Prompt : Invading her dreams while she sleeps. Well, not really invading. Rather, chasing the bad dreams away telepathically. (Part 2)

A week passes without any mention of the dream, Rose seeming to not remember it or at least not realize that he was a part of events.

And then she makes him breakfast. Banana Muffins, to be exact.

The pair are actually mid-hug when they both freeze, hit by the same memory of the dream. "Right," Rose says, "Well… I, erm, certainly hope my cooking is better than my mum's~" She chuckles sheepishly, biting her lip as she watches him take a bite.

It's as good as they had imagined and is more than enough to temporarily let him drop his guard. He hums in appreciation at the first bite and says simply, "Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic, Rose. Thank you!" He takes another bite and follows one of his more manic whims, thinking 'Oh, what the hell~' Just as she relaxes and takes a sip of tea, he asks, "So, do you have any whipped cream?"

He barely hides his smirk as she chokes on her tea, only just having caught herself in time to not have it spray everywhere. "E-excuse me?" she asks, coughing.

"Sorry," he says, hastily appearing apologetic, "I love your cooking, I do, just that I thought it might be…" He smirks and looks up in mock thought, taking a moment to suck one of his fingers clean before raising an eyebrow at her to say, "More, ah… Succulent?"

It's Rose's turn to gape, just blinking rapidly for a second before her mouth starts to work. A hand immediately runs through her hair as she says, "Sorry, come again?" The way she's looking at him now, trying to figure him out… They both know that he saw the dream, by now. She's just not sure that she isn't dreaming again.

The Doctor just smirks, wiggling his eyebrows at her before saying slower, "I was just wondering if you thought about adding whipped cream, here-" He gets up and gets some from the fridge, adding, "Let me show you."

He shakes the can as he walks back towards the table, popping the cap off and squirting some of the foamy sugar onto his finger, his smirk barley contained on his face. It only takes a moment for him to reach her, leaning in and getting right at her eye level, dabbing it on his lip. She smirks, too, this time, and easily takes him by the tie to pull him into a kiss.

Soon enough, he's the one seated again, her straddling his lap as they both go at each other. Only, now, there's no hesitation. He knows exactly what she wants, this time, his hands moving with much more confidence. Somewhere between the moans and groans, between various and shifting states of undress, she manages a breath of, "Why didn't you tell me you saw, I could have done this a week ago!"

Her moan at his clever fingers finally exploring under her bra is kissed away before he replies, "Didn't, ah, know exactly how to- gnh, broach the subject."

Before long, words are a little past both of their abilities. The only time they finally stop, panting heavily, to look at each other and make absolutely sure is when they're both stripped and she's hovering over him. But that one look is all they need – all they ever need, really – and it's hours later, when they're sprawled out on the floor, completely spent and curled up together, that either one can truly talk again.

"So," Rose says, tilting her head slightly to look at him from her sop on his chest, "Banana Muffins. Who'd have thought?" She grins, tongue poking through her teeth, and listens to his low chuckle.

"Yeah. Who'd have thought?" He grins at the ceiling, rubbing his eye, before just smiling fondly at her.

He brushes some hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear as she asks with a smile, "Should this be a regular thing, then?"

He just beams, "Rose Tyler… I'd be honoured to share your cooking again."

He flashes her a grin, kidding, and earns himself a play smack. "Oi! You know what I mean!"

The two laugh softly before he looks at her, barriers down. "Yes," he says simply, cupping the side of her face, "I think it's safe to assume I want this to be a regular thing."

She smiles and kisses him, his pink and yellow girl, and, from then on, she never has another nightmare. She feels too safe curled into his arms every night to be scared.

((A/N: Thanks again to My Doctor, my muse, and my lovely, lovely beta: Imarriedmyfandoms! Seriously, this would not be nearly as good without your help!))