Chapter 3: Fatal Hurricane…

"XD-002, I summon you. Come to battle and stand by my side. Shadow Lugia 2.0, COME ON OUT!"

With that, Ian tossed the spinning ball up, releasing the Ultimate Shadow Pokémon for the whole world to see. "Now SYNCHRONIZE!" the beast's Trainer shouted, and then… He fell. He just dropped as his entire consciousness entered Shadow Lugia. And when the Sync was completed the tyrant finally opened his eyes, red like blood, and roared.

{Ah, it feels good to use XD-002 again. Morpheon, you ready?} the Shadow asked the pink Eeveelution, who nodded. {Fifteen minutes, right?} Morpheon asked Ian/Shadow Lugia Version 2.0. {Yeah, the same as my Limit Mode. Alright, you take the Electrivire, Zekrom is mine.} {Won't be a challenge to beat them both, although the Zekrom is pretty decently trained.} {I agree completely, Morpheon.}

"Right side ready?" the referee asked Axel, who nodded, grinning. "Left side ready?" he asked Ian, only to see him out cold. "Ian is not going to wake up until we finish the battle. Yes, we are ready." Lugia send to the man, who looked surprised. Nevertheless, he nodded. "This will be a two-on-two between the team of Zekrom and Electrivire and the team of Shadow Lugia and Morpheon. Fight!"

"Zekrom, Dark Pulse. Get that thing out immediately. Electrivire, kill the pinkie with Thunder Wave and Thunder." {As if! Morpheon, Ground-type. SHADOW RUSH!} the Lugia roared, and charged in with a Volt Tackle-like attack, slamming its body cloaked in dark power into the Zekrom. The huge Dragon-Electric-type roared in pain as it got fried with 4x normal damage while the Lugia winced thanks to the recoil. Roaring, the great dragon almost struck the Psychic-type with the Dark Pulse.

Electrivire, meanwhile, had resorted to Brick Breaks and Thunder Punches to try and take Morpheon down, but to protect himself he had shifted to a Ground-Ghost-type, using Protect once in a while, simply bugging it as their team lost more and more points.

{AARGH! That HURT, you know?} SL shouted as he got hit by a Dark Pulse. {Time to pay! Morpheon, retreat, NOW! SHADOW STORM!} the Lugia shouted in anger, summoning two enormous black tornadoes, then making them slam into Zekrom, dealing 4x damage once again. {ENOUGH! DARK BLAST!} Zekrom roared, striking the Lugia with the dense blast of dark energy, the bird dropping down in pain.

Lifting a huge foot, Zerkom was preparing to crush the Legend. Bad move, as if it had waited it would've seen the dark aura surrounding SL going red as his mind stopped functioning properly due to his emotions causing his Shadow Energy to go haywire.

{GRAAH!} SL roared as it shot up, actually PIERCING Zekrom's foot in the process.{Oh, no!} Morpheon mumbled as it used Psychic to move Electrivire. "Bad news, people. Ian's emotions have caused the energy within Shadow Lugia to go completely haywire! He's out of control and in a state known as Reverse Mode. Do NOT send your Pokémon out, as Ian will not attack humans just yet, but Pokémon will risk their lives if they fight him. Thank you." Morpheon pulsed around. {SHADOW END!} SL shouted as he prepped a single blast of energy powerful enough to rip Zekrom to shreds with its 4x effectiveness. {ZEKROM, OUT OF THE WAY!} Morpheon shouted, slamming Zekrom down and taking the blow instead. {… Ah, shit… That… Actually hurt me… Urgh…} he said as he exploded, covering the entire field in pink gel, the shock of the cold liquid hitting his face returning Ian to his senses for a little bit. {ZEKROM! DARK BLAST ME, FULL POWER!} SL shouted, Zekrom gladly obeying as it blasted SL with the deep black energy once again. Several seconds into the attack, an explosion rocked the field…


Suddenly, a large black bird fell out of the beam of dark power, hitting the ground, knocked out. A flash of light occurred as Ian's eyes FINALLY opened. Checking the clock, he saw the entire exchange took under two minutes in all. "Shadow Lugia, return." he said, pissed off at the amount of damage caused. (At least Shadow Blast was not used.) he thought.

