we going to do today, roomy?" Sasuke set down the coffee he took a sip of. "Nothing." "But we HAVE to do SOMETHING!" The Uchiha laid back on his bed staring at the ceiling. "You can. I'm staying here." Naruto jumped on his hands and knees on the bed beside the Uchiha. "But we HAAAAAVE to Sasuke! It's our assignment! We have to do something together and get to know eachother!" the boy whined. Sasuke sighed and turned on his side, facing the younger. "Fine. You want to do something, watch a movie or something while I lay here."

Naruto crossed his arms and pouted while proceeding to flip through the television channels until he finally came to a horror movie marathon. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the lack of a plot horror movies had, then turned on his side and faced the wall. I want to become close to him. He's the only person who's ever cared enough to want to spend time with me... But I know in the end I'll get hurt. No one truly cares. It's probably just an act that he will laugh about with his stuck up group of friends later on... A small tear rolled down his cheek.


The Uchiha woke up a couple hours later startled. Did I really sleep this late? He sat up and was overcome with an instant headache, which in response he held his head. "Ah! You're finally awake! I can't believe you fell asleep and slept so long." Naruto stood and looked down at the raven who was in pain. "Sasuke, are you alright? Are you sick?" The blonde placed his hand on the older boy's forehead. Sasuke blushed and turned away. "Hn." "I'll go get us some dinner, I'll explain that you're sick and can't come in and eat, so I'll bring it back here," he smiled. The raven nodded and watched the younger boy leave the room.

"Ahhhh! Please! Don't kill me!" The movie marathon was still showing on TV. Was he really watching these movies all day long? Sasuke was eventually annoyed by the pathetic acting and muted the film. Once again the door opened and Naruto arrived with the food. "Here ya go! I got you a salad with tomatoes and some orange juice to make you feel better. They also gave me a Tylenol and water for you to ease any pain and stay hydrated." The blonde placed the items on his night stand and sat on his own bed, digging into his food. "What is that?" pointed the older teen. "It's ramen! Only the best food that has ever graced this earth! Wanna try some?" he said enthusiastically, while holding out his bowl. "I'll pass." The Uchiha picked up his own meal and ate. How did the dobe know I likes tomato salad? The corner of his mouth lifted into a slight smirk.


The rest of their evening was spent with Naruto talking and telling stories, while Sasuke once again gave his input when needed. Eventually the raven shut off his lamp and lifted the covers. "Hey! I wasn't done with the story!" The older took off his shirt and crawled under the blankets. "I'm tired." "But don't you want to know how I snuck into the girl's bath?!" Sasuke rolled over. "I'm gay, I could care less about naked women." Naruto pouted once again and crawled under his own covers. This night he wore actual orange sleep pants and a white shirt with blue long sleeves.

The raven haired boy was almost finally asleep when he heard rustling coming from the bed opposite of his. More rustling. Tossing and turning. "Would you go to sleep Naruto?" "Sasuke." He turned over to face the other, slightly startled by the closeness of the voice. At the side of his bed stood the dobe, holding his pillow against his chest. He looked like a small child. "What?" "Can...can I sleep with you?" he said quietly, slightly embarrassed. "I can't stop thinking about the scary killers in the movies." He looked at the blonde like he was crazy. "You'll get sick." Naruto dropped his pillow and placed both hands on Sasuke's shoulder. "Pleeeeeeeease Sasuuukkeeeeeeee? Please? Please? Pleeease?" The Uchiha sighed. "Fine." He scooted to the edge of the bed so Naruto would lay closets to the wall. The smaller boy picked up his pillow and crawled over. Why am I doing this? I shouldn't be...

"Thank you Sasuke!" The raven stared up at the ceiling while giving a slight nod that the blonde probably wasn't able to see in the dark anyway. "You're a wonderful friend!" Friends...