This was what Stiles had been dreaming about since third grade. Of course, back then the extent of his fantasies were holding her hand and maybe kissing her on the cheek, but the point was; he finally got what he wanted. It had taken him long enough to get her attention, much less to get her to go out on a date with him. After the ice rink incident with her breakdown, he didn't think he would ever get a chance, especially after leaving her out in her car crying while he tried not to die and keep Derek Hale away from a freaking Kanima. But she'd given him another chance after his stunning birthday display for her, and ever since, things had pretty much been a dream.

It started out as double dates with Allison and Scott, going out for pizza, watching movies- simple things. When the dates started becoming one-on-one, with him taking her home afterward, he knew he was doing something right. Hands started to be held as they walked to class, jackets given when the smaller of the two was cold. It was like they were back in the fifties or something. The first time he kissed her was when they were sitting on the front porch of her amazing home, just talking. She went quiet, and he could see in her eyes that there was something behind them, something bothering her. He didn't even have to ask what it was.

"I know. I'll never be Jackson. And I'm not popular, and I don't actually play on the lacrosse team and I know its going to be different for you… but I'm willing to try. I can be patient."

That was when she kissed him.

Stiles literally thought he was going to die, or was dead already. Lydia Martin was kissing him. He pretty much skipped his way back to his car after bidding her good night, not wanting to push too far by assuming he'd be let in her house. He called Scott as soon as he'd gotten home, and part of him knew Lydia would be calling Allison. He picked her up for school the next morning and brought her breakfast. She stayed to watch lacrosse practice, and they spent the majority of the night watching whatever movie she wanted at her place. He didn't care if it was The Notebook or The Last Song or what ever silly romance movies she wanted to watch.

Just before she fell asleep in his arms, she pressed a kiss to his neck before laying her head on his shoulder. He curled his arm around her tighter and pulled a blanket over her lap. His heart was pounding so loud in his ears, he almost didn't hear her say it.

"I'm really glad we're together, Stiles."

The smile on his face didn't fade for days.