"Morpheon? You ready to continue?" "Anytime." "Perfect. Morpheon, use REFORM!" the Trainer ordered, the Morpheon gel glowing a little bit as it floated off of the faces of the crowd, the referee, the MC, Pokémon, judges and the field and shot back to Ian. Then, the DyNA Pokémon slowly REFORMED, the blobs of liquid gel taking on the shape of limbs as they fused, wounds healing and energy returning. This process took about fifteen seconds. "Feon! Morpheon!"/{I'm back in the game!} Morpheon shouted, and Ian just grinned at the many amazed, confused and even shocked faces he was seeing, before taking a deep breath. "Really? Wonderful. Iron Tail Zekrom, then Brick Break Electrivire and Bolt Rush Zekrom. Finish it off with Earth Shaker!" {Gladly.} {Morpheon? You just died. How did you- ARGH!} Zekrom asked before it got smashed down with Iron Tail. Morpheon then KO'd Electrivire with a single intense Brick Break, then slammed himself coated in a field of dense flux energy straight into Zekrom's stomach, making it double over once again. And Morpheon ended this battle with a single massive earthquake, one so powerful that the whole Sinnoh region shook. "We win. Good job Morpheon."

About 30 minutes later…

Jack's POV

(Now where can that girl be? No matter where she is, I'll bet she is there with Mr. Perfect.) I thought in annoyance, still searching for my girlfriend who ran off as soon as the match ended and Ian left.

"Ah, there you are." I heard that one angelic voice mumble. "Yeah, here I am. I need to get the Shadow Energy I absorbed out of my system, so I decided to have a drink. Want one as well?" Yep, Mr. Perfect is there as well… I ran off towards the voices. "No, thanks. I really should be getting back to Jack. You know, thank him and say my goodbyes." Those few words stopped me in my tracks. (She's really dumping me for HIM? That bitch!) "Um, Jack? Maybe you shouldn't think such things near my brother, him being a mind reader and everything…" (Oh, shit.) was all I could think before a white-haired guy slammed me into a wall, face first I might add. "You should start thinking about just WHAT you are going to think before you actually think that. Same with speaking, by the way." a mostly monotone voice whispered in my ear, the hand slowly crushing my neck. "Ian? I think you're choking him… Mind letting go?" "Oh, sorry, Terna." "You should apologize to him." "Ah, I would rather not, you know?" "Okay. Sorry, Jack. Worth a try, though." (I agree.) I thought, Ian letting me go, causing me to drop down a few inches. "Take a few deep breaths and come in." the Trainer ordered me as the duo entered their room. I followed his order, took a few deep breaths and stepped inside.

Once I entered the room I saw a scene that explained a lot about how Ian created his appeal combo. What I saw was Terna playing with a bunch of thin beams of light, twisting and bending. I actually noticed something. (Wow, Terna actually looks pretty cute like that, playing with light beams in every color of the raimbow.) "I know, right? I like seeing her like that as well, so I break light up and use it as an interface to play a little game with her. Want something to drink?" "Depends. Are you going to poison it and what the bloody hell are you drinking!" I exclaimed as I saw Ian sip from a clear light blue substance, one that seemed to glow as well. "Why would I poison you? I mean, sure, I dislike you, we have our differences and we both want my little sister to come with us, but nevertheless, you helped her get here, helped me get here and helped us meet again. So the least I can do is thank you and offer you a drink without poison. Here." Ian said as he threw me a small crystal computer, which I caught. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was made from a brightly glowing blue crystal. "How do I activate this thing?" I mumbled, just as the screen flashed to life. "This list shows you a rough description of how everything I have tastes. It also has several search options, which I suggest you use, by the way. It is a very long list." he finished drily. Grinning, I tapped search and scanned for sweet alcohol, the list giving me about 3500 hits. "I told you it was quite the long list. I suggest you try a Glowing Moon, one of my specialties. It is a blue-silvery drink, clear, pretty sweet, a soft flavor. A bit like sugar water with fruit. It has an alcoholic percentage of 5.3%, so you can have a lot of it too. The only bad thing about it is that it, like my own drink, glows. Although that is not really a bad thing, but most humans consider drinking glowing substances very bad." Typing it into the search bar, I hit Scan and found one entry:

