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Gibari stood leaning against the railing as he looked out at the sunset for the look out at the cloud passage. Sunsets on Diadem were beautiful, always had been, but now that the five nations were back on the ground again the ocean that surrounded them reflected the sun's ray perfectly. One of the many reasons that Gibari preferred sunsets was that the colours were soft. The oranges and red and pinks that were cast across the sky were soft and receding, ready to fade into the night as the moon rose to take its place.

He liked sun rises too, but the light was always so bright and demanding and it just didn't sit right with Gibari. Sunsets gave him hope. Hope that the sun would still rise in the morning even though the darkness was rising to claim it. It just reminded him of everything he and the others had gone through, and that although it had seemed impossible at times and that how at some points it had seemed as if the world would be plunged into eternal chaos, that it had all worked out. And that now the world was better off for everything that had happened.

The vibrations on the ground alerted him to the fact that someone was approaching from behind. Before he could turn around to see who it was, the all too familiar scent of Savyna invaded his senses. He'd never admit it, but to him she smelled like wet leaves, like the smell that would surround you in a green house. He wasn't too sure why, maybe it was because of the time she had spent in Anuenue, but it seemed to stay with her wherever she went. He liked it because it wasn't too overpowering, instead it was a light scent that matched her personality.

"Savyna! Didn't expect to see you here! What'cha doin in Diadem?"

Gibari hadn't seen Savyna in a few months. Since Xelha had died he hadn't seen much of the old team. Then again, with Lyude being in the position that he was he didn't expect to see him too often. It was too hard for Kalas to go out right now and Gibari could understand why, poor kid had lost everything he loved. He hadn't seen Mizuti but he hadn't really expected to and Savyna had taken up a job as a chef and had been busy working.

Savyna shrugged, "I came to visit you."

Gibari nearly choked. He really should have expected a blunt answer as he'd never known Savyna as someone to sugar coat things. He laughed a little as she leaned on the railing next to him and gave the back of his neck a rub.

"Well uhh… thanks Savyna. How goes the career as a chef?"

He saw her grin out of the corner of his eye and relaxed a bit, "It's a learning curve. I think I've improved and I haven't managed to burn anything else down."

Gibari laughed in earnest this time. That had been an awkward call, one that he could remember very clearly. He'd shown up to her home to see smoke coming out of every crack. For a moment he'd thought she'd been in danger only to get inside and see that she'd only managed to set the food on fire.

He grinned, "Well that's a relief."

Savyna nodded and they settled into a comfortable silence looking out over the water. It had always been like that for them, always able to just enjoy the presence of other people without the need for words. Gibari personally preferred to talk; he liked to laugh and make jokes but he knew Savyna was a more conservative person and that she thrived on silence and being left to her own devices.

"I wanted to thank you, Gibari."

Gibari raised an eyebrow as he turned to look at her, "What do ya mean?"

Savyna looked back out over the ocean, "Do you remember back in Azha village? That little girl who was yelling at me? Calling me a murderer? Everyone wanted to know why and I don't blame them. But you convinced them to let me have my privacy and to let me do what I had to do. And now that I've made amends I just wanted to thank you."

Gibari couldn't help it when he rubbed the back of his neck. He hadn't expected that. He hadn't really thought it to be a big deal. He liked his privacy at times so it was only fair to extend that courtesy to others.

"It was nothing Savyna. Really. Everyone deserves their privacy, especially when it's something personal, ya know?"

Savyna nodded and they fell back into their comfortable silence. As Gibari looked out over the water he couldn't help but notice that the sun had almost set. Soon there would be nothing left but the dark of night. Something that was not easy to navigate in. Even though he knew these parts like the back of his hand it could still be dangerous with another person and even worse if they were attacked by a hungry animal.

"We should probably be headin' back in now. You got a place to stay for the night?"

He felt her hesitate and grinned a little, "You can stay at my place. Come on."

Gibari felt a strange sense of pride when Savyna did nothing but nod and join him and they started to head back to Nashira. He had always loved Diadem at night, the sounds and the smells and just the feel of the place. It was probably because he'd been here his whole life that he felt so comfortable in it at night.

When they arrived back at Nashira the village had settled down for the night for the most part. Gibari led them to his place and got out a set of blankets and a couple of pillows. He didn't have a spare bed but he was more than ready to camp out on the floor. Most of the houses in the immediate village were small because the only people who stayed in them were the fishermen. He might not have been able to offer her a spare bed but he could sure as hell offer his.

