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"No?" Erica said confused. "But I thought-"

"Nope." Olivera popped the 'p'. Erica was sure that the grave digger aka Isaac Lahey was staring in their direction. Olivera didn't care. Sure, her self-esteem needed a little work, but why should she care if someone stared at her. There wasn't that much to stare at. Just plastic rimmed glasses, a navy blue band-t with jeans and torn sneakers. There wasn't any make-up with the exception of cover-up to cover up what acne she had. Recently, there was a pimple on her temple. She never put her hair up in some cute fashion. Just a ponytail from time to time or maybe a braid off to one side; nothing fancy.

She figured that a good portion of the males here in Beacon Hills were morons anyway with the exception of Stiles Stilinsksi and Scott McCall. They had the decency not to be jerks. Even Danny was in their category because he was a sweetheart. Everybody loved Danny.

"Yeah, okay," Erica said in a tone that said she didn't believe her. "Let's get to class before we're late."

Olivera pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and grabbed her book-bag. She and Erica left the cafeteria, passing none other than Jackson Whittemore. Erica's shoulder bumped his.

"Careful Erica," he snorted. "I wouldn't want you to seize on me."

Olivera's fist balled up tightly, her nails digging into her palm. She moved to hit him, but Erica stopped her quickly, grabbing her arm. Olivera stared at her in disbelief. He always made these stupid comments and Erica always walked away. Every time a comment like that was made, a little part of Erica was torn apart.

"No, Ollie. He's not even worth it," Erica said quickly. Jackson just smirked.

"Consider yourself lucky," Olivera snapped.

"Ohhh, I'm scared of the nerd bomber. Pfft, I'd be more scared of you hurting yourself." Jackson walked on. Olivera turned on Erica, fuming. ERica could swear she saw steam risign from her head. Jackson always got her temper worked up like this. It was an everyday occurrence.

"When are you going to start sticking up for yourself Erica! Enough is enough," Olivera said distressed. "I'm sick and I'm tired of this."

She stormed off towards Calculus where she'd endure Lydia Martin next. Today had certainly been one of the worse days compared to others.

Upon entering the room, Olivera didn't see Lydia. Maybe she won't show, she hoped. Her hopes fells with a grumble when the popular redhead entered the room and took a seat behind her. Everyday Olivera wished she would sit somewhere else.

"How's my favorite nerd?" she said in a perky tone. The one that stated she was better than her. The question was rhetorical, but Olivera couldn't help herself. She made it too easy.

"I don't know," she replied. "How's the school's favorite air head?"

'Oh's' were heard around the room from the comeback. Olivera regretted it the moment it came out. She turned back around in her seat and sunk low. She felt a headache coming on quickly, and she was sure it was coming from the furious glare from Lydia that was being burned into the back of her head.

"Quiet down class." The teacher said as he entered the room. The class quieted immediately.

"Ow!" Olivera yelled and held the back of her head. It throbbed a little and faded away. She looked back at Lydia sharply who was looking up at the board clueless.

"Something wrong Olivera?" she looked back at the teacher.

"No," she gritted out.

"Then enough." Olivera sighed heavily and started taking notes. She received another hit to the back of her head, but tried to ignore it.

"You better watch yourself today if I were you." Lydia whispered to her. Olivera gulped feeling her heart pick up speed, scared. It thumped hard in her chest reminding her that she was alive and this wasn't hell. "Did you hear me?"

Olivera heard her. She sounded like the soulless ginger she was. She received another hit to the back of the head. A whimper escaped this time, but she tried to ignore it. A thwack was heard next and then Lydia hissing. Olivera turned in her seat to see Lydia whispering harshly at someone diagonal to her. Isaac. Lydia rubbed her head, a hideous anger on her face.

"Just cut it the fuck out," he whispered back.