Glowing Moon

Origin: Original

Base flavor: Sweet

Specific flavor: Sugar water-like, soft sweet drink, often served with fruit. Often mixed with a hint of usually either apple or strawberry, although Glowing Moons can be mixed with pretty much any fruit, although bitter and spicy fruits are not recommended. Goes very well with sweet or sour fruit, and some people also like their drinks with a hint of salty fruit. Easily adaptable to individual tastes.

Design, presentation and look: the Glowing Moon in a clear blue-silvery fluid, usually served in a sparkling clear glass, either colorless, light blue, light cyan, blue, cyan, grey or silvery or in a glass made of Silverstone or moon stone, preferably cleaned and shined.

Unique properties: Glowing Moons can be very effective to regain energy, and people who drink it while sick usually recover exceptionally fast. Some people, mostly ones with a very bad immunity system, drink Glowing Moons a lot as it has been reported that a lot of people experience a temporary or even permanent increase in immunity. It can also neutralize addictions, drugs, viruses and over 97% of all known types of poison. Very advised for people that can get sick easily and very often.

"… I guess it is kind of a cure-all, huh?" I asked Ian. "Yeah, kind of. A medicine useful in almost any situation, cheap, useful before, during and after a disease, an antidote, addiction therapy, drug cure and drink, all in one. It also tastes pretty good." I actually pondered for a little bit. "… Eh, why not. I would like one of those things." "Fruit? I guess strawberries would work for you." "Yeah, sounds good." Ian grinned, then placed his hands on the wall and pulled them away diagonally, creating a large black field with green lines like a hard drive running along the edges. "Drink Mixer." he said, pulling out a large machine. Humming a simple lullaby Ian swiped his hand over the screen, activating it. He then typed in 'Glowing Moon, basic version, strawberry variant.' And the machine opened, Ian taking a bunch of things out. Grabbing a glass out of the hole Ian poured several liquids in, added some sugar, stirred it and poured a little bit of strawberry juice in as well. He stirred once again, then stirred the other direction once, quickly, causing the drink to turn a faint silver. He shook it, and it became a clear grey fluid. He shook it some more and the stuff started to glow as it turned blue in the clear crystal glass. "Here you go." Ian said, handing me the drink. "Ian? Can I have some milk, please?" Terna asked him. Smiling at her, he handed her a large bottle of milk he got from Arceus knows where. Thanking him, she rapidly drained over half the bottle in one go.

"So…" I started. "So… What?" Ian asked me. "Well," I explained, "We both want your sister to join us. How are we going to fix that?" "Hmm… Well, I was originally planning on letting Terna decide, but you can not accept her choice, it seems. Like it or not, I am still her brother and legal guardian, so I have the right to take her away from you by force if I need to. However, I do not like using force against a mere human, so I propose that you accompany up to the Spiron region and become my rival. Of course, we WILL have to get you a Starter first, as your current party does not cut it at all." "I see. That sounds like a good plan, other than the Starter. Why do I need one?" I asked Ian, hoping he would explain. Which he did. "Starters in Spiron are Level 50, a level that fits in with the maximum of Level 1000 of the Pokémon from Spiron. Most regular wild Pokémon above ground vary between Level 25 and Level 950. Also, a lot of Shadow Pokémon roam Spiron Surface, hence the Spiron Underground. The Spiron Underground is our main area, where our cities and stuff are. We also have a total of 46 Gyms and Badges, namely on for each known type: Ground, Normal, Ghost, Fire, Water, Grass, Flying, Bug, Ice, Dark, Steel, Psychic, Rock, Poison, Fighting, Electric and Dragon. We also have a few MORE types: Sound, Light, Zero and Sky, along with the Omni-types and a Special Gym for each of these 22 types. We also have a Shadow-type Gym and a Master Gym. Anyway, you require all 46 Gym Badges to enter the League. Now, to challenge the Elites you first need to defeat several trials. After the Elites you fight the Champion for the cup. After THAT you can still fight against the Battle Frontier, with me as the number-one of Spiron standing at the top of the Frontier, waiting in the Battle Dimension, waiting for somebody to clear the brutal 500- and 999-win streaks."

