--In Memory of Harry Potter --

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I have to point out that this fic is NOT 'Order of the Phoenix' applicable as I wrote the majority of this fic before the release of the fifth book.

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Harry woke with a start, he flew up into a sitting position his wand out as though he was expecting to find Voldemort standing at the end of the bed. Although, as Harry slowly realised, this wasn't the case. Instead of staring directly into the dark lords crimson eyes, he found himself looking straight through a wispy figure at the old grandfather clock in the hall which had just started to chime for six am. "Do you know that it's bad feng shui to have your bed facing the door" The figure said as it looked at the clock. "MALFOY!" Harry growled while silently sighing in relief, "Why, in the name of Merlin, are you in my room?!" He asked as he picked up his glasses from the wooden table that sat next to his bed.

"Its all right for you isn't it!" Malfoy exclaimed, "Did you know ghosts can't sleep!! I have been floating around this house, incredibly bored for the last eight hours!" He cried floating above Harry's head.

Harry rolled his eyes, then glared as he remembered that he had been woken up.

"Don't look at me like that, I didn't even get the satisfaction of waking you up, you were already sitting up before I'd even made my way across the room. I'm assuming you had another nightmare. There are people you can see about those you know"

Harry sighed, "Are you ever going to just leave me alone!! There's this deal you know, that when you die, you disappear, you go on to where ever you go when you die"

"Sorry Potter, I've had a lot of fun these past few years haunting you, why on earth would I want to disappear?" Malfoy asked with a smirk that showed how satisfied he was that he had managed to annoy Harry to the point that Harry wanted nothing to do with him.

"To leave me in peace" Harry suggested hopefully, although he knew that there wasn't a chance that Malfoy was going to leave because of a hopeful suggestion.

"Not going to happen this century - anyway you'd miss me if I left you all alone"

"Yeah, right" Harry said dragging himself out of bed. He threw on some muggle clothes then walked out into the hall and down the stairs into the living room.

"So, to start of our daily routine... are you ever going to go back?" Malfoy asked

Harry sighed, while there was some perks to living with Draco Malfoy's ghost, this so-called "wake-up routine" of his was definitely not one of them. The morning questions had first come up two years ago when Harry had moved from a small hidden wizarding house into a muggle house in an entirely muggle neighbourhood.

It was quite obvious Malfoy hated living hidden away in the muggle world, he would watch the muggles walk past the house with disgust and whenever anyone came to the door he would start throwing things from the upstairs window. The fact of the matter though, was that both Harry and Malfoy had little choice in where they could live.

To cut a long story short - after his last struggle with Voldemort, Harry had left the wizarding world. His aim was to become a smarter and more capable wizard, so that next time Voldemort and he met, he would be ready for the worst and perhaps rid the world of the dark lord forever. The catch to this story was that he told no one of his departure and as Voldemort too had gone into hiding, the magical world jumped to the conclusion that the final battle had been so final that both of them had died.

Though neither were, and while no one knew that the twenty three year old Harry Potter still remained very much alive, the death eaters did know that their master - though weak - was still alive and that was all that mattered. Thus while they waited patiently for their master to regain his strength, the war dragged on. Although they were not the only ones awaiting their masters return, as that was exactly what Harry had been doing for the last four years.

"Do we really have to have this conversation every morning?" Harry groaned

Just as the ghost was about to reply an owl flew in the window and straight through Malfoy's head causing Harry to double over laughing.

"Yeah Potter, real funny, the bird went through me" Malfoy grunted

"Oh lighten up Malfoy, it could be worse" Harry said as he untied the daily profit from the owl then dropped some coins into the pouch tied to his other leg. The owl let out a soft hoot in thanks then flew out the window.

"How can it possibly be worse? You have noticed that I'm dead right?" Malfoy said

"Malfoy it's not possible to forget that your dead. You only remind me every day," Harry said as he began reading the article on the front page of the Daily Profit.

Malfoy looked at it carefully. There was a large photo of the dark mark floating above a house, "Do you think that means anything - hey hold on how are you getting that delivered with out anyone suspecting anything."

"Simple Malfoy, its not under my name" Harry said turning the page to find the next photo exactly the same only the dark mark was floating over a different house.

"Whose name is it under then?"

"Phineas Nillegus" Harry said distractedly as he continued to stare at the page in front of him.

"And they haven't noticed that a long dead Hogwarts Headmaster has ordered the daily profit" Malfoy said raising his eyebrow and looking slightly awed.

"Obviously not" Harry muttered looking more and more worried as he turned the pages of the profit. Each page seemed to have a different horror story which could only mean one thing.

"You know, I regret changing sides, should've stayed with Voldemort, at least he was simple to understand. You and Dumbledore on the other hand, geez -"

"Great" Harry said with little enthusiasm as he read another article.

