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Rated M for adult situations and language.

A beautiful waitress with a voice like an Angel. A singing star on tour. Their lives merge in a sleepy little bar in Georgia.


Chapter 1: Just Get Us Off This Bus

It was just another day in another town. When did this stop being fun and start to turn into a grind? At first, Edward had loved life on the road, all the new places and faces. It had been exciting and he was living his dream. Now, after several months, he just wanted to go home. He needed time to relax with friends and family, and he wanted to get to know his dog again. He wanted to get off of this godforsaken bus.

Tonight, they had a much needed night off. But what to do in a small Georgia town like this? Someone suggested going to see a movie and was promptly pelted with all manner of objects turned missiles…all they did all day long on the bus was watch DVD's to pass the time. A movie was the last thing the majority wanted to do. Emmett, who was constantly and continuously hungry, threw out the idea of a dinner somewhere despite his non-stop munching. The idea was again vetoed with sarcastic remarks to Emmett that he ought to think about hitting a gym instead. They toyed with the idea of a gentleman's club, surprisingly easy to find in the Bible Belt, but decided that risking America's newest singing stars being photographed getting lap dances was probably not a good plan. In the end they agreed to a bar for darts and shooting pool. None of the guys was overly enthusiastic, but anything beat staying on the bus.

Notes from the author: I've had this story in the can for over three years. It's pure coindence that Edward is a singer again in this story...it just needed to be that way for the idea to work. This is a total of 31 chapters...some are relatively short ones. Will attempt to post daily, time allowing. I hope you enjoy...