To say I was impressed would be an understatement. I mean, if what he said is right, then he got 46 Badges, a place as Champion in the Hall of Fame, beat the Spiron region's Battle Frontier, including a 999-wins streak and then he beat the strongest Trainer in the region. Wow. "Well, actually I am the strongest Trainer in the world, possibly multiple worlds, and I was never beaten as the Champion, I resigned. And drink your Glowing Moon. It does not get any better if you keep stirring it, you know?"

Looking down I saw the glass still filled up, the bluish fluid swirling inside it. "Well, I accept." I said, raising my glass. "To Spiron!" And with those words I took a big gulp of the shining drink.

Truth to be said, it tasted pretty nice, like strawberries.

Ian's POV

"To Spiron." I said after him, taking a sip of my own drink. And if you were wondering, mine tastes like… No idea, really. A very sweet substance, sweeter than sugar, yet not disgusting. A very odd drink. Smiling, I took another sip, letting a warm feeling spread through my body. And just as I was about to finish my drink Axel burst in.

"IAN! I'VE HEARD YOU'RE GONNA LEAVE! I CHALLENGE YOU TO A FULL BATTLE, DOUBLE!" he shouted, so I punched him in the gut to shut him up. "Fifteen minutes, arena, Spiron rules." I hissed in his face, then I threw him out and locked the door.

"Terna, where is my Snag Machine?" I asked her, so she replied with "Still in the Eternya Mansion. I suggest you use Cyberspace to get there." I nodded and turned to Jack. "Keep her safe and entertained." I ordered him, then I jumped into the hole in the wall.

With a small flash I reached by bedroom. Ignoring the room itself I grabbed a device from the bed and returned through the portal.

"Back." I said, putting the Snag Machine on and linking it to my glove. "If you only left for about five seconds, then why tell me to keep Terna entertained?" Jack asked me, so I explained that my portals could have dropped me off anywhere.

"Alright, so now we move this thing…" I mumbled as I picked my Drink Mixer up and threw it back into my Cyberspace storage. I then closed the portal.

"On to victory." I said, grabbing and enlarging a single sphere as I charged my White Aura in my right hand and my Black Aura in my left. After I completed my charging, I grabbed my headphone, swung it around my neck and Teleported the three of us to the battle field.

Normal POV

Ian was bored, floating in midair as he sat down on an imaginary bench, crossed legs and all. He even started shooting crystal targets with his bow, sniping at a speed of about 5 bulls eyes per second, hitting the centre every time he let an arrow fly.

Terna, meanwhile, was simply zapping people. She pointed at anybody she saw, sending a shock of 250 volts through their bodies. Every once in a while she would make people do strange things by using the electrical current in them to control their bodies, making them trip or something.

Jack was happily staring at Terna. That is, he was, until a silver arrow struck the tree, missing his nose by about one tenth of an inch, a note attached to it. Looking in the direction the arrow came from, he saw Ian's hand over his shoulder, making it likely he tossed the arrow that was now embedded into the tree, the tip stuck a foot deep into the wood. Taking the note, Jack was unsure whether he should laugh or shout. It read: Stop staring at my little sister. Ian

A few miles above the trio another girl, this one with forest green eyes and clothes, was watching the bunch waste time.

"It's almost time to awaken, Ian. Prepare yourself." She whispered before vanishing in a burst of green light, rose petals floating down from where she disappeared.

A.N.: So, Tera makes her entrance. What does she mean by awakening Ian? Why is it that Ian, Terna AND Tera can all use something so much like Teleporting? How can Terna control Lightning, and why does Ian have control over both Aura AND Space? Not to mention this: Why am I asking you this if I know the answers? You will see in Chapter 4. Bye, guys!