Chapter 1: A Mission in a Warm Place

The Grand Councilwoman paced back and forth in the office, frowning, when the doors open and the three uniformed officers ran in.

"Captain Gantu, reporting for duty." The largest one saluted.

"Galley Officer Reuben, reporting for duty," the yellow one added, saluting as well.

"Officer Amy, reporting for duty," the human girl to Gantu's left said, joining in the salute. The Grand Councilwoman smiled – it had been three years since she had seen Amy for the first time, and the skinny, withdrawn 17-year-old was replaced with a calm, confident woman. She looked at Gantu.

"Very good. I have called you here because I am assigning you a mission on Earth." The Grand Councilwoman said, and spotted the glint in Amy's eyes. "Do you remember the virus that overtook the ship three years ago?"

"Yes, ma'am," Gantu said, and Reuben and Amy exchanged glances. How could they forget? Amy had been the one to defeat the virus, with Reuben's help.

"It would appear that the virus, along with more like it, have escaped and made their way to Earth. I need you to capture them and return them to the Galactic Federation, as well as ensure the safety of the citizens of the island where they landed." The Grand Councilwoman continued, and Reuben raised an eyebrow.

"Don't tell me they landed in Hawaii," Reuben said.

"Yes, they indeed – as usual – landed in Hawaii. You will depart tomorrow. In the meantime, the main battleship will remain on Turo to avoid the chance of it being taken over. I suggest you bring your uniforms and other neccesi- Galley Officer, why are you not wearing your Galactic Federation-issued uniform?"

"What's wrong with this?" He tugged at his black tank top. "It's black and it's got my badge on it, and it fits! I don't see why everybody makes such a big deal outta it."

"Never mind," The Grand Councilwoman said. "You are dismissed."

"Thank you, Grand Councilwoman," the three said in unison, and walked out of the room.

"Earth? We're really going back to Earth?" Amy asked as soon as the doors shut behind them.

"That's what the lady said," Reuben responded, glancing back at Amy, whose eyes were brimming with excitement. "How long has it been since you were there? Two years?"

"Three," Amy responded. "Earth! We're going to Earth!" She gave a small jump of excitement. "I can hardly wait!"

"This means we can go visit Lilo and 626 again," Reuben said as he took a bit into the pastrami-on-rye sandwich he was holding, and smirked before adding "I'll bet you're looking forward to that, eh, Gantu?" Amy raised an eyebrow as Gantu shuddered. "And, if I'm not mistaken," Reuben smirked, "Your girlf-"

Gantu almost instantly was at Reuben's eye level, glaring while Amy raised an eyebrow. "She is not my girlfriend."

"Famous last words, captain," Amy said as they walked back onto the ship. "Famous last words. Who are you two talking about?"