Prompt : Invading her dreams while she sleeps. Well, not really invading. Rather, chasing the bad dreams away telepathically.

She'd fallen asleep in the Jump Seat. Again.

The Doctor doesn't mind: it's not often he gets the chance to see her like this. The soft peacefulness about her as she sleeps is something that makes his day. And it never ceases to amaze him when he turns, mid-ramble, to find her like that. He often specifically works silently for several hours afterward just to steal glances and smile to himself.

But, until now, he'd never seen fear there.

He looked up from his last bout of tinkering – he'd planned to only be half an hour so that he could move her to her room – to find that the soft almost-smile she usually has is replaced by a look of terror. "Nnn… Doc… tor…" she mumbles, still asleep and calling for him to save her in the dream.

"Shhh…" He's at her side in a moment, carefully moving her to be on his lap and curled into him. "I've got you. I'm here, Rose."

She's still whimpering and making other slight sounds of fear in her sleep, trembling slightly. He frowns and brushes some hair from her face. He uses the slight motion to kiss her forehead as his fingers brush telepathy points, sending calm into her mind to try to help her. And while she does quiet slightly, the look of pain and fear still lingers.

The Doctor sighs and whispers a soft, "I'm sorry," before cupping her face and closing his eyes. It's easiest to enter another's mind when everything else is blocked out.

He'd always thought the experience was like falling down a rabbit hole: Everyone has different thought patterns that you're shoved into after a moment of darkness. And her dreams… Well, they're not what he was expecting.

She wasn't the one in danger. He was. And she was trapped and forced to watch.

But now he can lead her dream to safer ground.

"Rose!" he calls out, running up and shocking the main villain, "It's a hologram, a program. They're just doing this to get to you." He then ends up fighting the villain, taking care to make it almost exactly like one of the recent encounters they had, and gets her out of the prison – all of which earns him a giant hug from her.

He just holds her close, letting them sink to the ground for a moment since she wasn't exactly in the most comfortable of mental prisons. The place she was locked in was so detailed… Either she has an active imagination or she's taken up his habit of saying, "I'm fine," and not telling him what he rescues her from – something he makes a mental note to watch out for from now on as he comforts her.

"It's okay, we're safe now," he says, letting the dream shift on its own… With a bit of a nudge from him towards safer ground.

Moments later, they're… In the TARDIS. And she's at the kitchen table with them in the hug, which he pulls back to see is over the fact she made him banana muffins for breakfast. "Brilliant!" he laughs, easily digging in. Even if it's a dream, who says you can't enjoy a good banana, even in a muffin?

She grins at him, her tongue just showing between her teeth, and reaches to the side. There's a slight shift about her that The Doctor can't quite pinpoint as she says, "So, Doctor…~" She smiles at him, something quite a bit different about her now, and asks, "Would you like some whipped cream with that?"

He looks up at her mid-bite and just blinks at her, not sure where the husk in her voice had come from. Her cheeks were dashed with a subtle pink hue and her tongue was running over her top lip before catching between her teeth. He momentarily forgot about the muffin hanging out of his mouth.

She raises an eyebrow and shakes the can before putting just a dot on her finger. She then locks eyes with him, flicks it with the tip of her tongue, and then puts her entire finger into her mouth just to pull it out far too slowly than any reasonable person should. He nearly chokes on his muffin as he swallows, his mouth suddenly dry.

"R-rose," he stammers, the man who talks a mile a minute finally stunned into silence. He doesn't need to say anything, anyway: She repeats the amount of whipped cream, but dabs it just on her lower lip, looking much nicer than simply white-on-pink. Then she's leaning forward and his mind doesn't have time to try and find everything with those colors or work out why his breath is suddenly short, because her lips are on his and they're sweeter than just the confection she added. There's something inherently Rose and it's sweeter than any sugar could be.

He's not exactly sure when she moved into his lap, but the contrast in body temperatures certainly pulls an interesting sound from her. It's lower than he thought girls could reach – Oh, wait, that's him. Well, that certainly explains his arms around her waist and, from the sounds she's making, he can't be too unpracticed.

Then her hands are moving and, though her fingers swirl in something rather close to Gallifreyan, the overall downward trajectory is more than enough to bring him so his senses. "N-no, no, R-rose, we can't!" he gasps, the fact that his fingers only clutch a bit harder at her not helping his case any. Oh, he was going to pay for this later.

"Who says we can't~?" she asks with a smirk, slowly working open the buttons on his various layers, "Seems to me, there aren't exactly critical differences in our anatomy~" She moves her hand between his legs and squeezes just to prove her point, pulling a satisfying groan from him.

"Nn, R-rose, but still, ah…" His explanation on exactly what was stopping them gets cut short as her fingers wind their way inside his trousers. His hips buck up of their own accord – and when did his hands move under her shirt!

He's literally just about to protest – something about interspecies and moral values – when things start to fade and she slips out of REM sleep and into a peaceful slumber, allowing him to pull out of her mind… And back to his own, now acutely aware of his altered physical state.

He takes several breaths, careful not to shift lest he make his problem worse, and eventually convinces himself his legs will support them both. Once he's got that down, he carries her back to her room. As always, he carefully lays her down, taking off her shoes and tucking her in… But, this time, he lingers just a hair longer, taking her in with new eyes. His Rose… He never would have thought…

Of course, he then has absolutely no desire to tinker. Instead he… Takes care of the aftermath of the dream, a much more vivid experience than he'd previously thought possible, and falls into a bit of a troubled sleep. Because this changes everything.

To be continued…