She stuck her nose up at him and turned back around. He looked at Olivera then back at the board that had two equations from homework written on it. Olivera did the same, a strange feeling coming over her. She couldn't quite place it, but silently in her head, she thanked Isaac. How was the teacher ignoring this anyway? Maybe he was a nerd back in the day and knew that this was the way of high school, Olivera thought. It's a says every high school movie ever. If your a nerd, you get picked on for the rest of your high school career. Olivera sighed.

When the bell rang, she couldn't be happier to be out of class. She was the first out the door. Lydia managed to shove her against the lockers though as she walked past her. Olivera just slid down against them and watched as other students stepped on her stuff. Great consideration, she thought .

"I love my life," she said sarcastically as she dropped her head in her hands.

"Hey, you alright?" she looked up to see Stiles Stilinski gathering her books up.

"Fine," she said putting on a fake smile. He smiled back as he handed her books to her. "Thanks."

"No problem Ollie." He walked off towards his friends, Scott and Allison who were talking amongst themselves, their fingers intertwined.. Olivera let out an exhausted breath.

"I'm going home," she told herself. "Leaving."

Getting up, she made her way for the exit as fast as she could.

"Where do you think you're going?" She froze in mid-step out the door. It new principal.

"Home," She said. Erica who was walking down the hall saw her and stopped. 'what are you doing?' she mouthed.

"Oh?" he said.

"Yeah, you can give me detention if you want. I'm leaving. I'm not feeling well," Olivera said. Her voice didn't falter. She was too upset. And when she was upset her voice didn't falter.

The older man just stared at her without saying anything. Olivera noted his grandpa like looks. His white silvery hair, the wrinkles on his face. Underneath it all, something disturbed her. She turned and walked out to the parking lot. She screamed when she reached her car.

"Are you kidding me!" the one thing she prized, her favorite birthday present and most expensive, her dark blue Mazda. It was spray painted in white on the side with the word WENCH. Her back window had also been broken. She unlocked her car and got in. She started sobbing the moment she closed the car door. Her head fell to the steering wheel.

She jumped and breathed in sharply as the passenger car door opened and Erica got in beside her.

"I go where ever you go." She said. Olivera sniffled and started laughing.

"Why would you do that?"

"I don't know…maybe because that's what friends do dumbass. Plus, I saw Stiles help pick up your books." She said Olivera snorted at that. Of course, she thought. "Let's get out of here. Your parents know I'm staying tonight right?"

"You stay nearly every night. You have a set of meds at my house not to mention your own drawer. I'm sure they know." Both girls laughed as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Olivera dried her wet hair with her towel then tossed it aside.

"Would you get off my Facebook?" she said snidely.

"You got a friend request." Erica wiggled her eyebrows at her.

"You say that like I don't have friends." Erica just shrugged trying not to laugh.

"Thanks. Who is it?"

"Isaac Lahey." She said. "Wait, that's the son of that grave digger at the local cemetery."

"Your point?" Olivera asked.

"Maybe he wants to stalk you then bury you." Erica laughed.

"Yeah, that totally it." Olivera said sarcastically. "Now get off my computer."

Erica held her hands up and moved from the desk onto the bed.

"How'd your parents take the vandalism?" she asked as she pulled her hair up into a ponytail.

"They're down at the station talking to the sheriff."

"Do you know who did it?"

"I have a feeling."


The two moved onto more familiar subjects as they laid down to go to sleep.

"He sees you. That means he sees me right?" Erica asked.

"Yes, Stiles sees you. You do need to make contact though. It's not a one way street where he says hi and you say uh…." Olivera laughed. Erica hit her playfully.

"Funny Ollie, real funny." Erica chided.

"I know, I keep telling my parents I should be a comedian and not a Vet." Olivera chuckled.

Erica yawned still smiling and turned over. In minutes she fell asleep. Olivera didn't though. She just laid there and stared up at the ceiling. Tomorrow was a new day. That's what she told herself. She told herself that every night before she went to sleep.

"Erica." She whispered. A snore was all that she got in reply. Olivera got up and went to her computer grabbing her glasses along the way. She was blind without them. Moving the mouse, Facebook was still up. It was a pointless social network really.

