I am attempting a 100 theme challenge. These will be various sizes and various pairings, some will have no pairings, and others will have multiple! Enjoy :D

Chapter 1 – Day 1

Theme: Introductions

Pairings: N/A

Words: 702

Clawd sat on the couch, listening to Draculaura read him a story. His mother and father had been in a flutter in the early morning, calling Draculaura and begging her to watch the three wolf siblings. She had come over immediately and helped his mother into the car before coming back in and sending Clawdeen and Rocks back to bed. Clawd refused to go back to bed, so Draculaura made him some breakfast and then they watched cartoons.

Clawdeen came downstairs, rubbing her eyes and yawning. She asked if her parents were back yet, but the answer was no. She climbed onto Draculaura's lap and cuddled into her side. "When will they be back?"

"They won't be gone for too long," she replied softly, in her Romanian accent that Clawd still thought was funny. He moved over and cuddled up to her as well. "When they get back, you'll have two new siblings."

"I hope they are boys!" Clawd said straightening up, grinning, "Then we'll be able to chase cars together!"

"No! Boys are stinky!" Clawdeen shot back, shaking her head, "I want a little sister," she frowned looking up at Draculaura, playing with a lock of the older girls hair. "Tell him."

"I can't exactly say," Draculaura giggled at the two of them, "However, I'm sure if you do get a little sister, you guys will be protective and loving of her." Clawd made a face and Clawdeen smacked him on the arm. Draculaura scolded her, shifted them on either side of her, and sighed. "You're parents are going to have a handful," she giggled shaking her head.

Draculaura got up after a second and told them to be good. Then she headed up stairs to check on Rocks. Clawdeen shot her brother a look. Clawd crossed his arms and went back to watching the movie that the television was playing.

Lunch rushed passed, so did supper. Clawrk phoned, asking Draculaura to spend the night with the children. They would be coming home before supper the next day. After that, Draculaura allowed Clawd and Clawdeen to watch a movie until they both fell asleep. She moved them upstairs before hanging upside down from the roof in the closet and closing her eyes.

Breakfast sped by, and so did lunch. Clawdeen made a card for her mother, and Clawd found a stick in the back yard, and excitedly declared that was his gift to his mother. They waited in the living room, excited and rushing around. Cheering that their mother was bringing home two baby siblings. They had not been this excited since Rocks birth.

The sound of a car pulling up had them trying to open the door, but after being scolded by Draculaura, they backed up and waited patiently for their father to open the door. Their mother opened the door, carrying one of the car seats with a baby boy inside. She held up her finger before Clawd and Clawdeen could start making noise.

Shortly after, Clawrk stepped inside, carrying two car seats and set it on the floor before shutting the door. Harriet bent down and held her arms open. The two of them rushed to their mother and hugged her tightly. Whispering how they missed her, and then she let them see their new siblings.

"This is Howldon," she murmured pointing to one of the sleeping babies, "This is Howie," she pointed to the middle one, and then pointed to the smallest one. "This is Howleen, your baby sister."

"Why is she so tiny?" Clawd whispered leaning forwards. Harriet smiled softly.

"She's a baby, Clawd," his father ruffled his hair, before turning to Draculaura and thanking her.

"She's tinier than the boys though," Clawd fussed, his eyebrows coming together.

"She just needs time to grow, she's fine," Harriet reassured, "You'll just have to be extra caring towards her, okay?"

The two older children nodded, and then Rocks started crying loudly from the playpen. Waking the triplets, who proceeded to cry loudly as well. Draculaura giggled and Clawrk rushed over to silence his son while Harriet worked on trying to calm down the three babies.

"Well, this introduction went well," Harriet, mused as she gently rocked her babies.

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