A poem a wrote for my English class that I wrote on 3/27/12 and obviously I didn't tell her that this was about two men. lol

I'm pretty sure that this is the first poem that I have ever written and been proud enough to show it to anyone(besides my teacher). ; v ;

I hate/suck at writing poetry, but I thought that this was cute. c:

Disclaim: I do not own Hetalia.

WARNING: Yaoi if you squint and amateur writing.

Do not let our distance fool you.

When I insult your land

They are all based on facts, from which

I have found out firsthand.

Your home is "The Land of the Free"

but is dull next to mineā€¦

But, your skyscrapers and beaches -

I guess, are all still fine.

Your food still needs a bit of work.

Earl Great tea against Coke?

But to say that yours is better-

makes you one funny bloke.

You stuff yourself with burgers, love

as I calmly sip my tea.

I cringe at the poor things you say -

and you giggle at 'blimey'.

But despite you being so loud,

and that grease you call food -

I still somehow love you;

For OUR red, OUR white and OUR blue.