-- In Memory of Harry Potter --

Authors Notes: Sorry it's taken so long, Enjoy

The meeting had continued long after Moody's outburst and overall it had been one of the most successful meetings Harry had ever attended. The school Wards had become a priority which Remus, Hermione and old Mrs Figg had agreed to begin research on the next day. Planting spies had been the next item on the agenda leading to war. According to Dumbledore many were still in place since the last War, but as Severus had pointed out – they may not be as loyal as they once had been. Therefore, Harry, after explaining his new powers to the rest of the Order, had agreed to meet with both those who were to become spies, and those who were already spying for the group.

The Guardians had been mentioned many times in the night and the entire group had, eventually, agreed that Hogwarts was the most likely place for the final battle to occur, on the condition that more was known about the four teachers who resided in the walls of Hogwarts. Dumbledore, Sirius and Ron had assigned themselves to this task, Sirius and Ron admitting they had spent enough time in the library with Remus and Hermione to be able to complete the task with relative ease, even if it was somewhat boring.

The Marauders Map was also a major issue discussed at the meeting. Its ability to track people coming in and out of the school made it one of the most valuable defensive tools. Fred and George had promised to meet with Sirius and Remus to begin closing and warding some of the secret entrances and exits to the school, as well as making decisions about which hidden rooms and hallways could be used to hide students and civilians should the war come before it was planned.

The final topic of the night had been the most draining. Trust was still an issue, no matter how much respect and love they had for the Boy Who Lived it had become noticeable that many of the members shared Moody's views. Harry knew in his heart that none of them would betray him, nor would any deliberately ignore the orders they had been given. Many, though, were still trying to deny what was happening and had honestly believed that what they had done was contributing to the end of the darkness, when in reality it was getting darker every passing day.

Speaking of darkness, it was this that Harry was currently contemplating.


Harry Potter was lying in his large bed, Jessica cuddled to his chest, staring into the darkness above him. The last few weeks had been hectic and now as he waited for Hermione to join him he finally had a chance to sort out his thoughts.

Everything had progressed quickly after the last Order Meeting. Harry and Dumbledore had completed putting up the new layer of wards yesterday. It had been a huge task, but the Wards that Hermione and Remus had developed were so incredibly thought out that they were the most remarkable set of Wards he had ever seen. Disguised as James he had begun meeting the large number of spies that were located in a huge number of entities all over Europe. While most had been loyal, more than suspected had been working for either themselves, or for the Dark Lord.

It hadn't really surprised him when he had found out that most of the unfaithful spies had worked in the Ministry of Magic. This though had presented them with the problem that they were lacking information from the one place that they needed it the most. With this in mind, Percy, who had apparently apologized to his parents during Harry's disappearance, was sent to the ministry with hope that he would be chosen as an aide to the Minister of Magic. Harry could still remember the expression on Ron's face when Harry had almost jumped for joy when he had been appointed aide to the Head of Magical Law Enforcement instead. As the days past everyone came to realize what Harry had seen at the beginning, Eric Puddle, the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, knew more than anyone about what was happening in the Wizarding World, and now 'Weatherby Pickles' had access to more information than the Order knew what to do with.

The Marauders Maps now had alert sirens that rang throughout the school should anyone enter or leave via the hidden passages around the school. The decision had been made to leave four of the passages intact. One was located at each corner of the school and they were now known by the teachers, head boy and girl, and the prefects as emergency exits. Harry sighed, even though so much had been accomplished he really felt as though they were no where near prepared for an attack, and he couldn't help but wonder what Voldemort had been doing over the past few weeks.

Harry blinked as light suddenly interrupted his thoughts. He turned his head slightly to get a better look at the source of the light and noticed that Hermione had opened the portrait, finally coming to bed after hours of researching.

"Hey" He mumbled in a husky voice

Harry watched as his wife jumped slightly at the sound of his voice.

"I thought you'd be asleep by now" She whispered her eyes falling upon her daughter sleeping soundly against her husband's muscular chest.

Harry smiled, the dim light from the candle that had jumped to life in Hermione's presence allowed him to see his wife's beautiful figure as she changed into her pajamas, "I was thinking about how beautiful you are" He mumbled.

She smiled rolling her eyes. "I know your lying, but thank you for the compliment" she whispered as she slid under the blankets and moved closer to her daughter and her husband.

Harry rolled over carefully making sure his daughter's precious sleep wasn't interrupted. He moved his hand to Hermione's head and let his fingers tangle in her soft curls. "I love you" He said softly

"I love you too" She said, and with that the candle that had jumped into life, slowly flickered to nothing, allowing the two adults to finally fall asleep.


