Voldemort held baby Scorpius in his arms while Bellatrix folded up his tiny sleeve. Scorpius looked up at Voldemort with his big blue eyes not knowing what was about to happen to him. Bellatrix handed Voldemort his wand and the Dark Lord smirked. Draco shut his eyes tightly, willing them not to leak. Luna stood next to him with wide tear filled eyes. Voldemort lifted the wand and placed it on Scorpius's arm. Instantly Scorpius let out a small wail and began crying and squirming in Voldemort's arms. His cries filled the room and Luna couldn't take it anymore. She rushed forward but two Death Eaters roughly pulled her back, gripping her arms. Her own tears were blinding her as she screamed her baby's name. Draco looked away; wanting to leave the room but Snape held his wrist and gave him a warning glance. Luna screamed and cried as she watched her baby in the Dark Lord's arms. Draco clenched his jaw as a tear slipped down his cheek. Luna struggled against the Death eaters but they were stronger then her. After a while, Voldemort smiled in satisfaction and held up Scorpius as if he were a trophy.

"Welcome, the newest Death Eater." Voldemort yelled.

The room was filled with cheers as glasses clanked together as the Death Eaters rejoiced. Voldemort's tight lipped smirk never left his face as he placed the baby in Bellatrix's arms. Luna's eyes were red and more tears ascended from her already swollen eyes. She collapsed on the ground and cried softly. Draco watched her fall and he felt guilt dampen him inside. Voldemort exited the room and the Death Eaters followed him. Bellatrix gave a crying Scorpius to Narcissa and left as well. Snape was the last to go and he closed the dining room doors behind him, leaving Draco, Luna, Lucius and Narcissa holding Scorpius inside. Narcissa bent down next to Luna and placed her arm around the girl's waist. Luna looked up and Narcissa smiled sadly at her before pulling her into a hug. She smoothed down her hair. After they pulled apart, Narcissa handed Scorpius to his mother. Luna hugged him tightly and kissed every inch of his face. The baby looked at his mother with a tear stained face. Luna held him close to her chest.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you." Luna whispered.

"Luna dear, don't blame yourself. None of this is your fault." Narcissa ran a hand over Luna's hair.

"It is my fault. I couldn't protect him. I couldn't protect my own baby."

"What is done is done. We can't change the past but we can decide on the future." Narcissa folded Scorpius's sleeve back down to cover the dark mark on his small arm.

Lucius walked towards Narcissa and pulled her up. He tried not to look at Luna's sad face.

"I am sorry." He bent down and placed a kiss on Luna's and Scorpius's foreheads. "If this is anyone's fault, it is mine."

Luna looked at him and managed a small smile.

"If you need anything, tell me. I'll make sure you get whatever you want." Lucius said before turning and walking towards the doors. He looked at Draco once.

"She needs you and so does your son." Lucius left the room and Narcissa followed after kissing both Luna and Scorpius. After they had left, Draco slammed his fist against the wall.

"Fuck! Damn it!" He yelled in anger.

Luna looked at him with pain filled eyes. Draco cursed under his breath before walking towards Luna and sitting down next to her. He placed his arms around her and pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry Luna." He whispered against her hair. Luna silently cried on his shoulder.

"I shouldn't have done what I did. I was a coward who couldn't do anything for his son." Draco's eyes finally gave in as tears ran down his cheeks.

"You knew this would happen didn't you? You knew the Dark Lord would use our baby." Luna looked up into Draco's sorrowful eyes.

"Can I hold you for a while? Just for a bit of comfort?" Draco asked Luna.

Luna nodded and Draco pulled her closer. Scorpius clutched his mother's dress and his other small fist found Draco's black cloak. The small accidental family clung to each other, knowing they were all they had left.