"I mean where did changing sides get me anyway. I mean Voldemort killed me, then I ended up stuck with you - are you even listening?" Malfoy said

"yeah, regret changing sides, Voldemort killed you, your stuck with me - oi! What do you mean your stuck with me! I'm stuck with you, remember it was your choice to be here, not mine!" Harry exclaimed finally deciding to look away from the paper to send a glare at Malfoy

"Yes, well the way I see it, it was because of you that I changed sides in the first place so you might as well suffer the consequences"

"Its not fair really" Harry sighed "Because if you hadn't have swapped sides I probably would have killed you and right now I'd still be in the same situation" Harry said. Malfoy laughed at the lack of enthusiasm in Harry's tone as he said those words and looked extremely pleased with himself as he had managed to annoy Harry to the point where the powerful young man dreaded the thought of having the ghost in his future. "You know, one day I'm going to get you to admit that you liked being on the good guys side," Harry said with an evil glint in his eyes.

"I seriously doubt that Potter." Malfoy countered looking slightly worried. An evil glint in Harry's eye usually meant that in the near future he was going to regret the day he had chosen to remain with Potter.

"Well you sure did like Ginny, at least"

Malfoy froze for a few seconds but regained his composure, "Yes I did, but no less than you liked Granger"

"Hmm, true" Harry muttered his attention turning away from Malfoy and back down to the Daily Profit.

"Anyway, back to our morning routine of questions, I'd really love to know how you can possibly keep all that magic hidden, you do know that should be impossible."

"Curiosity killed the cat" Harry said

"Firstly if that is a muggle cliché, which I'm assuming it is, you should know that I haven't a clue what it means. Secondly, what do I care? I'm already dead."

"True" Harry laughed, but then he frowned as he turned to the back page of the Profit.

"So what's going on in the wizarding world" Malfoy asked seriously as he looked at the expression on Harry's face.

"I think you might perhaps be getting your wish"


"By the look of this, Voldemort must be regaining his strength fast"

Malfoy frowned, "Do you think your ready yet?"

"Well yes, that last wizard I trained with, the death eater, he really knew his duelling tactics. He taught me a lot, but that's not the point, personally I would rather that the war ended and that we all lived happily ever after. But that doesn't just happen when their is a dark lord running around with the world thinking that the only hope they had of defeating him is dead.

"Your lucky that guy, the death eater, had no idea who you were" Malfoy noted

Harry rolled his eyes, it was just like Malfoy to pick out the most unimportant point to make a smart comment about. "I'll say" He said deciding it was better just to go along with the ghost.

"Do you think it will be weird going back?" Malfoy said suddenly

"Well yeah, I suppose... Malfoy aren't you the one who has wanted to go back everyday for the last four years?"

"Well yeah, but"

"You think to much" Harry sighed causing Malfoy to grin widely,

"You know you've told me that before. Once before we got attacked by death eaters at the "final battle" and the other time was when we were in Dumbledore's office with Sirius and Snape and I was thinking up the hundreds of outcomes that could come about at the end of the war.

Harry groaned, "Oh Merlin, I remember that day. Sirius, Severus and I were discussing tactics and you were there being a pain - I even remember some of your outcomes, 'You'll kill Voldemort and we'll all be unemployed', 'Voldemort will kill you and we'll all be dead', 'Voldemort will kill us all and live happily ever after' - That was not what I needed running through my head when I knew Voldemort was planning to attack Diagon Alley."

"Yeah but you have to admit it was entertaining" Malfoy said with a smirk.

"You were being a pain Malfoy... and now I think about it, not much has changed" Harry said

Malfoy shrugged "I try"

Harry sighed, "I know you do, anyway I suppose I had better get ready to leave"

"Hey wait, where are you going?"

"You mean we" Harry said

"Okay then, where are we going?" Malfoy said rolling his eyes.

"Well by the sound of this," He said ushering to the daily profit that still sat on the table, " I suppose its time we returned"

Malfoy's mouth dropped open. "This is a cruel joke isn't it, there's no way your serious"

Harry raised his eyebrows

"YOUR SERIOUS! YES! THREE CHEERS FOR HARRY POTTER!" He cried happily flying after Harry as he walked into his room. Harry stood in front of the antique dresser that had been in the room when he purchased the house and pulled out his wand. "Hippip... Oh your not" Draco said suddenly, a frown quickly replacing the expression of complete happiness on his face.

"Not what?"

"Your not going back in the disguise"

"Well yes" Harry said as though it was the obvious thing to do and Draco gave an exasperated sigh

"What do you suggest I do then Malfoy? Walk back into the wizarding world and say 'Hi everyone, how are you, you know how you thought I was dead, well I'm not and I'm afraid neither is Voldemort, but don't worry I'll get rid of him'"

"Well yes, not in those exact words though" Draco said thinking carefully "Although, the way you put it, it does seem a bit, well weird"

"Not to mention stupid, and it will cause an uproar, I want to go back quietly, and I don't want to alert Voldemort that I am back. If all goes well he'll continue to believe I'm dead"

"So you didn't just make me live in this world for four years because you were scared of Hermione"

Harry turned and gave Malfoy a look that said plainly 'You are an idiot'

Malfoy just laughed in reply, "Well are you going to pack or not?" Malfoy asked

"Yes, what do you think I'm doing" Harry said as he placed some clothes into a case.

Malfoy's jaw dropped to the floor "That's going to take forever" He whined

"Well I can't use high amounts of magic, because it will alert the ministry won't it" Harry said

Malfoy slouched, hung his head and started out of the room. "I'll go get comfortable" He said sadly. Harry just laughed and shook his head at his old friend, although the humor was lost quickly as Harry thought about his decision. "I hope it's the right one"