The next day was spent, as every other day had been lately – balancing classes, marking, family and Order duties. Unfortunately Order Duties had become top priority as everyone who had once been consumed in other tasks was now searching the masses of books in libraries across the wizarding world to try and find out more about the Guardians.

Harry rubbed his eyes, he was sitting in the library surrounded by books all opened to pages that concerned the guardians. Though that was not what he was focused on, in front of him were pages and pages of marking that he needed to catch up on. Furiously trying to understand why a third year Hufflepuff would use a tickling charm against a death eater he found that he had wasted five minutes reading the same sentence over and over.

He groaned and dropped his head to the desk, this was as bad as studying for NEWTS.

"You can't give up yet" Muttered Draco from the other side of the table. The ghost, who still had to remain invisible, had been sitting in the same place for hours reading page after page of information about the Guardians.

"Yeah, it's ok for the dead guy" Harry grumbled "My neck, back and arse are killing, I'm dead tired, bored out of my mind, and I can't focus on anything for more than a minute". Harry sighed, he knew the ghost was smirking at him, regardless that the ghost was invisible, he could see the ghosts face light up as soon as he had started complaining.

"Aw, the famous Harry Potter is finally over it!" He declared, "Pity you still have to battle Voldemort"

Harry groaned. "That's it" He said and he stood up stretching as he did so. "I'm going to the kitchens to see Dobby and I am going to have the best meal I have ever had" He smirked looking at place where the ghost was seated.

"That was below the belt" Malfoy muttered as Harry walked away.


As he walked towards the kitchens, Harry thought about everything that had happened since he had returned and shuddered. Sharply turning he began to walk quickly towards the Gryffindor Dormitories. Harry prided himself on being able to take more from conversations than an ordinary participant, and was now kicking himself for missing something that could put all of them in danger.

Upon reaching the portrait of the Fat Lady he had convinced himself that it was not the end of the world as he knew it, and that he was over-reacting. If anything the boys information would be helpful to the castle security.

"Password" the portrait demanded.

Harry nearly fell over in shock. "Er… I'm a professor I just want to see one of the students for a moment…"

The Fat Lady eyed him warily. "How do I know that you're not a Slytherin in disguise?" She snapped rudely

James gaped at the portrait, "How do I know you are really the Fat Lady?" He asked in reply.

"You may enter" She said after a moment, "But I'll be watching you" she warned.

"Weird" Harry muttered shaking his head as he walked inside the common room.

"Professor Saven!" Julia Craven, a first year cried in delight.

"Lo, Professor" Kane Roost said looking up from a book.

"Hi Professor" A group of girls chanted from their huddled spot on the floor near the fire.

James smiled, "Hi everyone, I'm looking for Mister Weasley and Mister Jordan… do you know where I can find them?"

"What's up Professor?" Casper exclaimed bounding down the stairs followed closely by Michael Weasley

"Hi Boys, I was just wondering if I could talk to you two for a moment"

Both boys looked at each other guiltily and the group of Gryffindors that were present in the common room began snickering. "Busted!" One of the students shouted.

"I can assure you it has nothing to do with Mister Havic's new hairstyle, although I did want to congratulate them on their wonderful choice of colours. Always had a soft spot for red and gold myself" He said airily as he indicated for the boys to follow him. Both boys now looked as if Christmas had come early. A Professor had just admitted he had been impressed by their prank, in front of half of the Gryffindor students no less.

"Anyway" Harry said as they moved far enough away from the ears of the other students. "I have a question to ask, do you remember when you two ran into the staff room expecting to see Harry Potter?" He asked

"Yeah, I will never forget that detention, you are awesome Professor Saven" Casper declared proudly

"Well, I remember you said that the map had been showing all sorts of people in the school… do you remember any of the names of those people?" He asked his eyes betraying the seriousness of the question.

The boys shared a strange look, "Well, most of them were old names sir, like ones we here in Uncle Ron's stories, like Peter Pettigrew and then there was Harry Potter and Draco…" Michael explained.

"What about the ones you didn't know?"

"Oh there was only one of those… what was his name?" Casper said turning to Michael.

"Tom something" Michael said after a moments thought, "Tom… Riddle"

James had stopped breathing. 'What on earth has Tom Riddle been doing here?' His mind cried. "As if I don't have enough keeping me awake at night" he muttered under his breath.

"Are you alright Professor?" Michael asked.

Harry shook himself out of his thoughts. "Yeah, do you remember when?" He asked his tone lighter for the sake of the two boys.

"Yeah" they chanted together "on Halloween"