Chapter 11

" Tokiya. it's. all . right." Fuko said weakly " I'm."

" No, Fuko don't speak.shush." Tokiya whispered. Tears gathered around his eyes.

" How does it feel Tokiya? I'm sure you can watch her heartbeat growing weaker and weaker by each second." Gin gloated.

Fuko reached her hand out and took out Tokiya's ensui from his coat pocket, and she thrust it weakly into Tokiya's hands.

" Fuko?"

" I . know." her words grew softer and softer.

" You can't imagine how delightful I was, when she bent over me and lowered her neck down to my mouth, it was an instant invitation. She had no chance to resist. Within minutes." Gin continued, delighting in the agony that Tokiya was feeling.

" Fuko. don't go. There are so many things I have to say." Tokiya pleaded

" I." Fuko struggled once more, but her eyes fluttered close. She was still breathing, but it was a very very weak pulse. Tokiya guessed that there was no more blood to sustain the heart. He had to get more blood for her, but.

The tears that were forming in his eyes because too heavy for him to contain, and silently they flowed down his face, and dropped onto his hand, onto the ensui that he was holding.

" Fuko." he cried, hugging her, begging for her to open her eyes again.

Suddenly, he felt something changing in his hand, and he looked down to find his ensui becoming a sword.

" But. impossible." he whispered

But it was true, gathering water from his tears, the ground, the air, and the ensui slowly transformed to become the ice sword, the sword that Tokiya had held so long ago when he was a human.

It was then Tokiya realized what had happened. He had become a human again. It was as if suddenly he could feel his own heart beating again. He could feel blood flowing through his veins.

" Tokiya. is that some kind of a magic trick?" Gin asked, laughing.

Tokiya turned to look at him with an icy glare. Laying Fuko gently on the ground, he kissed her gently, and using his ensui, he froze her entire body.

" Wait for me Fuko. I'll save you." he murmured as he got up to face Gin

" I will make you pay for what you did to Fuko. but I won't kill you. I'll make you suffer a fate worse than death." Tokiya said.

" Haha. good try, but you know that I can't be kill, neither can I feel pain." Gin laughed as he rose into the air.

Gripping the ensui in his hand, Tokiya muttered the words that he had uttered so long ago. Surprisingly, he still remembered the words. They came back to him easily, as if he had just kept them in a corner of his brain, waiting to be used. Slowly, steam began to rise around him; the image of Tokiya began to fade away.

Gin laughed.

" Are you planning to use more of your magic tricks Tokiya? I can still see you beneath that steam. In fact, this will mean your death!" He shouted as he rushed towards Tokiya. Using his sharp nails, he slashed through Tokiya, and he collapsed into a pile of water.

" What." Gin gasped.then suddenly, he gave an even louder gasp as he felt Tokiya's ensui go through the center of his chest and he felt his entire chest turn to ice. Suddenly, he couldn't breath properly, and there was an excruciating pain within him, something that was hurting him terribly, and yet he could do nothing but suffer the pain. He couldn't even move because all his joints were frozen.

" I told you that I would make you suffer a fate worse than death." Tokiya whispered into his ear. " Can you feel your entire body slowly being frozen? The blood that is flowing through your veins is slowly coagulating and your heart is pumping itself into a frenzy because the blood is too thick to flow through. It's like the building up of a heart attack isn't it? Except that you are feeling every step of it."

"" Gin gasped, but he couldn't talk. It was much too painful.

" Tokiya. stop!" a voice shouted, and Tokiya looked up to find Leon floating in mid air, with the old older by his side. " You do not want to stain your hands with blood do you? Remember who you are now."

Tokiya looked at them for a while, then he nodded. Slowly, he withdrew his ensui from Gin's body and Gin collapsed to the floor, groaning in agony. Tokiya looked up at the old order and asked

" What has happened to me? What am I now?"

" Haven't you realized it yourself? You cried. Tears are a symbol of one's feelings. When you know how to cry, it shows that you have a heart. If you want more proof, isn't it in the sword that you are holding now?"

Tears gathered in Tokiya's eyes again. He was human again. Again.He sank to his knees and put his hands to his face. " Thank you." he whispered.

" Don't thank us. You know who got you to be like this. You have a new life now Tokiya, treasure it."

" Then what will happen to him?" Tokiya pointed to Gin.

" We'll deal with him in our own way. Vampires will no longer exist in Tokyo. We will assure you that. Vampires will continue to live exclusively as we always have."

" Might as well. I do not wish to see another vampire in my entire life." Tokiya replied.

In answer, the old order vanished, together with Gin, and the air around Tokiya was still again. It was then he realized that Fuko was still in danger.

" Fuko!" He cried out as he ran towards her.

She was still sheathed in ice and she was still alive. Using his ensui, Tokiya melted the ice and cradled Fuko in his arms.

" Fuko." he whispered. " I'm alive again. I can continue to cook for you. Any meal you want, any time."


Six months later.

In a bookstore.

" Hey. look at this book! Is it just recently out?" One girl asked as she picked up a book from the shelf

" Looks like just another cheap romance novel." her friend remarked. " What is it called? Miracles? What a funny title."

" It's a really weird story. Look. It's about a vampire, and how he falls in love with a human being, and how with the human being's help, he is able to become human again."

" OH please.that sounds really stupid. How real can the story get? Its such a fake romance story, just who will fall for it?" the girl groaned and took the book from her friend's hand and tossed it back onto the bookshelf.

The two girls walked off. Presently, at the other side of the shelf, a girl with purple hair and violet eyes looked up and grinned at the person beside her.

" False story huh?" Tokiya remarked, as he fingered a Anne Rice novel. His other hand dangled carelessly around Fuko neck, and his fingers playfully fingered the slight print of a scar. It was an unusual scar, of two whole circles, side by side each other. Though it had faded over time, the mark could still be seen at close range.

A familiar shiver ran up Fuko's spine as Tokiya fingered the scar, but it was soon replaced by a feeling of warmth and security. Even after so long, she still had jitters about the experience, but Tokiya was always there to comfort her. She would always remember the time when she woke up in the hospital with bandages round her neck, and Tokiya was holding her hand. For the first time, she felt the warmth flowing through his hand, and she knew almost immediately that he wasn't a vampire anymore. It would always seem a miracle to the doctors at the hospital that she had managed to survive the severe lost of blood for such a long time, but both Fuko and Tokiya knew that it was because that Tokiya had froze her temporary that actually saved her life. But of course, they couldn't tell the doctors that could they?

" Oh well." Fuko replied, as she took the book from Tokiya. The silver ring on her fourth finger glittered as she did so. The same ring glittered on a chain around Tokiya's neck. " They just haven't experienced it yet."

" What?" Tokiya asked; as he bent down to kiss her.

" Miracles then. what else could it be?" Fuko replied, laughing.

Do you believe in Miracles?