Chapter Seven: The Angry Princess

"Dana Newman was a beautiful one, but she was also emotionally depressed. Diana never thought she was beautiful enough and she tried everything to improve the way she looked to achieve perfection, but she soon gave up and killed herself," Erin read on the paper.

"At least she's only harmful to herself," I joke back.

"No. It says here, that after dead, she would attack anyone who she believed to be prettier than her. Her parents have tried to sell the house, but every time someone always manages to get hurt, mostly female. And just recently, Dana grew jealous of her mother, was hospitalized.

I sigh, "That settles that. Erin, I don't want you coming today. Please sit this one out."

"I'll be fine, "she shrugs it off.

Sitting in the car, we wait for the others. Arriving early, Erin and I wanted to get to the next ghost sighting before anyone else. Tired of Cyrus and his self-centered attitude, I'm surprised he didn't fire me on the spot when I snapped back. I was sure he would fire me, but he needed my talent and didn't lecture me or talk to me for that matter after another one of this crew died.

"Dennis look," Erin whispered in surprise.

I turn my head to her direction and instantly spot Kalina and Damon sneaking into the side of the house. "Damn, they beat us to it."

"Not yet," Erin spoke and opened the car door silently.

"Erin, please. I don't want you in there," but she didn't hear me, for off Erin went.

Cussing at myself about something bad happening, I quickly followed Erin to the front of the house. If they were going one way, then we would go another. "They're not getting this one before us," I hear Erin say and I'm surprised that she feels up to the challenge.

We don't have our Latin cassette and we sure as hell don't have the glass containment, so capturing Dana would be near to impossible. Perhaps Kalina should catch this one and then we could steal it back when Cyrus got here, but stealing wasn't on Kalina's game. She wanted to set the spirits free, let them go to wherever it was that spirits went to once passed on.

Creeping up to the front door, Erin opened the screen and didn't bother to knock, for she then opened the main door and stepped inside. "Don't worry, there's no one alive living in here. Her parents moved away a couple months ago and put a rent sign up."

'That makes me feel so much better," I lie. "Our only company is the thing we have to catch.

Not sure if Kalina and Damon were already inside, I followed Erin up the stairs and into the hallway. She seemed to be really fond of exploring this ghost and didn't even hesitate when she found out about poor girls being attacked. "Erin? Can I ask why you're so curious about this spirit? I mean, about Dana?"

She doesn't look at me, but speaks. "During college, I knew someone who had the same problems as Dana had. Depressed, but also Bi Polar. She'd cut herself and whenever I tried to help, shunned away from me. Never once, did she call out for help and one day, her roommates found her dead. I was one of those roommates. Dana may not have the same qualities as my friend, but I think she needs help."

"So you think that by communicating with Dana you'll be able to solve your sadness of your friend?" I question.

"Yes, that's what I'm hoping."

"But how can you calm down a spirit that were supposed to capture and not set free? How can that bring you peace of mind?"

"I don't know. It just feels like it's worth a shot. Bring peace to both our restless souls."

I'd never known Erin to ever feel this depressed. I'd only known her during my middle school days and after that, she vanished out of my life. Now, years later with her back in my life, she seems changed. Less happy and more willing to give up then fight. Walking into the bathroom, I take out my glasses. I know this is where Dana murdered herself. The vibes all around this room are being directed right towards me and as I shiver, the white spectacles hang on my nose.

Looking around, I don't see anything, even with the glasses, but I do feel a sadness around. Maybe it's Erin's aroma that is so saddening that I can't feel Dana's. "Do you feel that?"

"Yes. It's Dana alright."

Good. So it wasn't Erin after all. "Where is she?"

"I don't know. She should be here. This is indeed the spot where she committed suicide."

"We should check around the house. She if maybe she's visited Kalina already."

"Hmm. You think Dana is jealous of Kalina's looks?" Erin laughs.

"I don't know. I mean we haven't heard any screams of someone being attacked."

"Oh very funny," a distant voice shouts and draws closer.

"I think she heard that," I peered at the door.

"Have we not graduated from high school yet boys and girls?" Kalina comes huffing through the door. "And for your information, no, we haven't seen Dana either."

"What are you doing here?" Damon asks.

"Same question applies here," Erin says.

"You know damn well what we're doing here!" Kalina yells.

For some reason, Kalina's response to being in high school is sounding very much indeed the truth. I watch as they argue, Damon too being silent. He knows as well as me not to get in between the fight scene of two women. The results could be deadly. But soon the nagging sensation ringing in the males ears are silenced when both Erin and Kalina are quickly grabbed and thrown into the bathtub. Damon stares at me and we both know who it is.

Standing in the nude, covered in gashes and drained of all her blood is Dana Newman, or The Angry Princess. Erin stares wide eyed as Kalina gasps in shock as a steel blade is quickly seen in the ghost's hands. "Do something," Kalina yells.

"Like what?" Damon responds.

"Get her off!"

The knife digs deep into Erin's arm, as she yelps in pain and Kalina let's out a small scream. This isn't going exactly as she planned and starts to panic. "Where is Cyrus?" Damon freaks.

"Yeah, about him. We decided to get here early."

"Great plan you moron," Kalina screams as she watches Dana in horror. "See what you've done. You pissed her off. How am I supposed to get her to calmly pass over when she's trying to kill us?"

"I haven't done anything. It's your damned fault!" I scream back."

Tears drip out of Erin's eyes as the blood drips onto her clothes. In pain, but not showing fear, she keeps her calm, while Kalina yells like it's everyone else's fault. Dana quickly grabs a hold of Erin by her shirt and lifts her out of the tub and forcefully rips off her shirt. The knife in hand, Dana gashes upon Erin's bare flesh, wound marks appearing. I can't stand the sight of her being torn up, but can't stand the thought of Dana's memories coming into mine. I stare at Damon.

"Get them out of there?"

"Why me?"

"Because you're the only one who can touch another being without going to epileptic shock."

Damon stares at me hard and swallows. "Fine."

Kalina stays still, watching in horror as Erin is attacked. Damon steps up top the toilet seat and reaches for Kalina's hand as she's pulled up out of the tub, unnoticed by the attacking Dana. If he moves any slower, Erin's going to die. I yell on the inside, watching hopelessly as Erin's blood drains from her body. God, Damon isn't going to save her in time. It's all my fault. Why did I have to be born with this stupid gift?

As I think all is lost for Erin, I suddenly hear a Latin recording playing into the house. Dana stops and turns, looking past the three of us standing there and disappears. Rushing over to Erin, I want to pick her up, but can't. "Dennis." She says.

"Yeah?" Tears begin to form.

"Remember what I said about us. Close your eyes, don't think and give me your hands."

I nod and do so, feeling myself lift Erin out of the tub and cradle her between my body. I feel her warmth, I don't think about the pain of life. I stay still and let the happy memories fill inside my head, all the while knowing that Erin is safe in my arms and alive.