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Well this is it, lovelies...our final chapter. Special thanks to all readers and reviewers for for your interest in this little story.

Song inspiration is I've Got So Much To Give by Barry White, composed and recorded in 1972 with the Love, Unlimited Orchestra.


Rated M for make-up lemons.

Chapter 31: Happy Endings

Edward arranged for his mother to be safely returned to their hotel. He glanced around and noticed Bella wasn't in the bar. She must already be waiting for him. He headed for the basement. His heart nearly thudded out of his chest. He knocked at her door and she opened it and they stood staring at each other for several moments. Pain and desire and love were visible in their eyes. She made the first move, opening her arms to him and saying, "What took you so long"?

He walked into her arms, picked her up, and held her as tightly as he dared. He would never let her go; he would hold her in his arms the rest of his life. He slowly, slowly slid her down his body, feeling every womanly curving inch of her, remembering what she had given him, still too overcome with emotion to speak. She reached behind her to lock her door.

She brushed the hair off his forehead and kissed him gently, tugging the shirt out of his jeans. Wordlessly, she pulled it over his head till his chest was bare and she leaned in, sniffing his neck, kissing and nibbling, stroking his clavicle.

With trembling hands she reached for his belt buckle. They still hadn't spoken other than her first "What took you so long"? No words were needed, this was love and lust, and their bodies did the speaking.

She unbuckled, unzipped, and tugged his jeans and his boxers to his ankles in one movement. Her fingernails traced a path from his chest...to his abdomen...to his thighs...to his delicious manhood.

Tiny soft hands lovingly wrapped around his fullness.

Edward gasped and struggled to catch his breath. The sight of his Bella caressing his desire overwhelmed him.

Reaching forward, her tongue licked and tasted her man. Oh yes, he was her man.

She reached behind her with her free hand and switched on her turntable, starting the song she had chosen just for them. Barry White's voice serenaded them as she learned how to please her lover.

Now that I'm here, no more tears
Come here, come here
And you won't find things that broke your heart and blew your mind
Not here, no not here.

And my, oh my
Can't you see, can't you see that I
I've got so much to give to you my dear
It's gonna take a lifetime
It's gonna take years

To you my dear, I've got so much to give
It's gonna take a lifetime
It's gonna take years and years and years...

To be continued….

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