"I know it's not much but make yourself at home. "

Savyna nodded, "Thank you, Gibari."

He smiled and nodded, waving his hand in dismissal. "Don't mention it, see ya in the morning." He nodded once more before turning around to get set up camp for the night.


He pivoted on his heel to turn to see what the matter was but before he could ask his world was turned upside-down as Savyna's lips collided with his. Without thinking his hand rose to cradle the side of her neck and he spun them around so he could back her up against the wall. When he felt the thump as they collided with the wall his reason kicked in. What was he doing?

He pulled back, breathing hard and looked at Savyna. She didn't look much better than he felt, she was flushed and breathing heavily too. After a moment her hands fell from his chest where they had been trying for purchase moments before. He didn't know what to say as he looked down at her, what was there to say?

Before he could say anything Savyna's hand came to rest on his own that had remained on her neck. He was still speechless when she pulled him down for another kiss. This one was slower and he took the time to explore he mouth. She tasted like mint which only seemed to add to her scent that was invading his senses, making his mind go more and more offline. Her hands had returned to his chest and his mind reeled when the trailed over his abs.

He pulled back but used the hand on her neck and her hip to keep her from trying to move just in case she got cold feet and tried to get out.

"Wow… what was that?" His voice sounded hoarse in his own ears but there was nothing he could do about it. Nor was there anything he could do about the fact that she was shutting down in front of him. He should have expected it, after all it was Savyna, but it still hurt to see her shutting him out; especially after what had just happened.

She wasn't looking at him anymore, her muscles were tense and it was Gibari's best guess that she wasn't finding the right words and it was frustrating her.

He pressed another kiss to her lips and felt her relax under him. He didn't want her to feel frustrated; he wasn't going to force her to do anything. He understood that talking wasn't something that Savyna was accustomed to and the last thing he wanted was to lose whatever they had just gained.

When he pulled back he smiled faintly when her head fell to rest against his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and rested his chin on the top of her head.

They stayed like that for a long time. He could feel the tension completely leave her body the longer they stood there. Her arms were wrapped loosely around his waist and he could feel her hair tickling his chest. What he wouldn't give to be able to untie it and run his fingers through it.


Gibari couldn't stop the grin that spread over his features, his name sounded like a demand but he knew she had more to say.


"Stay with me. Please. Until I fall asleep."

Gibari couldn't help raising his eyebrows. He hadn't known Savyna for that long but everything she was saying was out of character for her. He knew that she didn't like to show weakness, she was defiant to the end from what he'd seen. It was somewhat disconcerting to see her like this. It was like seeing a mewling Rock Cat; didn't add up.

Nevertheless he pulled back with a sharp nod, "Sure thing Savyna."

When she looked up at him he could have sworn she was smiling at him, but it was gone as soon as it came. Replaced by an expression of tiredness. He could sympathize with her; ever since things had gone back to normal everything that had happened had slowly hit him. He'd been exhausted when he'd finally been able to get a good, unhindered night of rest without having to worry.

Gibari smiled before going back out to the front room to get his pillows and whatnot, what he'd left on the bed probably wouldn't be good enough for either of them. Before going back into the room he slipped off everything but his pants, leaving them on the table. His hair fell down in front of his eyes and he grinned, man did he ever need a haircut. He hadn't gotten on since before the whole saving the world routine began.

Running a hand through his hair to keep it out of his face he grabbed his things and went back into the bedroom and was immediately glad the lights weren't on. It wouldn't be very gentlemanly for her to see him drool, which was something he was considering. From what he could see he wasn't the only one who had gotten ready for bed. Savyna has stripped down to her basic body suit, the material that adorned her legs and arms was now gone and the pale ebony colour of her skin stood out against the night.

He looked down as he set up his side of the bed, he could feel the bed dip when she got in on the other side. He couldn't help but notice that she taken the ties out of her hair, it fanned over the pillow and it was nearly impossible for him not to touch it. When he got into the bed he felt no awkwardness, and he was glad for it. None of the teenage, hormone fueled lust to take control of them now. After all, he was in his mid-thirties.

Never one to sleep on his back he rolled onto his side and was yet again surprised when Savyna curled into him. Her head rested under his chin, her arm was resting on his side and her legs tangled in his. He still couldn't believe what was happening. It was if something had drastically changed within Savyna that made her starved for human contact and he couldn't help but frown as he pulled the blanket over them and brushed her hair from her face. He knew he's have to ask her in the morning but for right now he just closed his eyes and gave himself over to sleep.

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