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Chapter Nine


I'm in love. I fell fast and hard. I always told my self that I wouldn't fall in love until I was one hundred percent sure it was real. I'm sure. I've never met a guy like Austin. He just makes me feel… you know. I can't even explain it.

I was working in Sonic Boom today. I had to go up to the storage room to get some more guitar picks from the bowl on the counter. I heard my dad talking on the phone.

"I know, I know, but I would have to shut down the store." He paused. "Ally is going to be so upset. Her senior year is starting soon and she has this new boyfriend. She really cares about him, the two are practically inseparable." There was another pause. "Alright we'll start packing, see you in a few weeks."

WE'RE MOVING? Oh no, what about Austin. I can't leave him. I expected that maybe we would have gone to different Colleges next year, but I didn't' expect to be separated so soon. We've only been going out for a month. I can't go. I can't.

I got the picks and went back to the counter. That's when Austin walked in. Oh no, should I tell him now? Or wait until I know for sure what's going on?

"Als, guess what? The concert I'm having next week; is so sold out. Isn't that awesome?" He said with a huge smile on his face. I didn't want to spoil his mood.

"Yeah." I said with a smile fake smile then pretended to be looking at the guitar picks.

"Ally, what's wrong?" I knew he could see right through my expression.

"Austin, I don't know how to tell you this but-" Before I could finish he cut me off.

"Are you breaking up with me?" He said with a look of confusion and horror on his face.

"No, no." Then he smiled of relief.

"Don't scare me like that Als, so what is it?" He asked.

"Austin, I think, I'm moving." That look of horror came right back on his face.

"What? No. You can't. Why?" He said.

"I don't know, I overheard my dad talking and he said he was going to have to close the store. He said he knew I was going to be upset about it because I had a new boyfriend that I really cared about." I almost started to cry but I stopped my self because I didn't want Austin to get more upset.

"Ally, what about senior year? What about us?" He said with sadness.

"I know but my dad obviously has to leave for some reason, I'm not old enough to stay here alone." I told him.

"You can stay Trish, or even me. My parents love you, I'm sure they won't mind." I knew my dad would probably not like the fact I was living with my boyfriend. And I could never ask Trish to do that for me, I know how much her parents struggle with just Trish and her brother. I shook my head at his statement.

"I'm going to talk to my dad and figure out if there is some way I can stay." I told him before walking up to my dad's office.

"Dad?" I said as I walked in and saw him doing some paperwork.

"Hey Ally-cat what can I do for you?" He asked.

I decided to just come out and say, "Are we moving?"

"How did you-" Then he realized I must of overheard. "Yes, I'm sorry Ally-cat. I know you don't want to leave Miami but there is nothing I can do. Your Aunt Lucy called and said that my mom, your grandmother, is very sick. Aunt Lucy can't take care of her and work at the same time. She asked if we could take the year off and go live with them in Washington."

"Dad, I'm sure they don't need both of us, can't I stay here?" I asked.

"I know they don't but where are you going to stay? You can't stay at our house alone, you're not old enough. Don't worry it will be for a year."

"In a year it will be time to go off to College anyways Dad." I protested.

"This is about Austin isn't it?" I nodded at the statement.

"Look I will try my best to see if there is anyway you can stay with one of our relatives here but there are no promises."

"Alright." I said knowing there was a small chance of me getting to stay here because the relatives that live here barely even talk to us. Since they are my mom's relatives.

I walked downstairs to see Austin playing the piano, well he was playing the same key over and over again. He always does that when he's upset. I sat beside him on the bench.

"I'm moving Austin, to Washington." I said with my head down.

"I'm not letting this happen." He said before kissing my cheek and rushing out the door. He had that look in his eyes where he had a plan.

When I got home that night my dad had already started to pack stuff up. I ran right up to my room and closed the door. I couldn't stand the thought of being so far from Austin. Also, what about Trish, she's my best friend. I'm not going to be able to live especially at another school without them two.

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