"What are you doing on so late Scott?" she mumbled. The two talked from time to time. Stiles was on too. Olivera thought about saying hello, but decided not to. She looked up at the friend request. "Whatever, it's not like we'd actually talk. The only who talks to me is Erica."

She accepted the request. Moving to go back to bed, there was a ding sound. Erica grumbled something incoherent and turned over. Olivera looked back. There was another ding. For a moment it felt like a horror movie, but she just shivered it off and sat back down at her computer. It was Isaac.

"Well…" she mumbled to herself.

"Ollie?" Erica said waking up. The bed was empty. She looked around the room filled with posters of Olivera's favorite bands. She found her best friend asleep at her computer. "And I have problems?"

She got up, stretched and went over to the computer. Moving the mouse, the computer woke up and showed a chat box up between Olivera and Isaac.

"You talked to him all night?" Olivera shot upright from the sound of her voice.

"What?" Olivera said groggily. She stretched out her arms and yawned still sleepy. "I only slept two hours?"

She looked at the clock down in the corner of her screen groggily. Erica snickered and gestured at the pattern of the keys from the keyboard on Olivera's cheek. Olivera rubbed her cheek.

"I'm hungry," She said.

"Good. I think I smell bacon downstairs," Erica said with a hint of glee.

"Mmmmm bacon," They both said at the same time with drool.

The best thing about the weekend? No school. No bullies. No one walking all over you since you're invisible.

Olivera didn't go to parties or the lacrosse games of Fridays. It was a pointless excuse to go and get drunk then have one night stands. Today, she and Erica went to the auto shop to get her car fixed. The great thing about it was that she didn't have to pay for it.

"Wow, that looks bad." Erica looked away from where Olivera was filling out a few papers to see Stiles standing beside her with a pitiful look. How had she not seen him there? She was always hyper aware of him.

"Huh?" That'd prove Ollie wrong, she thought.

"Ollie's car. I heard it was vandalized."

"Oh, yeah." She half laughed. "What about you? What are you doing here?"

"My jeep is trying to die." He said with a nod towards it. He looked over past the blue Mazda where his jeep sat up on a lift and a mechanic was under it taking a look at.

"Sounds like a bad funeral," Erica blurted. Stiles smirked.

"Kind of," He laughed. The mechanic called him over to discuss what would need to be done to the jeep. "Are you serious?"

Erica snorted as she heard him exclaim it. Leave it to him to get a little dramatic, but make it seem hysterical.

"I see you can speak." Olivera said coming to stand next to her, having finished the paperwork for the work needing to be done on the car. Erica just nudged her.

"What's the damage?"

"They said they'll fix her up, and that I could pick it up later tonight," Olivera said. "I'm happy I don't have to pay for it. The bill is expensive. Dad freaked when he saw the damage."

Erica winced getting a perfect image of him freaking out. HE wasn't much of a yelling, freaking out person. He was calm and collected and rational, but this made him irrational real quick.

"Where to then?" Olivera didn't hear her. Her attention was directed a black Camaro parked across from the shop. Her curiosity was piqued when she saw Stiles get in the car with the man who drove it. Derek Hale. He glanced at her for a second before driving off.

Both girls knew the rumors about him. The huge fire that took his family and then him being accused of killing his sister.

"Umm…" Olivera said as she watched the car pull away. "Wait, what?"

"Where do you want to go while we wait for the car?" Erica said slowly.

"Anywhere within walking distance," Olivera said with a shrug as she still thought about what she saw. Those two don't even register as one in the same. Stiles and Scott made sense. Derek and Stiles? No. She didn't know a single thing about Derek except that the whole town thinks he started the fire that burned down his house and killed several members of his family.

"So easy to please." Erica smiled as she linked arms with her.

The two spent the next five hours wandering around town going in and out of the little shops that they had been to dozens of times and having lunch.

"Hey look," Erica said pointing across the street. Olivera looked then looked away. "Is there an interest?"

"No," Olivera squeaked in a hushed whisper. The pounding in her chest grew harder.

