1 Chapter One: Prologue

I never wanted to be a part of this so-called ghost hunting experiment. I was never interested in it, but he offered to pay me good money. This man, Cyrus Kriticos, also accepted and treated me like a human being. You see, I'm not like most humans, I'm what you call a psychic. Someone who can predict the future and all that crazy, phenomenon shit. Only my gift is more like a curse. Whenever someone touched me, I get visions of their lives. Horrible images that I wish I could not see. Another negative about my so-called gift, whenever I come in contact with a human or spirit, I have seizers. So you see, I'm cursed.

In case you're wondering, the name is Dennis Rafkin. Why was I here? My first instinct was to get my money, but now I'm not even sure why I stayed. I was locked in this dammed house and I was the only one to blame. Poor Arthur, Kathy and Bobby. They were stuck in a mess, which they didn't even deserve to be in. Cyrus was dead and he gave the house to his nephew, in his will and testament. So why was I during all this? What was my connection with the family? Their Uncle. Like I said, he treated me fairly. Only that's what I thought at first.

Turns out he was just using me for my powers, so he could collect his ghosts and become the most powerful humans on Earth. I know your thinking, "Okay this guy has lost his sense of reality." But trust me its real. All of it. Okay, I guess your wondering how this could be all possible real, so let me start from the beginning, when I first met the old man known as Cyrus Kriticos.

He called me one day while I was at my house. "Yea?" I answered, sharply.

"Dennis Rafkin?" An odd voice asked.

"What do you want?"

"How would you like to make some money?"

"Yea, I'm listening."

"Well I need someone with you capabilities who can help me with the unexplained."

How had this man known I was Psychic? "Unexplained? Where are you getting at?"

"Ghosts, Dennis. Have you ever wanted to see an actual ghost before?"

"Depends if I would actually enjoy the hobby of going around finding them."

"If you can help me find the lost spirits, I would gladly pay you want you want."

"What if you don't have enough money for my needs?"

"Don't worry about that. I'm sure I could cover what you wanted."

I thought about it for a moment. "No."

"Come on Mr. Rafkin. What could possibly be the matter?"

"Matter? You want to know my problem? Try having everyone's past in your brain. Try going into seizer's every time someone touches you. That's what the matter is."

"You won't be going into actual contact with any living humans. These are in fact dead people, so it won't effect you. They have no flesh to touch, they're just spirits."

"You said you'd pay me anything?"


A silent moment. "Fine. I'll do it."

"Perfect. What I need you to do is meet me at Winchester Park at 6am tomorrow and we may begin the search. I need you to pinpoint where the spirits are actually residing. Don't worry about locations, I have that all figured out. I just need you to tell me where they are."

This was going to be one of those days. The man explained that he was a ghost hunter, named Cyrus Kriticos, and that he wanted to study further development on them. After telling me who he was, Cyrus gave me directions to our first location. It was a nice quiet town, with many kids. Great. Just the sound of human contact got me agitated. Lucky for me, we didn't have to be there until the morning.

After I hung up with him, I decided that I better take a nice hot shower. Maybe that would relieve my stress. My head was killing me and I didn't actually have a good feeling about what was to happen.