"I got you Bruce, I got you. Come on, I know you got more in you." Tony's hands gripped the spurs of Bruce's hips, his fingertips denting the sweat-slicked flesh and he thrust into the tight heat that threatened to consume him, each stroke battering at the scientist's prostate and self-control. The man shuddered with a pained moan and he grasped Tony's wrists and crouched over him, pinning his wrists to either side of his head.

"Stop it dammit. I...I can't," Bruce moaned and licked at Tony's lips, his jawline. Not-too-gentle teeth were applied to the philanthropist's bobbing Adam's apple as another shudder ran through him, his olive skin changing to a greener hue. Muscles bulged and rippled, his moans turning more feral and animalistic. His hips stuttered and he slowed as a rolling wave of hesitation washed through him, he wouldn't make it this time, he was on the verge of the Change and he couldn't-

"Don't fucking stop, dammit!" Tony growled in his ear, surging into Bruce's tense and rippling body, watching as the man's eyes acquired the golden glow. He loved how those eyes looked, all dangerous and sinister and god if it didn't get him hard on a dime.

Bruce had gained at last another sixty pounds of solid bulk and was still growing, but the power behind each rock of his hips put stars in Tony's eyes and made his head spin just that much faster. His fingers were tingling, the grip on his wrists more vise-like and fuck he was close.

"Come on!" he snarled, goading the half-formed beast into giving him more, giving it to him harder.

It was only too happy to comply. Though, judging by the hoarse and heavy panting paired with a totally loss of any rhythm, Bruce wasn't too far behind him.

"Come on come on come on come on come on!" Tony chanted and arched, thrashing from between the now massive green thighs that held him in place. A growl was all that answered as Bruce rode him, battering at his own prostate with the cock of the only man to care, the only man to trust him enough to do so. It wouldn't be long until he was arching, a bellow echoing through Tony's halls as he came, his flesh churning and roiling around him in time with the waves of pleasure that rockets through him.

"Tony.." came a half-human growl and fingers closed around the smaller man's throat and Tony lost it, coming with a startled gasp and moaning through the orgasm with a choked-out sob.

"Fuck... fuck.." Tony's voice was hoarse, rough and totally wrecked. Bruce kissed him, willing his heart to slow, wanting to maybe curl up next to the man on the couch that lay barely a foot from them. Tony didn't mind his Other Side, had stated that he even kind of liked it, but the Big Guy wasn't a cuddler and couldn't be convinced to just sit and and bask in post-coital bliss. No, he'd want an immediate second round and despite Tony's open-minded curiosity, they hadn't managed to get the Hulk's monstrosity of a penis to penetrate any part of Tony's anatomy.

Though it wasn't from lack of trying, however.

He felt a kiss on his forehead and shaky fingers brush his damp hair away from his now normal (albeit sweaty) forehead.

"Almost got it this time," Tony chuckled. Bruce stretched out alongside the other man's body, locking together fingers and resting them on Tony's stomach.

"You won't give up, will you?" he murmured into Tony's shoulder. He felt it shake with quiet laughter, looked up to see Tony's wide and toothy grin.