"You two talk all night and there's nothing? Either he likes you or is a stalker."

"He tried sticking up for me in Calculus. That's it."

"You're into the grave digger," Erica said in a sing song voice. Her face scrunched up as she thought about it even more. The two had never really spoken much, then again, Isaac didn't talk a lot to begin with. That was just how he was."That kind of reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe."

Olivera chuckled.

"A little."

"He's staring at you," Erica then said. Olivera just sighed and fixed her glasses. They were smudged again. "Ollie, I love you. You're like a sister and you take care of me. But if you spend your life alone you'll hate yourself."

He walked in the opposite direction of them across the street. Erica looked over her shoulder to see him looking back at them , his bright eyes fixed on Olivera.

"I do hate myself on some days," Olivera said sullenly. She hugged Erica around the waist. The two of them headed towards the coffee shop at the end of the block. It wasn't a quaint place they came to sometime. They served amazing food.

They sat down and each ordered what they wanted. A bacon cheeseburger with waffle fries fro Olivera and a BLT without mayonnaise and chips for Erica. Olivera's stomach always thought bigger than what she could really consume.

"Why don't you consider contacts?" Erica had asked this question multiple times as did her parents.

"Because I don't mind glasses."

"Even though you get picked on for them?"

"People are obnoxious jerks." Olivera stated. If people could only see what was on the outside then they had the problem not her. She didn't like always having to look bitchy, but protection herself was had. High school was a warzone and it was there were a lot of people against her.

"Say how you really feel why don't you?" both Erica and Olivera cringed at the voice and Saw Jackson coming out of the shop with his girlfriend on his arm; Lydia. She held a carry out bag in her other hand. Her nails were bright red.

"No problem," Olivera started ignoring the kick under the table from Erica. "You two are perfect together. You're so perfect that you couldn't find anybody else that can put up with your bullshit."

That feeling of regret washed over Olivera again. She wasn't good at putting a sock in it and would suffer for this one. The couple glowered down at her. Olivera swore she saw her pathetic life flash before her eyes, and now Erica would be dragged down with her.

"She has a point." Olivera's eye widened at the sudden agreement. It wasn't from Erica. She was looking behind Olivera. Olivera looked up. Isaac was leaning over her as he stood behind her with his hand on the back of her chair. "Look at you two. It's amazing you've lasted this long."

"See you on the field Lahey," Jackson growled. He pulled Lydia along to his Porsche that was parked at the end of the block. He hissed at Lydia who didn't understand why he didn't just put them in their place.

"Thanks." Olivera said as he sat with them.

"No problem Ollie," he said with a shrug. She caught the small smile thrown her way and so did Erica.

The three of them hung out for a while until Erica had to go. Her parents wanted her home early tonight.

"I'll see you on Monday," she said puchign back her chair and standing.

"Are you sure you don't want me to go with?"

"I'm epileptic not dying," Erica laughed.


"Bye Ollie, Isaac." She nodded at both of them.

He waved a little awkwardly, his arm not lifting from its place on the armrest of his chair; just his wrist. Olivera smiled and watched her go. The remaining two were well relaxed around each other now and could talk easily as if they had known each other for years. Olivera decided it was much better to talk to him in person. He wasn't exactly high up in high school either. He didn't have the reputation that Jackson did. He was higher than Erica and her though. He was on the lacrosse team. He told her how life at home wasn't the best all the time. He preferred the dead people in the cemetery to being home. The two also talked about why they didn't talk till now. He made her nervous, and she never saw him much except in class. she fidgeted with her fingers underneath the table.

"So, you know my home life sucks. How's yours?" he asked.

"I've known Erica since I was three, and my parents love me since I'm the good little nerd who never does anything. I'm the only child," Olivera said. She scrunched her eyebrows together wondering if that was it. "Yeah, that's it. They bought me a car last month for my birthday to show that."

Isaac chuckled and ran a hand through his curly locks. She watched the movement closely, biting the corner of the bottom of her lip. Erica was right, she was into the gravedigger. That didn't mean he wasn't into her though. Friendship, that's what this was.

"I saw your car."

"I know, I need to learn to be quiet when talked to," She mumbled.

"I was going to say that I'm impressed. You've stood up to the likes of Jackson and Lydia since grade school. The only other people I know that do that is Scott and his mini gang."

Olivera nodded. She looked down at her phone. Mom had messaged her about being home late.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"Nearly seven," She replied. Isaac's eyes widened with fear.

"I have to go," He said suddenly, his voice quaking. He was up and gone before Olivera could say bye.

"Okay…" she mumbled. She had to go check on her car anyway. Thinking about it now, she could also ask Stiles about Derek if he was back at the autobody shop.

The walk was slow, and the sky got darker while stars peaked out one by one then two by two, lighting the sky along with the crescent moon. Olivera could name all of the constellations easily. Her favorite was Orion. He was a strong warrior. A fighter. Continuing to walk, she nearly walked right past the auto shop.

She saw Stiles in the office. He was arguing with the same mechanic as he had done earlier today. Olivera shook her head at the spazzing teen who raised his arms annoyed and made her way to her own car. It looked brand new. The spray paint was gone and the window fixed. It's like it never happened.

"Yay!" she squealed and hugged the hood of her car.

"You're lucky that we could get the spray paint off." The mechanic had left Stiles to fume in the office. Olivera pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and lifted her eyebrows. The way he said it sent shivers down her spine and made her uncomfortable. His eyes violated her, looking down at her toes and making their way up.

"Whatever. Can I have my keys?" she said ignoring all of it. He's just a perv, she thought. She didn't look directly in the man's eyes. He pulled them from his pocket and held them out. Going to grab them, they were snatched out of her reached. Olivera huffed. This is not happening, she thought. "Just give them to me."

"Ohhhh, and what would you do for them?" he asked in a playful yet slightly sarcastic tone. Olivera's heart beat picked up like it did yesterday when Lydia threatened her. Discomfort of this situation settled in the pit of Olivera's stomach. She looked back towards the office. She saw Stiles's back towards then through the window of the office. He was on the phone.

She grabbed for the keys again, and he grabbed her wrist roughly. His eyes were cold and hard, making Olivera even more nervous and scared.

"Let me go," She demanded. Then something happened. It was too fast for her to get a good glimpse of, but it flashed and the mechanic fell to the ground underneath Stiles lifted car. Olivera's eye went big as she stood there. The mechanic just looked up at her terrified. "Ow!"

A stinging was felt at the back of her neck. She reached back and touched it. Blood layered her fingertips. She rubbed them together.

"I can't feel anything." She muttered then collapsed to the ground. Her whole body had gone numb, and she couldn't move. That thing paralyzed me, she thought, panicking. She could see and all, but speaking was a difficulty as was trying to go anywhere. "Hhheep."

Her call for help was pathetic just like her, and right now she was screwed. Dead screwed maybe.

"Oiiee?" Stiles. Had he been stung too?

Olivera looked around the room with the limited movement she had with her eyes to see if whatever had attacked them was still there. Looking up, she saw it. It was still there, and it was on top of Stiles's car pushing it down on top of the mechanic who was also paralyzed beside her.

Tears fell down Olivera's face as she screamed and watched the monster on the car crush the mechanic. His body twitched beside her as it died from being crushed by not only the lift, but the added weight of Stile's vehicle.

"o awaaay!" Olivera managed. The monster jumped from the car and hovered over her. Its yellow snake-like eyes stared into hers with its scaly arms on each side of her body. She couldn't see it perfectly clear since her glasses were fogging up from her sobs, but she did see its creepy eyes specifically. With every thought pointing to her dying in her head, the monster ran from her to the office where Stiles laid. Then a crashing sound echoed through the auto shop.

"Oiiie?" Stiles called. The hollow tone in his voice was noted.

Olivera didn't know why she didn't die right then. She knew she should've. It would've been better than going to school Monday.

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